Courses Credits
GIT102   1
GIT180   3
GIT110   3
BUS102   3
CSC110   3
GIT183   3
ART170   3
GIT184   3
CSC130 (or)
BIT221 (or)
Computer Programming II: JAVA (or)
Web Site Development Practicum (or)
Application Development for Mobile

CSC130 Computer Programming II: Java

Students use projects and teamwork to design, implement, and test large computer programs in Java, with emphasis on programming style, expression, and documentation. Object-oriented programming methodology, abstract data types, data structures, internal searching and sorting methods, exceptions, generics, multithreading, and simple recursion are covered. Students analyze the efficiency and compare times of recursive and non-recursive sorts and searches, as well as searches of graphs using stacks and queues.

Prerequisite: CSC110 or CSC120 or CSC105

Offered: Fall, Spring

BIT221 Web Site Development Practicum

Student teams work with faculty, departments, or non-profit organizations planning, designing and implementing interactive, dynamic web sites. This course has both service-learning and interdisciplinary facets and may be taken for honors credit.

Prerequisite: GIT183, GIT184, and BIT283

Offered: Fall, Spring

BIT286 PHP and MySQL for Web Development

Students build on JavaScript, programming, database, HTML, DHTML, and CSS skills. This course introduces the web developer to the PHP scripting language and the MySQL database system and enables students to plan and develop end-to-end, database-driven web sites and applications.

Prerequisites: GIT183 and GIT150

Semester offered: Varies

4 (or)
3 (or)
BIT284   3
Total Credits 27/28/29