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Higgins Art Gallery

2020 Exhibits

Standing in the Divine Order, by Tessa D'Agostino

Art Faculty & Guests

Shoulder To Shoulder

November 18–December 7, 2020

This exhibit is multi-media group exhibit: paintings, drawings, monoprints, silkscreen art, fiber art, clay, photos, installation art, bookmaking art, map art, music and poetry.

Image: Standing in the Divine Order, mixed media, by Tessa D'agostino

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Start Here [detail], artwork by Sian Robertson


Sian Robertson

October 20–November 13, 2020

Artist statement: "I create three-dimensional art from used maps, which themselves are a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional world. I ‘excavate’ the maps – hand cutting away specific areas, which then heightens the focus on others. With spaces between the roads of a map removed the viewer is able to peer deep into the mass of tangled layers of streets, perhaps a symbol of the messiness of interconnected lives."

Image: Start Here (detail), by Sian Roberson

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Poster for the Earth Justice exhibit

Image: What We Do to the Mountain, Chip Thomas, 2014

Earth Justice

Through January 18, 2021

In the midst of global mass awakening to the reality of the climate emergency, and of the ecological and social injustice intertwined with it, how could art not be a crucial part of the story? Dozens of artists from Cape Cod and beyond share visions of EARTH JUSTICE.

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Example of student art work

Virtual Student Art Exhibit

Through August 2020

A special exhibition featuring the work of Cape Cod Community College students studying visual arts. The exhibition will feature the work from drawing, design, painting, book arts, printmaking, silkscreening, photography and illustration courses.

Image: Artwork by Colette Luczkow

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Photograph by Joe Navas

4Cs Former Art Students & Alumni

March 8–April 8, 2020

Erica Fernandez • Michael MacMahon • Mellissa Morris • Joe Navas

Image: Photograph by Joe Navas

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Exhibit poster

Artist-in-Residence: Jennifer Moller

January 23–March 4, 2020

Artist Statement: The photographic series images I titled pools, mighty plenitude shares the same inspiration as many of my other projects in that they are both motivated by a desire to be observant, still and connect with something of the divine in the corporal.

Image: pools, mighty plenitude, 09.26.2014, by Jennifer Moller

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