Decision Making In Health

The course will examine information, concepts, and knowledge for influencing changes in health-related behavior so that the student may make decisions that will affect him/her personally throughout the life cycle. The course will include in-depth study and discussions in the areas of health as it affects people physiologically, psychologically and sociologically. It will assist the students in their beliefs, attitudes, and values toward their own personal health in a rapidly changing environment. Prerequisite: None / 3 credits. Offered: Varies


Fitness And Sports Nutrition

This course will provide information about the relationship between nutrition and fitness/sports performance. It is of interest to professionals who advise athletes and to the general population interested in improving health and physical performance through sound nutritional practices. Topic examples include carbohydrate metabolism, weight management, body composition assessment, eating disorders, ergogenic aids, pre-/post- and competition meals. Prerequisite: None / 3 credits. Offered: Varies


Personal Fitness

Students assess their current level of health-related fitness and develop a physiologically sound program of physical activity to meet their needs and interests. The course emphasizes the concept of physical fitness as a lifetime commitment and stresses the acquisition of specific knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to meet this commitment. Prerequisite: None / 3 credits. Offered: Fall, Spring


Diet and Exercise

This course introduces students to the benefits of regular exercise and a well-balanced diet. Students are encouraged to continue an exercise regimen outside of class and incorporate principles of nutrition into their diets. Discussion and participation in exercise is included. The student evaluates his/her current fitness level and identifies areas of improvement. Additionally, lifestyle habits such as food intake versus energy expenditure will be discussed to assist in setting diet and exercise goals. Prerequisite: None / 1 credit. Offered: Fall, Spring


Circuit Training

In this course students learn the benefits of circuit training as part of a well-rounded fitness regimen. Emphasis will be placed on circuit training fundamentals, safety, and proper form. Students will participate in physical exercise for aerobic conditioning and flexibility training. Prerequisite: None / 1 credit. Offered: Fall, Spring


Lifeguard Training (LGT)

The course will afford students the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills associated with safety, supervision and rescue in an aquatic environment. Emphasis will be placed on the development of skills designed to save the life of another in an aquatic emergency. Those successfully completing the course will be certified by the American Red Cross in Lifeguard Training (R94) (including First Aid certification), CPR for the Professional Rescuer and Waterfront Lifeguarding. LGT Certification indicates the minimum skills training for a person to qualify as a non-surf lifeguard. Students must be able to pass a swimming proficiency test - completed at 2nd class meeting. Prerequisite: None / 3 credits. Offered: Fall, Spring


Survey Of Lifetime Activities

The course will survey the fundamental skills, specific knowledge, and relative values of selected leisure sports. The course will focus on the examination of personal skills, interests, and needs as criteria for the selection of and participation in leisure sports and the constructive use of leisure time. Class format will include an introduction to participation in selected leisure sports, discussion of class activities and related leisure concepts, and small group and individual assignments. Prerequisite: None / 3 credits. Offered: Varies


Pilates Mat I

Pilates Mat I is designed to expose the student to the Pilates method of body conditioning with a unique system of stretching and strengthening exercises developed over 90 years ago by Joseph Pilates. Pilates strengthens and tones muscle, increases flexibility, and develops better posture. The student learns the basic beginning sequence of exercises and gains an understanding of muscle groups as they relate to Pilates. Prerequisite: None / 1 credit. Offered: Fall, Spring


Kripalu/Hatha Yoga I

A five-week course designed to expose the student to basic yoga philosophy, breathing exercises, simple postures and relaxation techniques. The student also learns about the major muscles and bones, as well as the circulatory and nervous system of the human body in relation to yoga. Prerequisite: None / 1 credit. Offered: Fall, Spring


Kripalu/Hatha Yoga II

A five-week course designed for the student who has completed FIT167. New postures will be introduced, and postures will be held for longer periods of time. Additional breathing techniques will be incorporated. Students will develop a deeper understanding of how the body functions, and how yoga affects these functions. Relaxation techniques will be further developed. Prerequisite: FIT167 / 1 credit. Offered: Fall, Spring


Pilates Mat II

An eight-week course designed for the student who has completed FIT164 Pilates Mat I (FIT 164-40 or FIT 164-41). This course will offer the natural progression to the intermediate/advanced Pilates exercises. The student will continue to focus on the importance of the breath and core stabilization. Additional focuses will be several stretching techniques and knowledge of the muscle groups that help promote proper posture. Prerequisite: FIT164 / 1 credit. Offered: Fall, Spring


Adventure Concepts

This course explores the use of the adventure paradigm (model) as a means of promoting effective intrapersonal and interpersonal behavior. Using an interdisciplinary approach, the course examines the relationship of risk, goal setting and skill development/application to personal and social growth. Adventure activities such as rappelling, group problem-solving tasks, and individual initiative projects are used to provide a common experiential base for the discussion of course concepts. Prerequisite: None / 3 credits. Offered: Fall, Spring