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Associate in Science

Administrative Assistant – Medical Track

Students in the Administrative Assistant concentration acquire a wide range of computer, communication, and organizational skills that prepare them for support positions in a modern office setting. Students enrolled in this concentration choose from the General or Medical tracks.

Medical Track Overview

Students gain an understanding of medical procedures, medical terminology, and a conceptual and practical understanding of a computerized office environment in a medical setting. Students progress from basic keyboarding and word processing to advanced information processing and office procedures.

Students who are matriculated and place into developmental math and/or English are required to begin the course sequence in the first semester. Please see an advisor with questions.

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First SemesterCredits
ENL101   English Composition I
  Human Communication
Critical Reading and Thinking
GIT110 Computer Applications
BUS100   Introduction to Business
GIT101 Typing I
Second SemesterCredits
ACC100   Survey of Accounting
BIT103 Medical Terminology
BIO105   Survey of Human Anatomy & Physiology
PSY101   General Psychology
GIT220 Advanced Word Processing
Third SemesterCredits
BUS102   Business Communications
BIT207   Medical Coding and Billing
GIT150   Database Applications
BUS120   Business Law
  Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning (or)
Natural or Physical Science*

*Students who are planning to transfer should take one 4-credit lab science course.
3 (or) 4
Fourth SemesterCredits
  Standard Office Procedures

Information Technology Cooperative Work Experience
BIT203   Medical Office Procedures
    Information Technology Elective 3
    Behavioral & Social Sciences 3
    Business Elective
Any course with an ACC, BIT, BUS, CUL, ECO, ENT, GIT, HRM or MKT designation.
Total Credits 61/62

Capitol letter M to designate a milestone course Designates a Milestone course. A milestone course must be completed in the semester indicated to ensure that you remain on track to continue on in your program and graduate on time.

Business Electives
Any course with an ACC, BIT, BUS, CUL, ECO, ENT, GIT, HRM or MKT designation.

Upon completion of the Information Technology Program – Administrative Assistant Concentration – Medical Track, students are able to:

  • Read, write, discuss and think critically about topics and ideas in information and/or office technology.
  • Analyze ethical issues and apply ethical standards in the performance of responsibilities in a variety of information and office technology careers.
  • Synthesize information from communications, information technology, office technology, and business to provide customer service and solve business problems.
  • Assume positions in a variety of information and office technology careers.
  • Work well with teams in an information or office technology setting.
  • Transfer to baccalaureate programs.

Students completing the Medical Administrative Assistant track are prepared to provide administrative support in a variety of medical office and allied health services environments.

This occupational profile is provided by O*NET.

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Full Time Faculty

Louis Beco
Office: Lorusso Technology, Tech 215D
Phone: 774.330.4398

Michael Bejtlich
Office: Lorusso Technology, Tech 215F
Phone: 774.330.4519

Kathleen Bent, Business Department Chair
Office: Lorusso Technology, Tech 215C
Phone: 774.330.4517

Mary Jean Huettner
Office: Lorusso Technology, 215G
Phone: 774.330.4350

Andrea Lyons
Office: Lorusso Technology, Tech 215B
Phone: 774.330.4743

Adjunct Faculty
Fozia Ahmed
Louladey Assefa
Cam Beale
Nancy Dempsey
Gwenn Dyson
Mark Ells
Gail Knell
Doreen Lawrence
Florence Lucci
Elaine Moore
Debora Morgan
Michael Otto
Else Rhodes
James Ruane
Debora Sementa
Lawrence Silverman
Victor Smith
Juanita Sweet
Alfred Towle
David Ziemba