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Higgins Art Gallery

2017 Exhibits

Poster for the Faculty 2017 exhibit

CCCC Art Faculty Exhibit

November 13–December 12, 2017

Participating Artists: Scott Anderson • Alison Caron • Nathalie Ferrier • Anne Flash • Betty Fuller • Elizabeth Hathon • Sara David Ringler • Doug Ritter • Vicky Tomayko

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Example from the Leg, Limber, Lumber, Limb exhibit

Leg, Limber, Lumber, Limb

October 5–November 6, 2017

Erin Woodbrey | Artist-in-Residence
Borrowing from the language of objects and the landscape, Woodbrey uses methods of display, projection, and image making to consider the ways in which we engage, imagine, and visualize nature.

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Image from the Unexpected Change exhibit

Unexpected Change

September 11–October 2, 2017

A special photography exhibition featuring the work of Leah Dyjak and Daniel Ranalli.

Image: Provincetown Monument 2024, Daniel Ranalli

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Sample from the 2017 Student Art exhibit

Student Art Show

April 24–May 8, 2017

A special exhibition featuring the work of 4Cs students studying visual arts in drawing, design, painting, book arts, printmaking, silkscreening, photography and illustration courses.

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Poster for the Outlines: Provincetown Contemporary Women Artist exhibit

Outlines: Provincetown Contemporary Women Artist

March 22–April 13, 2017

Participating Artist: Tracey Anderson • Midge Batelle • Jen Bradley • Naya Bricher • Barbara Cohen • Breon Dunigan • Iren Handschuh • Jenny Humphreys • Zenhra Khan • Irene Lipton • Anne Lord • Susuan Lyman • Marian Roth • Lynn Stanley • Mike Wright

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Poster for the Victoria-idongesit Udondian exhibit

Victoria-idongesit Udondian

February 15–March 7, 2017

Victoria-idongesit Udondian | Artist-in-Residence
Drawing from her experiences growing up in Nigeria, she engages with West African textiles and repurposed Western material to investigate how fundamental changes in fabric can affect one’s perception of his or her identity, and ultimately a nation’s psyche.

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