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The next Quick Term semester start March 29

14 and 7-week classes are open right now and will remain in online, remote, and hybrid formats in the Spring.

  • Online: All your work is done online with no set meeting times.
  • Remote: All your work is done online with scheduled virtual meeting times during the week.
  • Hybrid: Blend of online classes with limited time on campus for hands-on lab work and projects that allow for social distancing

If you're already a 4Cs student and you just need to register for classes for the upcoming semester, you can do it through CampusWeb.

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Student Emergency Funds (SEF) are available to assist students with immediate needs for unforeseen expenses related to their education and/or cost of living that would otherwise prevent them from continuing their education at 4Cs. SEF assistance is funded from three sources: the federal CARES Act, the federal/state GEER program, and the 4Cs Educational Foundation.

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