Foreign Film Series

Time: Tuesday at 3:30pm
Location: Lecture Hall A – Science Building
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Still from the film: Harmonium

January 30, 2018
(Japan – 2016)

When Koshio’s old friend Yasaka arrives, recently released from jail, his presence throws the usual family routine into disarray and they are unnerved by his presence. As reviewer Simon Abrams observes, “They talk to him in a matter-of-fact tone for fear that something violent and abrupt will happen if they otherwise treat him like a threat.” Harmonium is a study of mood and the characters are reminiscent of an Alfred Hitchcock film.

In Japanese with English subtitles.
Director: Koji Fukada, 118 minutes

Still from the film: Belle

February 6, 2018
(United Kingdom – 2014)

Set in 18th century England, Belle is based on the true story of Dido Belle. Born the illegitimate child of a sea captain and an African mother, Dido’s father recognizes the child as his heir and gives her to his great uncle, the Lord Chief Justice, to raise. Although Belle’s social standing gives her many privileges, the color of her skin prevents her from enjoying most of them.

In English with closed captions.
Director: Amma Asante, 100 minutes

Still from the film: A Raisin in the Sun

February 13, 2018
A Raisin in the Sun
(USA – 1961)

Regarded as one of the classics of American film, A Raisin in the Sun tells the story of a black family fighting to better their lives in the early 1960s. Playwright Lorraine Hansberry wrote both the play and the screenplay for the film, which stars Sidney Poitier, Ruby Dee, and Claudia McNeil.

In English.
Director: Daniel Petrie, 128 minutes

Still from the film: Loving

February 20, 2018
(US/UK – 2016)

The true story of Richard and Mildred Loving, a couple arrested for interracial marriage in Virginia in the 1960s, which began a legal battle that went all the way to the Supreme Court and overturned anti-miscegenation laws in 1967.

In English with closed captions.
Director: Jeff Nichols, 123 minutes

Still from the film: What Happened, Miss Simone?

February 27, 2018
What Happened, Miss Simone?
(USA – 2015)

Nina Simone, the “high priestess of soul,” is the focus of this documentary. Director Liz Garbus lovingly explores the thread that ties it all together, from little Eunice Waymon as a girl to Simone’s rise to stardom, her years as a civil rights activist, and her move to Liberia. Simone wrote in her autobiography “The America I’d dreamed of through the 60s seemed like a bad joke.”

In English with English subtitles.
Director: Liz Garbus, 101 minutes

Still from the film: Wadjada

March 6, 2018
(Saudi Arabia – 2012)

Young Wadjda desperately wants a special green bicycle, although her mother warns her that riding a bicycle will make her unable to bear children. As Wadjda begins her quest to raise the money to buy it herself, the viewer gains glimpses into the world of girls and women in a society we know little about.

In Arabic with English subtitles.
Director: Haifaa Al-Mansour, 98 minutes

Still from the film: Etre et Avoir

March 20, 2018
Etre et Avoir
(France – 2002)

Director/writer Philibert filmed Georges Lopez and his dozen students for six months in Lopez’ one-roomed French village school. This patient approach allowed Philibert to capture children who seem completely unaware of the camera as they go about their daily routines. Lopez is a teacher extraordinaire – combining the basics of reading, writing, and math with baking pancakes, sledding, and discussing life with his young students.

In French with English subtitles.
Director: Nicolas Philibert, 104 minutes

Still from the film: Alamar

March 27, 2018
(Mexico – 2009)

Jorge has only a few weeks with his five-year-old son Natan before the boy leaves to live with his mother in Rome. Intent on teaching Natan about their Mayan heritage, Jorge takes him to the pristine Chinchorro reef, and eases him into the rhythms of a fisherman's life. As the bond between father and son grows stronger, Natan learns to live in harmony with life above and below the surface of the sea.

In Spanish and Italian with English subtitles.
Director: Pedro Gonzalez-Rubio, 73 minutes

Still from the film: A Soul on a String

April 3, 2018
A Soul on a String
(China – 2016)

When he discovers a sacred stone in the mouth of a deer, Taibei, a Tibetan cowboy, undertakes a mission to return the stone to the holy mountain. But the road he must travel is plagued by demons, some real and some mystical.

In Tibetan with English subtitles.
Director: Yang Zhang, 142 minutes

Still from the film: Children of Heaven

April 10, 2018
Children of Heaven
(Iran – 1997)

Nominated for an Oscar in 1999 for Best Foreign Language Film. Children of Heaven is an engaging film about a brother and sister who attempt a unique solution to their problem. Ali has lost his sister Zahara’s shoes, so they share Ali’s sneakers with Zahara wearing them to school in the morning and Ali in the afternoon. Ali enters a foot race to try to win the third prize – a new pair of sneakers! This charming film offers us the fascination of looking through a window at a different culture and recognizing that it’s not fundamentally very different from our own.

In Farsi with English subtitles.
Director: Majid Majidi, 94 minutes

Still from the film: Au Revoir les Enfants

April 17, 2018
Au Revoir les Enfants
(France – 1997)

In this autobiographical film director Louis Malle returns to the days of German occupation during World War II to recount the story of the friendship between two schoolboys in a residential Roman Catholic school. A winner of many awards including Best Picture in France. Familiar “coming of age” themes are explored.

In French with English subtitles.
Director: Louis Malle, 104 minutes

Still from the film: Bad Lucky Goat

April 24, 2018
Bad Lucky Goat
(Columbia – 2017)

After accidentally killing a bearded goat with their father's truck, teenage siblings embark on a journey of reconciliation. Corn and Rita must find a way to repair the truck in time to pick up the tourists that will be staying at their family's hotel. As they struggle to conceal the accident, the siblings visit a butcher, rastafari drum makers, a pawn shop and even a witch doctor, in a 24-hour adventure around Port Paradise.

In Creole with English subtitles.
Director: Samir Oliveros, 76 minutes

Still from the film: The Teacher

May 1, 2018
The Teacher
(Czech Republic /Slovakia – 2016)

A middle school teacher in Bratislava begins her first day in the classroom by asking each student what their parents do. As the parents slowly realize the childrens’ grades are directly connected to their own willingness to help the teacher in personal ways, they are torn between seeking justice and fear of her position in the Communist party.

In Slovak with English subtitles.
Director: Jan Hrebejk, 103 minutes


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