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Art Course Schedule

Fall 2021–Fall 2022

The courses illustrated are required for the Associate Degrees in Graphic Design and Visual Art and are guaranteed to be offered in the sequence shown. Additional courses may be offered due to extraordinary circumstances and/or a justified need (for example a course is regularly well enrolled and/or meets a General Education requirement). Check the course schedule on CampusWeb.

CourseFall 2021Spring 2022Fall 2022
ART100 Drawing I
ART101 Design I
ART103 Painting I
ART125 History of Art: Stone Age to Gothic
ART130 You Can Design! (Elective)    
ART134 Art History: Renaissance to Modern
ART135 Fashion, Textile and Fiber Arts (Elective)  
ART136 Three-Dimensional Design    
ART137 History of Graphic Design  
ART139 Digital Photography (Elective)  
ART140 Introduction to Silkscreen Printing (Elective)      
ART171 Computer Graphics I
ART200 Drawing II    
ART201 Design II    
ART207 Graphic Design I    
ART208 Graphic Design II    
ART209 Printmaking Techniques  
ART216 Life Drawing    
ART218 Typography    
ART219 Portfolio Preparation for Artists and Graphic Designers    
ART226 Printmaking II (Elective)    
ART229 Painting II    
ART231 Computer Graphics II