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Legal Studies


The Legal Studies program does two things: (1) provides both broad exposure to and detailed training in the American legal system for those interested in making more specific their Associate in Arts degree in General Studies; and/or for those wishing to practice in the legal field (2) readies candidates to deliver legal services under the supervision of an attorney or in related judicial and governmental settings by outfitting them with expertise in research, writing, and a comprehensive understanding of American legal systems and structures, as well as core substantive disciplines.

Successful candidates completing certificate requirements (which are lesser than AA requirements) are awarded a credential of marketability in the legal community – the Paralegal Certificate.

The Profession

The legal industry is comprised of professionals spanning an array of skills and talents – and paralegals are indispensable to it. The role of a paralegal is supportive but integral. The investigation, communication, clerical, documentation, and preparation work for which paralegals are responsible undergirds the workflow of efficiently and competently delivered legal services.

The paralegal profession is highly respected and itself contributes meaningfully to the order and dignity of society. Paralegals thusly command fair compensation, and opportunities for those qualified as such are rewarding and plentiful.

Our Distinction

Our program is unique in its capacity to accommodate the schedules of working professionals who wish to advance their standing in the business community. Courses are offered once per week in the evening hours, and some courses offer online components in a hybrid solution to program accessibility and completion. The certificate is designed to be completed over a term of approximately two years.

The curriculum is currently being redesigned – we aim to within relatively short order unveil a streamlined and modernized set of offerings that can be completed in two, three or four terms (one year, one and a half years, or two years).

Our certificate program strategically balances theory and praxis in proportions congruent with work in the sector. We imbue our candidates with the honor of the occupation and equip them to rise and lead in the field.

Paralegal Program
Office Location MM Wilkens Hall, Room 237
Administrative Assistant Wendy Hammand
  • Judge Kathryn Hand, First Justice of the Barnstable District Court
  • Judge James Torney, First Justice of the Barnstable/Plymouth Juvenile Court
  • Matthew Lee, Esq., Partner at Tocci & Lee LLC
  • Matthew Murphy, Esq., General Counsel at the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office
  • Jaime Hoctor, Esq., Senior Associate at Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP
  • Samantha Santos, Case Specialist at Barnstable District Court