Courses Credits
GIT101   3
GIT110   3
BIT103   3
(or GIT105)
Business Communication
(or Office Communication Systems)

BUS102 Business Communication

This course is designed to expose the student to a variety of communication modes available to individuals employed in today's business environment. The following major areas are addressed: communication theory, electronic communications in business, oral presentations, ethical practices and written business documents. The importance of accurate communications and the development of language art skills are emphasized. Business communications and formats, including business reports, letters, and memos, are studied.

Prerequisite: GIT102 or 30 wpm and ENL108 or satisfactory basic skills assessment score.

Offered: Fall, Spring

GIT150   3
BIO105   4
BIT203   3
BIT207   3
BIT208   3
BIT209   1
Total Credits 29