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Fraud Awareness

Whistleblower Hotlines

What to Do If You Suspect Fraud, Waste or Abuse: If you have evidence of Fraud, Waste or Abuse activity, report such activity to management or an oversight agency.

Or, Blow the Whistle: If you have a whistleblower complaint involving public funds, the following Commonwealth Hotline Numbers are available:

Inspector General: 800.322.1323
To report suspected fraud, waste or abuse in government.

Attorney General – Fair Labor Helpline: 617.727.3465
To report violations of minimum wage and overtime laws and requirement for timely payment of wages.

Division of Unemployment Assistance: 800.354.9927
To report unreported wages or persons collecting benefits while working.

Office of the State Auditor: 617.727.6200
For state agencies to report variances, shortages or thefts of funds or property.

PERAC – Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission: 800.445.3266

If you have reason to believe that public pension fraud may have occurred or is about to occur, notify PERAC's Fraud Prevention Unit. You can call 800.445.3266, file a written Referral Report of Potential Fraud, or e-mail:

See also: Commonwealth presentation on Internal Control/Fraud