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Final Exam Schedule

Fall 2020 Full Semester Final Exams
Wednesday, December 16 – Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Fall 2020 Quick Term I Final Exams (Q1)
Tuesday, October 27, 2020 for T/Th Classes
Wednesday, October 28, 2020 for M/W Classes

Fall 2020 Quick Term II Final Exams (Q2)
Monday, December 21, 2020 for M/W Classes
Thursday, December 22, 2020 for T/Th Classes

Fall 2020 Quick Term III Final Exams (Q3)
Wednesday, October 28, 2020 for T/Th Classes
Thursday, October 29, 2020 for M/W Classes 

Special Notes

  • Aviation Maintenance Technology Students will follow the unique exam schedules per AMT calendar or program cohort.
  • Classes not held online or remotely at any location other than the Main Campus (Hyannis, Martha's Vineyard, Bridgewater State University, etc.) will hold Final Exams remotely or online unless otherwise scheduled by the Program Coordinator, Instructor and Dean.

Students Registered with Disability Services
The O’Neill Center for Student Access and Support will NOT be accommodating in-person or proctored exams.

Faculty, as well as Students registered with Disability Services, who have questions regarding accommodations may contact the O’Neill Center. Please call 774.330.4533 for additional information.

Exam Locations
All Final Exams will take place remotely or online with the exception of any changes listed for the Exception List. Unique schedules for Dental Hygiene, Nursing, EMT, or Paramedic will follow the schedule for the class and instructor unless otherwise noted.

Final Exams for Online Students Only
Online students will follow the exam requirements published by faculty for each class.

Fall 2020 Full Academic Semester Remote and Hybrid Final Exam Schedule

December 16-22, 2020

Note: All Saturday class Final Exams will be held online or remotely on Saturday, December 19, 2020 at the time that the class regularly meets.

Classes that meet on M/W/F, M/W,
W/F, M, W, or F only

The final exam will be held on:

M/W/F, M/W, W/F, or M or W only

Monday, 12/21 from 8:00am–10:00am

M/W/F, M/W, or M or W only

Wednesday, 12/16 from 8:30am–10:30am

W/F or Friday only

Friday, 12/18 from 9:00am–11:00am

M/W/F, W/F, or F only

Friday, 12/18 from 9:15am–11:15am

M/W, M or W only

Monday, 12/21 from 10:30am–12:30pm

M/W/F, M/W, or M or W only

Wednesday, 12/16 from 11:00am–1:00pm

W/F or Friday only

Friday, 12/18 from 11:30am–1:30pm

M/W/F, M/W, or M or W only

Monday, 12/21 from 1:00–3:00pm

M/W/F, M/W, W/F, or M, W or F only

Wednesday, 12/16 from 1:30pm–3:30pm

M/W/F, M/W, W/F, or M, W or F only

Friday, 12/18 from 2:00pm–4:00pm

M/W/F, M/W, W/F, or M, W or F only

Monday, 12/21 from 3:30pm–5:30pm

M/W/F, M/W, W/F, or M, W or F only

Wednesday, 12/16 from 5:00pm–7:00pm

M/W or Monday Only

Monday, 12/21 from 6:00pm–8:00pm

W/F or Wednesday Only

Wednesday, 12/16 from 7:30pm–9:30pm

Classes that meet on M/T/W/Th, T/Th, or T or Th only (Classes that use M/T/Th or T/Th/F follow the T/Th schedule for a T/Th class)

The final exam will be held on:

M/T/W/Th or T/Th

Tuesday, 12/22 from 8:00am–10:00am

M/T/W/Th or T/Th

Thursday, 12/17 from 9:00am–11:00am

M/T/W/Th or T/Th

Tuesday, 12/22 from 10:30am–12:30pm

M/T/W/Th or T/Th

Thursday, 12/17 from 12:00noon–2:00pm

M/T/W/Th or T/Th or Tuesday Only or Thursday Only

Tuesday, 12/22 from 1:00pm–3:00pm

T/Th or Thursday Only

Thursday, 12/17 from 2:30pm–4:30pm

Tuesday Only

Tuesday, 12/22 from 3:30pm–5:30pm

Tuesday Only

Tuesday, 12/22 from 5:00pm–7:00pm

T/Th or Thursday Only

Thursday, 12/17 from 5:00pm–7:00pm

Tuesday Only

Tuesday, 12/22 from 7:30pm–9:30pm

T/Th or Thursday Only

Thursday, 12/17 from 7:30pm–9:30pm

Exception List to the Final Exam Schedule 

Please check for possible additions or changes to the Exceptions List.




Elementary Statistics

Friday, 12/18





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