Courses Credits
ENR101   4
ENR102   4
CSC120 (or)
Computer Programming I: C++ (or)
Engineering & Scientific Computing

CSC120 Computer Programming I: C++

Students use projects and teamwork to design, implement, and test programs in C++. Programming style, expression, and documentation are emphasized. Object-oriented programming methodology, graphical user interfaces, debugging techniques, pointers, simple recursion, and string processing are covered.

Prerequisite: MAT035 or satisfactory basic skills assessment score and working knowledge of any programming language

Offered: Fall

ENR110 Engineering & Scientific Computing

This course introduces students to the elements and practices of computer programming through the MATLAB computation and visualization environment. Assuming no prior background in computer programming, this course will enable one to write programs that solve problems involving the manipulation of numbers. Procedural and object-oriented programming techniques will be taught. Students will be required to complete numerous in-class examples and homework assignments. During the semester, other technical high-level programming languages (e.g., Python) will be introduced through lecture discussion.

Prerequisite: MAT035 or MAT041 and ENL108 or satisfactory basic skills assessment score. Students need to have a basic knowledge of the Windows operating system and file management.

Offered: Varies

MAT240   4
COM103   3
Total Credits 18/19

Note: This certificate has advanced mathematics requirements of Calculus I.