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Center for Nursing and Allied Health

Location: North Building, Ground Floor

The Center for Nursing and Allied Health (CNAH) provides educational opportunities to develop competency in skills required to safely care for patients in the clinical area. The students actively participate in activities to learn best practice including assessment and evaluation techniques. Faculty facilitate a safe learning environment to support students in developing critical thinking skills to problem-solving.

The Simulation Center located in the CNAH is an experiential learning environment designed to provide students with realistic healthcare experience, utilizing integrated technology. Students participate in healthcare scenarios (across the life-span) with high fidelity manikins (the most life-like) to gain clinical competence in the healthcare environment.

General Guidelines

  • Speak quietly/ Avoid loud conversation (setting is shared space & open area)
  • Eating/ Drinking is allowed only in the Quiet Study Area
  • Handle equipment with care
  • Please notify faculty if equipment malfunctions
  • Treat CNAH as a healthcare setting
    1. Treat manikins as real patients
    2. Do not to lie on beds unless it is part of the learning activity
    3. Do not sit on bedside tables or over bed tables
  • Clean up after each lab
    1. Put away equipment as directed
    2. Beds in low position
    3. Linens straightened
  • Do not remove equipment from CNAH

Safety Guidelines

  • In the event of accident/injury, notify faculty immediately
  • Know the location of exits
  • Use proper body mechanics to avoid injury
  • Promptly dispose of sharps in the sharps container. Notify faculty if full

Student Expectations

The student will:

  1. Wear complete clinical uniform
  2. Maintain the same level of professional behavior as expected in the clinical agency
  3. Prepare for lab by completing assigned materials prior to lab
  4. Actively participate in each lab/simulation experience as appropriate
  5. Attend all scheduled lab sessions
  6. Help to create an environment of mutual respect and caring in the CNAH

Please note: The CNAH uses general guidelines for procedures. Please check with your clinical instructor and clinical agencies for specific guidelines/policies as warranted.

Center for Nursing and Allied Health
Location North Building, Ground Floor
Coordinator Marion Santos, MSN, RN
Phone 774.330.4360