First Semester (Spring) Credits
HEA134   1
GIT110   3
BIT103   3
Survey of Human Anatomy & Physiology

This first course in a two-semester sequence in introductory biology for science majors or science-interested students is designed to acquaint the student with foundational principles of biology with an emphasis on cellular structure and function. Topics covered will include the basic chemical properties of living things, cellular metabolism, molecular genetics, gene expression and Mendelian genetics. The laboratory features activities and experiments that reinforce the concepts presented in lecture. (3 class hours/3 laboratory hours)

Prerequisites: MAT045, ENL020 and ENL050 or satisfactory basic skills assessment scores

Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer

Note: For those planning on pursuing other health careers, (BIO107 or BIO251) and (BIO108 or BIO252) are recommended.

Second Semester (Fall)  
HEA202   2
PSY101   3
MAC101   3
Third Semester (Spring)  
The Administrative Medical Assistant

This course prepares students to perform the administrative functions of a medical assistant. Course topics include the following: an overview of the healthcare industry, client/patient relations and communication, health information management, medical practice management, and professional workplace behavior. Students acquire skills in a medical office software package, meet CAAHEP/MAERB required administrative competencies, and explore ethical/legal issues in modern medicine.

Note: MAC204 and MAC205 must be taken concurrently.

Medical Assisting Clinial Procedures & Clinical Practicum

This seven-credit course is designed to teach basic medical assisting clinical skills and provide practical experience in a clinical setting to complement the clinical and office skills required by the credentialing agency (Commission for Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs – CAAHEP). The course is divided into lecture, laboratory practice, clinical practicum, and seminar.

Prerequisite: MAC101; Co-requisite: BIT203

Offered: Spring

Note: MAC204 and MAC205 must be taken concurrently.

Total Credits 29

Note: Students enrolled in Medical Assisting are required to maintain current CPR certification at the level of Healthcare provider or professional rescuer in MAC101 and MAC204.