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Remote Learning

What to Expect in a Remote Learning (Virtual) Program with CCAPE

A remote learning (virtual) program is an interactive course, training program, or workshop that is facilitated by a live instructor via the platform Zoom. When participating in a remote learning (virtual) program with CCAPE, you will receive Zoom guidance and instructions in advance of your first session. You will be joined by other participants in the program during the scheduled Zoom sessions. Your instructor and/or corporate trainer will lead the class through a series of exercises, and your participation is expected.  Although remote learning is new for many people, it has proven itself to remain as interactive as classroom learning, and can often be more convenient and impactful for participants.

 Tips for Success in Your Remote Learning Program

  • Ensure you have downloaded Zoom
    • Due to privacy concerns, only individuals with a completed Zoom profile will be admitted to our Zoom sessions. You must include your full first and last name that you registered with on your Zoom profile. See: Customize your Zoom profile
  • Ensure your Wi-Fi is working properly prior to each session. It is suggested you have an audio back-up ready such as your phone in the event your Wi-Fi is not working properly.
  • Join Zoom 3–5 minutes prior to each session to allow time for admittance into the program.
  • Test your audio and video a few minutes prior to each session.
  • When not in use, please mute your microphone so that background noises do not interfere with the presenter or participants.
  • Unless your appearance or background is inappropriate or distracting, please turn ON your video. Cameras should be used as often as possible for participants to designate themselves as present during training. Video is crucial in building trust and engagement in virtual settings.
  • Please do your best to minimize creating other distractions during training. If you can, try to snack prior to joining!


Questions regarding an upcoming remote learning (virtual) program with CCAPE?