Courses Credits
ENR104   4
MKT100 (or)
Marketing (or)
Introduction to Entrepreneurship

MKT100 Marketing

This course focuses on the basic principles, problems, and practices in marketing. Students learn marketing strategies, design of marketing mixes, and market planning in a changing environment.

Prerequisite: ENL108 or satisfactory basic skills assessment

Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer

ENT108 Introduction to Entrepreneurship

This course provides an overview of the entrepreneurial process of creating businesses, non-profits and other new ventures. Students learn about the roles and attributes of successful entrepreneurs while undergoing a rigorous self-assessment process. Students interview a local entrepreneur, participate in case studies related to new ventures and have the opportunity to learn directly from a variety of speakers invited to class to share their start-up experiences, including ethical dilemmas and other obstacles they will face as entrepreneurs.

Prerequisite: None

Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer

MAT250   4
ENR206   3
ENR201   3
PHY211   4
Total Credits 21

Note: This certificate has advanced mathematics requirements.