Fundamentals of Professional Cooking

This course is an introduction to the management of food preparations, sanitation, and costing. Principles of cookery and their relation to methods of preparations, nutrition, cost control, kitchen organization, and management are emphasized. (formerly HRM150). Co-requisite: None / 4 credits. Offered: Fall, Spring


Baking 1

An introduction to the principles of professional baking including: the chemistry of baking, terminology, scaling and measuring, and equipment use. Preparation includes a variety of breads and pastries with emphasis on proper production methods, baking methods, and final product presentation and display. Students are responsible for required supplies and materials. (1 class hour / 4 laboratory hours) Prerequisite: None / 3 credits. Offered: Fall, Spring


Dining Room Operations & Service

This course provides an introduction in and practical application into the operation of a dining room with emphasis on quality guest service. Topics include: "front of the house" organization, methods of table service, menu terminology, table arrangement, requirements for supplies and equipment, suggestive selling techniques, and revenue control and analysis. Personnel issues include hiring, training, writing personal resumes, and strengthening interview skills. Students serve meals prepared in a restaurant setting during the course of the semester. (2 class hours / 4 laboratory hours). Prerequisite: CUL150 or HRM140 / 4 credits. Offered: Spring


Advanced Culinary Arts

This capstone course builds upon basic skills and introduces more advanced culinary skills; ethnic, regional and international cuisine, and stresses communication in an operating food production environment. Additionally, students are required to develop and execute menus developed in class, including purchasing and menu specifications, proper ordering, receiving and storage of foods, and analysis of business activity from a monetary perspective. (2 lecture hours, 4 lab hours) Limited to CAC students only. Prerequisite: HRM 140 or HRM150/CUL150 / 4 credits. Offered: Fall, Spring