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Semester Dates

  • Fall Semester
    September 4–December 18
  • Fall Quick Term I
    September 4–October 18
  • Fall Quick Term II
    October 22–December 6

Keep your momentum going. Register today and stay on track to graduate.

Classes start September 4.

Look at everything you have already accomplished. You have enrolled in college, you have fought through tough times, and you have powered through, in-and-out of the classroom. Keep your momentum going and stay on track. Register for the Fall semester, get the classes you need, and move one step closer to graduation.

Check-in with your advisor and register today.

Semester Dates

Fall Semester: September 4–December 18
Fall Quick Term I: September 4–October 18 (7-weeks)
Fall Quick Term II: October 22–December 6 (7-weeks)

Speed up with Quick Terms and Online.

Quick Terms are a new compressed course schedule, perfect for students who need greater flexibility with their class schedule and are looking for a quicker pathway to reach their goal. They run just 7 weeks, allowing you to complete a three-credit course in half the time of a traditional semester.

If you need more flexibility with your schedule, take a look at our Online Learning courses.

How to pay? We’ve got your back.

Have questions about how you’re going to pay? Let us know and we’ll work with you to figure it out. A great place to start is checking out our Payment Plan options.