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Student Clubs and Organizations

Diving into an extracurricular club could be the best part of your time on campus. Whether you’re a head-of-the-class, perfect-GPA, volunteers-helping your instructor understand Zoom filters, or a stay-out-late-on-Thursday, avoid-taking-classes-on-Friday-morning, type of student, there’s a club out there for you.

Check out the full list of clubs below and keep checking because we are always adding new clubs to the list.

If you find a club you would like to join, reach out to the club advisor, or reach out to Student Engagement to get you signed up.

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Clubs and Organizations

Mission: Active minds is dedicated to changing the conversation around student mental health. We work together to utilize the student voice to raise mental health awareness among college students. By coming together, we are able to empower students to speak openly about mental health issues on campus in order to reduce stigma, encourage help seeking and prevent suicides. All of this is done through things such as: campus awareness events, promoting available resources to students, advocating for positive change, representing the student voice and creating programs that are responsive to the unique needs of students on our campus.

Mission: ALANA (African, Latino/Hispanic, Asian and Native American) Network Club seeks to foster an overall inclusive environment and awareness of diversity among its members and the entire community. It also strives to educate and engage the community through various activities such as; multicultural events, panel discussions, weekly meetings, lectures, performances, etc. The Network works collaboratively with other student organizations within the community as well as student organizations in the ALANA Support Network Consortium.

Mission: Anime Club brings together students interested and/or knowledgeable about Japanese anime and manga, western-created animations and graphic novels, as well as both foreign and western-created video games. Inquiring students will learn about the various types of each, being able to watch, read, play, or discuss different animations, novels, and games. Our hope is to learn more about new and interesting types of shows, books, and games and to broaden our knowledge of other cultures as well as our own.

All students are welcome to join the student Art Club. Membership is free! Just come along to the art studio in the Tilden Arts Center at the times listed each semester and make art.

Use the art studio to develop your art work, experiment with different media, complete class assignments, and build your portfolio content. The Art club is also a great way to meet other student artists and have fun developing your work together.

The Art Club is a student run club with a budget from the CCCC Student Senate, so come along and get involved in making art and being part of the conversation.

The Art Club has in recent semesters organized bus trips to the Museum of Fine Art in Boston and the Essex Peabody Museum in Salem.

Mission: Collegiate Recovery Club is a supportive peer group that reinforces the decision to engage in and/or maintain recovery while attending classes. Student members support recovery from any addiction or mental health issue. Through individual support and campus advocacy, the club aims to create an inclusive environment and supportive community to help students in recovery thrive at 4C’s and beyond.

Mission: The purpose of the Creative Writers’ Club is to provide an atmosphere where members are encouraged to share their writing and learn what it’s like to be a part of a writing community. Writing workshops will be available to students who want their creative work to be peer edited. The goal is that members who attend will be able to utilize academic, as well as personal growth, opportunities that often go hand-in-hand with this craft.

This club is for anyone that wants to learn more about auras, astrology, numerology, chakras, affirmations, and also the universe: the law of attraction, crystals, tarot, and more.

Mission: The Debate Club seeks to promote open discourse as our first priority. Toward this end, we are an academically focused club that offers students the opportunity for competition on an inter-collegiate level, promotes open thinking, and fosters diverse opinions on campus with public debates.

Mission: The Dental Hygiene Club cultivates, promotes, and sustains the art and science of Dental Hygiene.

Mission: The Honors Club strives to enhance the academic environment of all fellow students. It provides opportunities for individual growth while strengthening the campus community through the coordination of activities and projects focused on the club’s three principles: Scholarship, Support and Service.

This club enables students to learn more about the field of human services and meet other students with similar interests. The Club will allow students to become more acquainted with professional development for their career and host activities such as informative speakers and campus awareness events. 

Mission: Janus Players Club encompasses all aspect of drama: acting, production and backstage preparation.

Mission: The Nursing Club sponsors community projects and campus activities. It promotes membership and participation in the Massachusetts Senate and Student Nurses and the Massachusetts Nurses Association. The Nursing Club lobbies for financial aid and improvement of nursing conditions.

The Orchard Club is dedicated to planning, planting and maintaining an orchard at Cape Cod Community College.  Our mission is for our orchard to be sustained and entirely managed by students.


PTK is a renowned international honor society for two-year schools - a network of more than 3.5 million members around the world. Through PTK, you have access to opportunities to develop your professional and leadership skills, earn scholarships, and explore career paths.

Our chapter is Alpha Upsilon Mu. For more information on our chapter, visit PTK.

Mission: The Radio Club is for students who enjoy the various aspects of radio communications. Opportuinites exist to be involved with student programming and to participate in club events.

Mission: The Student Government is the voice for the entire student body. We advocate for active student participation in college affairs and governance, protect your rights as students and represent the student interests on college committees. Join the Student Government and make your voice count.

Mission: The purposes of this club are to encourage greater participation in the performance and appreciation of music, particularly as performed by ukuleles, by the community and student body at large. Another purpose of this club is to serve as an educational experience in the management and business aspects of attracting and running an extracurricular club, and lastly the club provides students with an outlet to perform their own artistic musical material. 

Mission: The Student Veterans of America at Cape Cod Community College helps provide support to veterans enrolled at Cape Cod Community College in their pursuit of education through a collaboration of veterans, students, faculty, school, and government resources. The Student Veterans of America at Cape Cod Community College is a recognizable symbol with which students can relate to each other and increase the public’s general awareness of the cultures, social background, and barriers of the veteran and military community.

This club promotes holistic well-being of students by providing access to recreational and educational experiences fostering a sense of community and empowering individuals to cultivate wellness values and behaviors.

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