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Associate in Arts

Media Studies Concentration

The Media Studies concentration is for students interested in pursuing television production and direction, film studies, or radio broadcasting. The concentration provides fundamental courses in video and radio production and direction, and film studies. This skills-oriented degree is designed to provide students with proficiency in operating various broadcast technologies in professional settings.

Students who are matriculated and place into developmental math and/or English are required to begin the course sequence in the first semester. Please see an advisor with questions.

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First SemesterCredits
ENL101 English Composition I 3
  Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning 3 (or) 4
COM103   Human Communication 3
PSY101   General Psychology 3
    Elective 3
Second SemesterCredits
ENL102 English Composition II 3
  Behavioral & Social Sciences 3
COM113 Radio Broadcasting 3
COM105 Survey of Mass Communication 3
  Design I (or)
Computer Graphics I
Third SemesterCredits
    Natural or Physical Science 4
COM214   Media & Society 3
COM120   Introduction to Film 3
    Concentration Elective 3
Radio Production (or)
Introduction to Video Production
Fourth SemesterCredits
    Behavioral & Social Science 3
  Concentration Elective (200 level) 3
    Natural or Physical Science 3 (or) 4
COM215   Social Media Marketing and Communications 3
    Elective 1–3
Total Credits 60–64

Capitol letter M to designate a milestone course Designates a Milestone course. A milestone course must be completed in the semester indicated to ensure that you remain on track to continue on in your program and graduate on time.

Note: The Associate in Arts degree does not indicate a specialized degree in a concentration. Students who complete this concentration will satisfy the requirements of MassTransfer. For additional information pertaining to degree requirements, please refer to Degree Requirements.

ART137 History of Graphic Design
ART139 Digital Photography
ART171 Computer Graphics I (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)
ART207 Graphic Design I
ART208 Graphic Design II
COM100 Voice & Diction
COM201 Interpersonal Communication
COM203 Public Speaking
COM204 Persuasive Communication
COM207 Argumentation & Debate
COM208 Broadcast Writing & Presentation
COM216 Event Planning & Management
COM221 American Film
COM222 International Film
COM224 Documentary Film
COM231 Advanced Radio Production
COM264 Media Communication Cooperative Work Experience
ENL161 Journalism I
ENL170 Producing a Magazine of the Arts
GIT184 Web Authorizing and Graphic Tools
MKT100 Marketing

This program introduces the student to career-oriented fields such as radio broadcasting, radio production, and broadcast journalism. Job growth in the industry is based on strong demand from the public for media. Employment is constantly changing based on new technologies and includes film/video/television editors, camera operators, directors and producers, film critics and script writers, as well as teachers, set designers, production assistants, and props or location managers. Students may complete their degree and transfer to a four-year institution or they may immediately enter the field.

This occupational profile is provided by O*NET.

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Full Time Faculty

Lisa Heller Boragine, Performing Arts Coordinator
Location Tilden Arts 214
Phone 774.330.4659
Tyler Daniels
Location Tilden Arts 218
Phone 774.330.4658

Adjunct Faculty

Naomi Arenberg
Location WKKL
Phone 774.330.4455
Adam Farrell
Location Tilden Arts 216
Phone 774.330.4410
Angela King
Location Tilden Arts 216
Phone 774.330.4641
Phyllis Lee
Location Tilden Arts 216
Phone 774.330.4467
Eleanor Lopez
Location Tilden Arts 216
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Timothy Miller
Location Tilden Arts 216
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Matt Vazquez
Location Tilden Arts 219
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