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Mask Requirements on Campus for Fall 2021

Cape Cod Community College (CCCC) remains committed to providing a safe and healthy learning environment. To help prevent inadvertent asymptomatic spread of coronavirus among our community, any individual who enters the CCCC main campus or other learning sites, including the Aviation Center at the Plymouth Municipal Airport, the Hyannis Center, or the Funeral Service program at Bridgewater, must wear a face mask that covers both the nose and mouth at all times while indoors, including all classrooms, labs, and clinical sites as well as maintain three feet distancing. The College remains committed to following the CDC guidelines.

By choosing to return to the College, students commit to following the College’s masking and distancing requirement and protocols.

If a student unintentionally, violates the mask or distancing requirements, they will be reminded, with no further corrective action.  Students who do not comply with the College’s masking and distancing requirements should consider changing to online or remote course sections and use remote formats to access student services.  Non-compliance may result in disciplinary action under the Student Code of Conduct.

Failure to comply with masking and distancing requirements and protocols:

  1. You (our student) will be asked to wear a face mask. If you do not have a mask, one will be supplied. Masks will be located at the entrances to each building.
  2. If you fail to comply with the mask requirements or distancing protocols faculty has the right to ask you to leave their class.
  3. Failure to leave upon request could result in College Public Safety escorting you from your class.

Disrupting or interfering in the educational process in a class (or clinical site) is prohibited under the Student Code of Conduct.  If a student engages in disruptive conduct a faculty member  or  other  College  employee  may  address  and  resolve  the  matter  informally  without  filing  a  complaint  under  the  Code, including temporarily removing the disruptive student from a class (or clinical site). Repeated or egregious disregard for these requirements will result in referral to the Student Code of Conduct Officer for corrective action.   

Guests who fail to observe this requirement will be asked to leave campus.

Exceptions to the Mask Requirement and Distancing Requirements

Adequate Social Distancing

Individuals do not need to wear face coverings in the following situations: 

  1. When an individual is eating or drinking with adequate physical distancing in a space that allows the person to remain 3 feet away from others. 
  2. When an individual is using outdoor areas and able to maintain social distancing.

Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities 

In certain circumstances, CCCC may grant an exception to wearing a mask on campus, but this does not apply to social distancing. This includes those who have a health condition for whom a mask would pose a danger.

  • Students seeking an accommodation to this requirement may contact the O’Neill Center for Student Access and Support:
  • Verify that the student meets the ADA definition of disability (i.e., has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities); and
  • Describe the needed modification; and
  • Show the relationship between your disability and the need for the requested modification

Additional documentation may be required. Documentation must:

Documentation of Verified Mask Exemption:

An O’Neill Center designee(s) will forward an email to the Dean of Retention and Completion including the names of students given mask exemptions. The Dean or designee will forward an electronic mask exemption document to show to college personnel if requested. The reason for exemption will not be included in the document and college personnel are not to request reasons.