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Medical Receptionist

Students gain skills and knowledge in computer applications, medical terminology, and medical office procedures. A Medical Receptionist Certificate is the first step to a career in healthcare.

Students are encouraged to build on the Medical Receptionist Certificate and obtain a certificate in Medical Office Administration or Medical Coding and Billing and eventually an Associate’s degree at the College.

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GIT101   Typing I 3
GIT110   Computer Applications 3
BIT103   Medical Terminology 3
BUS102   Business Communication 3
BIT207   Medical Coding and Billing 3
BIT203   Medical Office Procedures 3
Total Credits 18

Completion of a program is based on full time enrollment. Many of our students attend part time and may not complete within the one year timeline.

Upon successful completion of the Medical Receptionist Certificate, students are able to:

  • Demonstrate desirable work habits including verbal/written communication skills, technological competence, critical thinking, problem solving, self-reliance, cooperativeness, and adaptability.
  • Analyze ethical issues and apply ethical standards in the performance of responsibilities in the healthcare environment.
  • Assume an entry-level position as a receptionist in a healthcare facility.

Students are prepared for an entry-level position as a receptionist in a medical environment.

Full Time Faculty

Louis Beco
Office: Lorusso Technology, Tech 215D
Phone: 774.330.4398

Michael Bejtlich
Office: Lorusso Technology, Tech 215F
Phone: 774.330.4519

Kathleen Bent, Business Department Chair
Office: Lorusso Technology, Tech 215C
Phone: 774.330.4517

Mary Jean Huettner
Office: Lorusso Technology, 215G
Phone: 774.330.4350

Andrea Lyons
Office: Lorusso Technology, Tech 215B
Phone: 774.330.4743

Adjunct Faculty
Fozia Ahmed
Louladey Assefa
Cam Beale
Nancy Dempsey
Gwenn Dyson
Mark Ells
Gail Knell
Doreen Lawrence
Florence Lucci
Elaine Moore
Debora Morgan
Michael Otto
Else Rhodes
James Ruane
Debora Sementa
Lawrence Silverman
Victor Smith
Juanita Sweet
Alfred Towle
David Ziemba