Richard Lyman

Title: Faculty
Department: Aviation Technology

Phone: 508.375.5054
Office: Plymouth Airport

B.S., The National Graduate School of Quality Managment

Richard Lyman

Richard Lyman is the Senior Faculty Member for Cape Cod Community College’s AMT Program.

Before joining the 4C’s Team, Mr. Lyman served as a Field Technician with the Underwater Autonomous Vehicle company, Hydroid Inc., from January 2014 through March 2016, where he was a subject matter expert for cutting-edge UAV operations worldwide and deployed as a military contractor with the US Navy to support naval underwater robotics in all theaters of operation.

Mr. Lyman served 25 years in the United States Coast Guard (USCG), retiring in 2014 as a highly decorated Chief Avionics Electrical Technician.

While at USCG Air Station Atlantic City, he served as the lead technician for the MH-65 fleetwide engine upgrade program at US NAS Patuxent River, MD Flight Testing Center, implementing the Turbomecca 2C2's replacement of the LTS-101 engines.   HE has accumulated over 3,500 hours of flight during his military career.  In 2013, he graduated with high honors from National Graduate School, earning a Bachelor of Quality Systems Management.

Mr. Lyman has over 30 years of aviation experience, including ten years of experience on the HU-25A/B/C aircraft, 12 years of experience on the MH-65A/B/C/D aircraft, four years of experience in Polar Operations, and three years of experience with the USCG Flight Standardization Team.  Having served several tours as a Maintenance Supervisor, most recently at USCG Air Station Cape Cod, MA, managing four HU-25, four MH-60, four HC-144A/B aircraft, and earlier in his career at USCG Air Station Atlantic City, NJ, managing 10 MH-65A/B/C/D aircraft.