Courses Credits
Typing I

Students learn to master the computer keyboard, develop speed and accuracy, and prepare basic business documents.

Prerequisite: None

Offered: Fall, Spring

Note: Note: If this course is waived, it must be replaced with a Business elective – any course with an ACC, BIT, BUS, CUL, ENT, GIT, HRM or MKT designation.

BIT103   3
(or GIT105)
Business Communication
(or Office Communication Systems)

BUS102 Business Communication

This course is designed to expose the student to a variety of communication modes available to individuals employed in today's business environment. The following major areas are addressed: communication theory, electronic communications in business, oral presentations, ethical practices and written business documents. The importance of accurate communications and the development of language art skills are emphasized. Business communications and formats, including business reports, letters, and memos, are studied.

Prerequisite: GIT102 or 30 wpm and ENL108 or satisfactory basic skills assessment score.

Offered: Fall, Spring

GIT110   3
GIT220   3
ACC111   3
GIT150 (or)
Database Applications (or)
Medical Coding and Billing

GIT150 Database Applications

Students acquire an in-depth, hands-on understanding of a PC-based relational database. Using Microsoft Access, students create and edit tables, forms, and reports; sort, query and graph data; and attach, import and export data to/from other applications. Data normalization techniques are studied. Students, working individually and in teams, design and implement database applications. This course prepares students for the Microsoft Office User Specialist Access exam.

Prerequisite: GIT108 or GIT110 or equivalent skill level in Windows

Offered: Fall, Spring

BIT207 Medical Coding and Billing

This course is designed to teach the student the current medical coding practices used for third-party billing. ICD-9-CM and CPT coding will be covered along with an in-depth study of insurance companies, Medicare, insurance claim forms, accounts receivable, and legal issues relating to medical record keeping.

Prerequisite: BIT103

Offered: Fall, Spring

BIT203   3
PSY101   3
Total Credits 27