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Higgins Art Gallery

2021 Exhibits

Poster for the Inhibiting the Land exhibit

Inhabiting the Land

Ecology, Gentle Architecture and Off the Grid Living

A group exhibit featuring:

  • Mark Adams: Artist, Cartographer and Naturalist
  • Doug Ritter: Artist and Professor
  • Malcolm Wells: Architect

Image: Map (Swimmer), by artist Mark Adams

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Poster for the Home exhibit

Image: The Ghost of Joe's, oil on canvas, 50" x 56", 2018. Artist: Joe Diggs

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Artist-in-Residence: Joe Diggs


Exhibit: Until March 24, 2021

Artist's Statement: "The process of painting has helped me emotionally by providing a physical escape. Blending figuration and abstraction with a basis or departure from landscape gives me the space to make emotionally hypnotic gestural works. Realizing the importance of celebrating the positive in life, my latest works reflect a more romantic aspect of life as an African American man pursuing his dreams."

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