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Standards for Submission of all Honors Work

You are tomorrow’s scholars. Scholarship reveals critical analysis, accuracy, and thoroughness.

  • All Honors work must be submitted to the coordinator on or before due dates, with no exceptions on deadlines. This includes Honors contracts, final contract projects, abstracts for the Honors Reception program, and poster boards.
  • Honors work must be typed, using Times New Roman, 12-point font.

    For a research paper, there is a minimum requirement of ten pages of text with pictures, charts, or graphs in appendices after the text. A minimum of seven scholarly sources are required.
  • All submissions must be free of spelling errors, grammatical errors, and errors of mechanics – capitalization and punctuation.
  • All final projects for the Honors permanent file must include researched, critical analysisof the project’s subject.

Contact the Honors Program Coordinator

Kate Martin, Honors Program Coordinator
Phone 774.330.4665
Location MM Wilkens 207 (Prof. Martin) or
Frank Wilkens 204 (Cindy Pavlos, Honors program assistant)