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The Family Pantry of Cape Cod

Food if you need it. We can help!

We are open, but by appointment for pick-up only.

Thanks to the Family Pantry of Cape Cod, 4Cs offers easy, no hassle food pantry pick-up by appointment. There's no financial verification needed.

How it Works

  1. Click here to complete the Campus Pantry Form.
  2. You'll receive a phone call to schedule a curbside pick-up.
  3. Come to campus at your scheduled pick-up time.
  4. Repeat! You are welcome to use this benefit once a week.

Hours and Location

Family Pantry of Cape Cod Community College
Location Life Fitness Center, Lower Level, room PE G13
Phone 774.330.4365
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Note: We are closed during inclement weather, holidays, and for January winter break. We are also closed during the summer months.