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Graduate as a Commonwealth Honors Scholar 

Benefits of graduating as a Commonwealth Honors scholar

  • Graduation from a state-accredited Commonwealth Honors program as a Commonwealth Honors Scholar with transfer of Honors credit directly into the Honors programs at Massachusetts four-year state colleges and universities
  • Recognition at graduation
  • Opportunity to apply for two scholarships dedicated specifically to students in the Honors program
  • Honors recognition on transcript
  • Class size limited to sixteen students
  • Honors Center for work and community with other Honors students
  • Enhancement of your applications for scholarships, awards, internships, and admission to transfer institutions
  • Record of your achievements on file in the Honors Center office
  • Specialized advising from the Honors Advising Coordinator


To graduate as a Commonwealth Honors Scholar, a student needs twelve hours in Honors work in the following distribution:

  • A three-credit HON200 Honors Colloquium which has a prerequisite of ENL101 and three credits in Honors. This capstone experience is offered only in the Spring and is a team-taught topic of international concern. Topics in the past have been Sustainability, Wellness, Social Justice: Agents of Change, Listening to the Silenced, Managing Intimacy in the 21st Century, and Power and Pestilence.
  • Nine hours in Honors courses: a student must have a grade of B (3.0) or better for the grade to count toward the twelve credits
  • Three hours of the above nine can be an Honors contract in a regular course: a student must have a B or higher on the contract project and a B or higher in the course for it to count toward the twelve credits
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher
  • Presentation of all Honors work at the Annual Cape Cod Community College Honors Reception. It is also mandatory for students to present their research at the Annual Undergraduate Research Conference at the Commonwealth Honors College in Amherst, Massachusetts. Both the local Reception and the Amherst Conference are held in late April

Policy For Transferring Honors Credits From Another College

No more than six Honors credits from another college will count toward the twelve required to graduate as a Commonwealth Honors Scholar; the remaining six credits must be earned at 4Cs. The Honors Program Advisory Committee will review the syllabus from a potentially accepted course to determine if it is consistent with our Honors requirements for the course.

Contact the Honors Program Coordinator

Kate Martin, Honors Program Coordinator
Phone 774.330.4665
Location MM Wilkens 207 (Prof. Martin) or
Frank Wilkens 204 (Cindy Pavlos, Honors program assistant)