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Sustainable Energy

The Sustainable Energy Certificate is designed to provide focused training in the breadth of issues that confront our society in its need for clean, affordable and reliable energy while using the specific energy principles surrounding wind and solar energy for honing planning, critical thinking, and problem solving skills.  

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ENV165   Renewable Energy, Climate & Careers
ENV173   Introduction to Solar Energy
ENV177   Introduction to Wind Energy
Total Credits 9

Adjunct Faculty

Christopher Powicki


Upon successful completion of the Sustainable Energy certificate, students are able to:

  • Describe basic energy concepts, laws, and theories.
  • Compare and contrast conventional energy systems and technologies, historical trends, and societal benefits.
  • Conduct economic and environmental analysis of energy efficiency and renewable energy options.
  • Integrate energy and climate considerations in personal and business decisions.
  • Explore energy-related education and training aligned with career opportunities.
  • Explain how solar and or wind energy can be utilized for a variety of energy demand applications in residential, commercial, and municipal buildings.
  • Discuss the benefits and limitations of various solar and or wind energy technologies that are commonly used to produce heat, hot water, and electricity are examined.
  • Conduct sizing, system design, and economic and environmental analysis for solar and wind based implementations.

Individuals with these skills are projected to be in demand with a projected growth (2018–2028) of faster than average (7% to 10%) from the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2018 wage data and 2018–2028 employment projections.

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