Foodservice Sanitation

This course provides the future hospitality manager with certification in Applied Foodservice Sanitation from the National Institute for the foodservice industry. A state-mandated certificate is awarded at the successful completion of the National Foodservice exam. Prerequisite: None / 1 credit. Offered: Fall


Food And Beverage Management

This course covers the essential of food and beverage controls. An awareness of management objectives is developed through the examination of organizational structures of food service. Students study specific topics such as menu pricing, break-even analysis, and cost-volume-profit theory. Emphasis is placed on forecasting and achieving profitability. Prerequisite: (MAT020 or MAT025) and ENL025 or satisfactory basic skills assessment score / 3 credits. Offered: Spring


Intro to Hospitality Management

Students are introduced to the operation of businesses in the hospitality field. Emphasis is on the development-cycle of the industry, current trends, and analysis of management responsibilities. Prerequisite: ENL025 or satisfactory basic skills assessment score / 3 credits. Offered: Fall


Casino Management

This course introduces the student to the history of the gaming industry and the basics of casino management. The course emphasizes ethics in the gaming industry, the economics of the industry, and its interface with hotel and restaurant organizations. An overview of the industry, gaming control law, and career opportunities are highlighted. Prerequisite: ENL025 or satisfactory basic skills assessment score / 3 credits. Offered: Fall


Lodging Operations

This course focuses on front desk operations and management's relationship to the front office. Methods of revenue management are applied to areas of price structure, occupancy patterns and income. Legal contract and liability issues specific to the lodging industry are also covered. Prerequisite: HRM140 / 3 credits. Offered: Fall


Event Planning and Management

This course offers an introduction to the researching, planning, coordinating, marketing, management, implementation, and evaluation of special events. Through the study of relevant communication and management theory, as well as practical hands on experience, students will learn about the wide range of components that go into the execution of events of all sizes. Specific areas of study include food and beverage service, laws and permits, security, advertising and promotion, and logistics. Students may not earn credit for COM216. Prerequisites: (COM103 or COM202) or (CUL150 or HRM140) / 3 credits. Satisfies a General Education Elective. Offered: Varies


Hospitality Marketing

Marketing of the hospitality industry is studied through the exercise of strategic marketing planning. Understanding of the marketing concept and how it is applied to the mission statement, research techniques, situation analysis, positioning, and the tools of marketing. Prerequisite: HRM140 and ENL101 / 3 credits. Offered: Spring


Hotel Restaurant Coop Work Exp II

The core content of this course involves 300 hours of monitored field experience which is consistent with the student's career goals. Students will keep journals and write proscribed 'analysis' papers as they progress during the course of the semester. Prerequisite: 9 credits in CUL/HRM curriculum / 3 credits. Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer