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Fire and Evacuation Procedures

In Case of a Fire

If you see smoke or flames, use CARE:

  • Contain: Close doors as you leave.
  • Activate: A pull station (pull stations are located near all building exits).
  • Report: Call 911.
  • Evacuate: Leave immediately.

Use a fire Extinguisher only if:

  • You have been trained.
  • You have your back to an unobstructed exit.
  • You have a fully charged and proper type unit for the fire you are fighting.
  • The fire is contained, and you have reported the fire by fire alarm or 911 activation.
  • Everyone else has left the area.
  • There is little smoke or flames.

If you can't control the fire within 30 seconds, abandon your efforts, close the door(s) and evacuate immediately.

Never fight a fire if:

  • You lack a safe way to escape should your efforts fail.
  • It has left its source of origin.
  • You are unsure of the type of extinguisher you need or have.


Building Evacuation

You should familiarize yourself with the evacuation routes posted in all campus buildings, and especially in the buildings where you work and/or teach. When the building evacuation alarm is sounded, an emergency exists. Evacuate immediately and fully cooperate with Public Safety/emergency personnel instructions. Become familiar with the following evacuation steps:

  • You will be leaving the building immediately; will have to remain at least 500 feet away from the affected building.
    • Take only keys, wallets and essential belongings with you.
    • If possible, wear weather appropriate clothing.
    • If you are the last one to exit your room, close and lock doors.
  • Do not investigate the source of the emergency.
  • Walk; don't run, to the nearest exit.
  • Use stairs, not elevators.
  • Assist people with special needs.
  • If there is no immediate danger, persons with disability/mobility limitations should shelter in place and call Campus Police at x4349 to report location and number of people needing assistance.
  • If there is imminent danger and evacuation cannot be delayed, the person with a disability should be carried or helped from the building in the best and fastest manner (the person with the disability is the best authority as to how to be moved out of the building).
  • If you are unable to evacuate, call Campus Police at x4349 and report your location.
  • Keep streets, fire lanes, hydrants, and walkways clear for emergency vehicles and crews.
  • Follow instructions of Campus Police or other identified emergency personnel and do not return to the building unless told to do so by Campus Police or responding emergency personnel.


Classroom Evacuation

Faculty should take additional steps to ensure the safety of their students. In the event of an evacuation faculty should follow the steps listed under Building Evacuation plus the following:

  • Instruct students:
    • to stay together
    • to follow you
    • or the last student to close the classroom door
  • Once you are at a location at least 500 feet from the building; account for your students. Faculty are the only people who have knowledge about the number of students in attendance and/or if the students evacuated the building safely.
  • Do not return to the building until instructed to do so by Public Safety or emergency responders.


Office of College Police and Public Safety
Location Grossman Commons CG6
Phone 774.330.4349
Switchboard 508.362.2131 extension 3