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Orchard Club Earth Week Events April 19-23

Earth Week

Join us for Earth Week at 4Cs as we celebrate our shared environment.

Monday, April 19

12:00 noon
ReTreeUS Sustainability Workshop

Educational planting workshop that empowers and inspires Environmental stewardship.
With Shelley Kruszewski from RETREEUS.US.

Zoom code: 983 4971 9871


Tie Dye Party and Tutorial Video

With Orchard Club President Ethan Hansen.

Zoom code: 983 4971 9871

Tuesday, April 20

All Day Event
Clean up Mother Earth Day Challenge
24-hour challenge

Winner gets Orchard Club T-Shirt!
Get outside. Collect a bag of trash and email a photo to The Orchard Club
Submissions must be made by Friday 4/25 to be eligible.
Winner to be announced on Planting Day, Monday, May 3rd

Zoom code: 983 4971 9871

6:00 - 7:30pm
Music and Healing with Alicia Mathewson

Join us for an exquisite evening with singer/songwriter, healer meditation guide, and teacher: Alicia Mathewson.  She is a New England artist with over five albums and a collection of popular songs and chants including, “May I be at Peace, “Asato Ma,” “Freedom is an Inside Job,” and a host of other uplifting songs.  Alicia is considered a burst of healing energy and has worked in New England as a certified SQ Wellness Practioner with Rising Star Healing for over 15 years.

Come out virtually for an evening of healing and song.

Zoom link:

Alicia Mathewson

Wednesday, April 21

12:00 noon
Herbalism Workshop

With Professor Keli “Swan” Gates.
A brief introduction to herbal medicine.

Zoom 983 4971 9871

6:00 - 7:30pm
Earth Week Special Panel Forum

Environmentalism and Social Justice: Challenging Stereotypes

As the world grapples and slowly winds down from an unprecedented public health crisis pandemic, we begin to refocus our attention and concerns for our natural environment. Most researchers studying the environmental movement base their analyses on historical accounts that advance a dominant perspective that often marginalizes communities of color.

Indigenous communities have been more successful with environmental conservation based on their more profound understanding of local ecosystems and reciprocal relationships with nature viewed through the lens of human existence created to preserve the earth.

Through intensive research Carolyn Finney, Linda Coombs, Camile Madison, Jedidiah Purdy, and Dr. John Kucich, have traced the origins of modern environmentalism using the history of colonialism.  These researchers have identified a historical connection between Indigenous land grabs and a racialized idea of nature-dominated spaces, controlled and valued by humans and defined as white. 

Panelists will answer questions after the discussion. 

Join us by registering here:

Ms. Linda Coombs
, Wampanoag Historian and Scholar
Dr. John Kucich, Bridgewater State University Professor, Indigenous Community Researcher
Ms. Camile Madison
, Wampanoag Language Institute Faculty & Scholar
Dr. Madhavi Venkatesan, Executive Director, Sustainable Practices; 
Assistant Teaching Professor of Economics, Northeastern University 
Joshua Maloney, 4Cs Student, Environmental Social Justice Advocate, President of SVACCCC

A Co-curricular classroom enrichment opportunity. Bring your Classes for Curriculum Enrichment.

Thursday, April 22

12:00 noon
Horticulture & Agriculture Workshop

With Professor Catherine Etter and Professor Diana Norton.

Zoom code: 983 4971 9871

Friday, April 24

Mushroom Foraging Workshop

With Professor Keli “Swan” Gates.

Zoom Code: 983 4971 9871

4Cs club participants incude:

  • Dear Universe Club
  • ALANA Club
  • Orchard Club

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