Summer Arts Academy

@ the Tilden Arts Center

The arts are an amazing way to build confidence, self-esteem, and responsibility. Our immersive workshops provide a creative environment that is fun and social while students work towards a common goal.

Whether you want to perform on stage, create custom animations, collaborate on filming music videos, explore Shakespeare, experiment with theatrical effects, learn basic stage combat or master a song and dance routine, the opportunities to create something from nothing are endless!

Each workshop is held Monday–Friday in the Tilden Arts Center. Morning sessions are from 9:00am–12:00pm, and the afternoon sessions are from 12:30pm–4:00pm. Students are welcome and encouraged to sign up for both sessions, with a fun lunch break in between. Students may bring their own lunch or purchase lunch in the campus cafeteria (Monday–Thursday only). These conveniently located workshops are led by experienced industry professionals and are the perfect way to get creative and enjoy summer!

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Week of July 10–14

Animation Adventures Morning Session
Entering Grades 5–7: The world of animation begins with a single sketch. In this workshop you will create hand-made flip books and explore stop motion and clay-mation animations.
DIY Music Videos Afternoon Session
Entering Grades 5–7: Express your creativity and bring a song to life! Working in groups, select a song, create a concept and shoot and edit a music video. The workshop will cover storyboarding, editing and basic post-production techniques.

Week of July 17–21

Junior Janus Players Morning Session
Entering Grades 6–8: A summer performing arts experience you will not forget! The Junior Janus Players will explore acting, puppetry, clowning, and more! What better way to immerse yourself in theater than to experience it!
Creating Theatrical Illusions Afternoon Session
Entering Grades 6–8: What do theatre people mean when they talk about “stage magic?” Whether it’s a bloody scar or character makeup, spooky lighting, tromp l’oiel (“trick the eye”) painting or a spring loaded trap door, the world of the stage is full of tricks! Learn how sleight of hand works beyond pulling a rabbit out of your hat.

Week of August 14–18

Whatta Song and Dance! Morning Session
Entering Grades 7–9: Working with musical theatre classics such as Mary Poppins, The Little Mermaid, West Side Story, The Lion King, and other favorites, learn what it means to build a character through song and dance.
(S)Wordplay on the Stage Afternoon Session
Entering Grades 7–9: Which is mightier – the pen or the sword? Create original mash-ups from Shakespeare’s most famous characters and explore the comedy, verbal wit, stage combat and physical antics that the Bard is famous for. Working with a trained fight choreographer, learn the fundamentals of unarmed stage combat including punching, hair pulling, pushing, falling, choking and kicking your way through a choreographed fight with a winner and a loser.
For More Information
Vana Trudeau, Coordinator, Tilden Arts Center
Phone 774.330.4766