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Tammy Glivinski-Saben

Tammy Glivinski- Saben (Class of 2004)
Owner of Glivinski & Associates

"I will be forever grateful for the opportunity provided by CCCC."

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As I was transitioning from a long time corporate career to starting my own local business, CCCC offered me the opportunity to work towards my goal and lifelong dream of securing a college degree while managing a home, a business and a family. The professors were inspiring and engaging; my coursework was challenging and relevant to my goals and to my clients’ needs. I loved being a tutor in the Math Lab and enjoyed every minute I spent on Campus.

After earning my associate’s degree from CCCC, I transferred to Suffolk University to complete my BS in Business Administration within a couple of years. The educational experience of both institutions was instrumental in the growth of my bookkeeping practice to become branded in providing higher level guidance to our clients by assisting with implementation of best business practices, sound financial policies and procedures, and transparent, relevant financial reporting.

I will be forever grateful for the opportunity provided by CCCC, to not only own my own thriving business, but also in the way the College has such important and positive economic impact for other business owners and non-profits in our entire community of Cape Cod.

Adriana Barcelos de Oliveira

Adriana Barcelos de Oliveira (Class of 1999)
Pilot for Endeavour Air

"I really love CCCC. Thought I knew from a very young age that I wanted to become an airline pilot, how to get there was not very clear. 4Cs helped me lay the foundation and pathway towards my professional goal."

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I moved from Brazil in 1995. I came on a tourist visa to Cape Cod and stayed in the hopes of being able to obtain a college degree and my pilot training, and oh yes, of learning English.! I went to Cape Cod Tech for some English lessons and that is where I learned about CCCC. I started at CCCC in 1995, taking first computer courses and English composition. I worked while I was in school.

My first job on the Cape was as a dishwasher at Pate's Restaurant, Chatham, the place that made it possible for me to obtain my "green card" and USA citizenship. By 1996, I was also taking flying lessons at Chatham Airport.

In 1999, I completed the associate’s degree in Liberal Arts with a concentration in math and physics. I learned about a prestigious aviation university, Embry-Riddle, through my 4Cs' physics professor and in 2000 I was accepted and transferred to their campus in Daytona Beach, FL.

I continued to work full time at a restaurant in Daytona while going to school full time, and trying to save money for flight training. I was able to finish the Private Pilot license off campus but would have to complete the remaining flight training on campus in order to graduate with an Aeronautical Science degree. The cost of flight training was even higher at the University so I had to change my major to Aviation/Applied Meteorology.

I graduated in 2003 with a 3.6 GPA. I also obtained my Aircraft Dispatcher’s license from Embry-Riddle. That same year, I came back to the Cape to work at Cape Air as a dispatcher. I also did odd jobs, landscaping and construction, but mostly cleaning jobs.

Only a few years later, in 2005, I was able to go back to a flight school in White Plains, NY to finish my Instrument and Commercial Pilot training. Meanwhile I became the Systems Operations Control supervisor at Cape Air. I also obtained my Multi-Engine training at Cape Air. I merged to the flight department to become a first officer. I successfully completed the first upgrade training to become a Freight Cargo Captain. Unfortunately I did not pass my last upgrade training and was dismissed towards the end of 2007.

Through the cleaning jobs, I was able to save up enough to finish the most important pilot license: the Airline Transport Pilot, ATP, in Northampton, MA, in the beginning of 2008. During ATP training, I used to go the library at 4Cs to study. I have always found 4Cs a very comforting place. The school reminds me of a fortress, offering a sense of safety and security. Also, in spite of the major career set back (having lost my job at Cape Air), 4Cs reminded me of how far I had already come. In 2009 I went back to 4Cs to take Italian.

During this this time, there were not many pilot jobs in the USA, so in 2010 I went through more flight training to convert my pilot licenses to the Brazilian equivalent so that I would qualify to fly in Brazil. And that same year, I got a job with a major Brazilian airline, TAM Airlines (now LATAM Airlines).

I met my second husband, who is also a pilot, at Cape Air. We got married in 2012 and he was commuting from the USA to Brazil. We have a toddler son named Samuel. For other reasons and to end my husband's long commute, we decided to move back to the USA. I got a job as a pilot for Endeavor Air.

Adriana Barcelos de Oliveira and family

As I look back at my college years and compare my Embry-Riddle and CCCC experiences, I realize that both schools have offered me an exceptional education, but the latter for a fraction of the cost. Whether or not you know where you want to get professionally, 4Cs is an excellent place to start your journey.

Sherry Rose Fleming Thomas

Sharon Rose Fleming Thomas (Class of 1972)
Retired from the FBI in 2006 after a 30-year career

"I will forever be thankful for CCCC because they stood by me at finals time during my second year when my father died suddenly and unexpectedly."

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I graduated with an associate’s degree in liberal arts and then went on to U. Mass/ Boston to major in psychology and sociology. I wanted to do counseling or probation work. I worked as a waitressed to support myself. I volunteered at the Bridgewater State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Afterwards, I worked as a Management Trainee for a year for K-Mart until I went to work for the FBI.

While I was in a support role for a few years, I went to language school. My first assignment after graduating from the FBI Academy was as an FBI Special Agent in the Washington, DC Field Office. I served two tours at FBIHQ – one before going to the Honolulu Field Office and the other after leaving Honolulu. My final assignment was as an Assistant Special Agent-In-Charge in the Newark Field Office.

I spent the majority of my career assigned to Foreign Counterintelligence and Terrorism matters. I retired from the FBI in 2006 after a 30-year career. Post retirement, I have been working in several assignments for a private company which does contract work for the Federal Government.

My husband is a retired Naval Officer. We have two sons (one is a bassoonist and the other is a consultant for a small company in North Carolina) and a granddaughter! I am looking forward to retirement where I will divide my time between Grand Lake in Oklahoma in the foothills of the Ozarks and the Chesapeake Bay (where my husband built us a home).

Mariana Costa

Mariana Costa (Attended 2004–2005)
Chief Executive Officer of DREAM Homes & Estates and DREAM Business Solutions

"I attended CCCC in 2004 and 2005 at the age of 18 years old. I arrived from Brazil only three years prior to attending CCCC."

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This college meant new opportunities for me: it provided a deeper understanding of the English Language and further discovery of self. I stayed alone in the U.S at 17 when my entire family returned to Brazil, so taking action on achieving the mission I stayed here to accomplish was very important to me.

Attending CCCC helped me in so many ways; I will forever cherish the years I spent learning more about myself, this language I so beautifully comprehend today and the career paths I could choose to pursue. The Medical Interpreter Course helped me immensely towards comprehending English and I absolutely loved everything about the course. I still remain in contact with my professor Lisa De Medeiros Morris through Facebook.

I am currently the CEO of two profitable companies based in Hyannis, DREAM Home & Estates and DREAM business solutions. My motto is: Team Work Makes the DREAM Work! I truly have grown to believe that together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. My mission is to continue to pursue discovery of my own talents coupled with the power of others talents, masterminding together while applying innovative strategies, in order to create growth & development opportunities for the next generation and many more to follow.

I could have not been here today if it wasn't for the strong foundation I received from CCCC and will hold the time I spent there forever dear to my heart. Thank you!

Breanna Gustfason

Breanna Gustfason (Class of 2015)
Director of Membership Engagement & Communications, Cape Cod Community Media Center

"I took journalism as an elective in the spring of 2012, and fell in love. I am now pursuing a master’s degree in communication."

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I came to CCCC in 2011 after graduating high school. I left high school with a 1.8 GPA. I loved school, and I was a good student, an athlete, and very involved in school. I truly struggled in math courses and it was a huge setback in high school. I was a B, C student in every other subject. My senior year of high school I was put onto an IEP for math. CCCC was a great fit for a student like me; I needed that extra guidance in the transition between high school and college. CCCC had just that.

I met with Dr. Sommers and was accepted to the Advantage Program. Doug, Kathy, Diane, and David Copeland played a huge role in helping me succeed at CCCC. I came to CCCC with the mindset of getting into the dental hygiene program and taking what I thought was the "easy way out." I quickly started failing chemistry, math, and lost interest. Mary Sullivan and Professor Bent in the math department worked closely with me to make sure I understood the material so I could pass the class, even if it was by a hair.

I took journalism as an elective in the spring of 2012, and fell in love. Working for the Main Sheet gave me real life experience, and having James Kershner as the instructor gave me a real life perspective on the career path of a journalist and an author. I picked his brain every class about career options as a journalist, and he told me that I could combine my love for writing and storytelling with television, so I did.

I transferred to BSU, and graduated this May 2016. I studied communication with a concentration in film, video, and media studies. I graduated from BSU with honors and was hired after completing an internship at WCVB Channel 5 Boston. My first job was at the place I have always dreamed of working. I was an assignment editor for 8 months before accepting a position at the Cape Cod Community Media Center (where I had also interned).

I am the Director of Membership Engagement & Communications at the Cape Cod Community Media Center. We are the public access television station for Barnstable, Yarmouth, Dennis, Harwich, and Chatham. My job now involves engaging with our current membership base, strategic planning to enhance membership experience and education options, as well as getting others in our community engaged. I wish I had known about the Media Center while attending CCCC, because it is a great resource for any student interested in broadcast journalism, film, or production.

I am now pursuing a master’s degree in communication with a concentration in New Media and Marketing.

I truly thank CCCC and its faculty and staff for their encouragement and guidance on my journey.

Brian Sullivan

Brian Sullivan (Class of 1997)
Senior Research Associate, Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Bristol

"Our group is working on a collaborative project … to develop an augmented reality and computer vision platform."

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From 1995-1997 I attended CCCC as a liberal arts student. At the time I was uncertain of my path, but had a strong interest in science, as well as the arts and humanities. Growing up in Barnstable, 4Cs was an affordable local choice that offered a strong educational curriculum and faculty. During my time here, I met many memorable teachers and friends. However, I would single out George Hoar, RIP, who was a fantastic ancient history lecturer; Dan McCullough, another great lecturer whose courses in introductory philosophy and ethics where always thought provoking; and lastly Mary Moynihan, for calculus and differential equations, a very caring lecturer with a great sense of humor (although the exams were often brutal!).

I've been quite fortunate to have the opportunity to travel extensively, as well as work with many amazing students and scientists from all over the world. While at 4C's I read Steven Pinker's book How the Mind Works and became interested in psychology and the neural and chemical basis of cognition and behavior.

After receiving my AA, I transferred to the honors program at UMass Amherst as part of the commonwealth scholar program. There, I studied psychology and neuroscience.

After graduating, I obtained a research technician position in the lab of Mary Hayhoe and Dana Ballard, at the University of Rochester. The lab is an interdisciplinary psychology and computer science lab, focused on studying human and computer vision using a variety of cutting edge technologies, including virtual reality, eye tracking and motion tracking. My supervisors became my friends and mentors, encouraging me to study vision science, psychology, computer science and mathematics. After several years as a research assistant (and taking advantage of free courses for UR staff), I enrolled as a PhD student in psychology at the University of Texas at Austin.

My work focused on eye movements and how we juggle multiple ongoing tasks that require our visual attention. After the PhD, I became a Rachel C. Atkins postdoctoral fellow in San Francisco. There, I researched impairment of eye-hand coordination in macular degeneration patients at the Smith Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, with Laura Walker. I then moved to Stockholm, Sweden to work as a Marie Curie fellow at the eye tracking technology company Tobii AB. As part of the Marie Curie network, I researched application of real time processing of eye tracking data in psychology experiments with several groups, including collaborations with researchers in Norway, Spain and Germany.

Just a few months ago, I moved to Bristol, UK, to work in the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Bristol as a senior research associate with Iain Gilchrist and Casimir Ludwig. Our group is working on a collaborative project along with the Department of Computer Science to develop an augmented reality and computer vision platform that will use wearable displays and sensor technology to create an interactive digital assistant (imagine an interactive how-to-guide that provides advice in real-time if it detects you need help). For more details you can visit:

I’ve had the great privilege to live and work in amazing cities like Austin, San Francisco, Stockholm, and now Bristol. I’ve met and worked with talented and interesting researchers from all over the world including experts in engineering, ophthalmology, neuroscience, psychology, and computer science.

During the time I attended 4Cs, I had no idea what the future would hold, but looking back I think it is a great education at a bargain price, if you are disciplined at work hard many future opportunities can open up. Undergraduate education in the US is increasingly expensive and out of reach for working class families, community colleges play a valuable role in keeping quality higher education open to all. Of course, graduating high school and staying at home with your parents (as I did) isn’t as fun and eye opening as university dorms (Sorry Mom & Dad!), your future self (and bank account) will thank you for it!

Image: Brian Sullivan guest lecturing at department of Optometry at the University of Riga, Latvia.

Brook Sargent

Brooke Sargent
Office Manager, Skanska

"The best thing I ever did before I left for the West Coast was take a Career Development class at Cape Cod Community College."

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I moved to San Diego in February 2014 after finishing up a few classes at CCCC. I came here alone, with nothing (not even a car, let alone a job) and set out to improve my life.

The best thing I ever did before I left for the West Coast was take a Career Development class at Cape Cod Community College.

By the time I left for California I had a nearly perfect résumé and cover letter and knew how to impress the business world. Now, I am an Office Manager for a General Contractor who builds many of the freeways and bridges around the area and internationally. I am currently preparing to take classes, part time and continue my education while I work full time.

Tracy Buckley-Scott

Tracy Buckley-Scott (Class of 2011)
Director of Branch Operations, The Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank

"Deep down, I knew furthering my education would provide me with the additional skills and experience necessary for me to become a better manager."

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I was in banking for six years prior to deciding to pursue an Associate degree in Business Administration at Cape Cod Community College.

Deep down, I knew furthering my education would provide me with the additional skills and experience necessary for me to become a better manager and foster greater creativity in my work. I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with classmates on a variety of projects; all while under the leadership of first class instructors.

Since graduating in 2011, I've been in pursuit of my Bachelor's Degree at UMass Dartmouth and intend to graduate in early 2016. Cape Cod Community College has been instrumental in my continued success by providing me with the tools, guidance and facilities needed to meet my educational goals.

LaPorchia (Cannady) Philamar

LaPorchia (Cannady) Philamar (Class of 1998)
Critical Care RN, Cape Cod Hospital

"I graduated from CCCC in 1998. My first job as a nurse was at Cape Cod Hospital. I worked at CCH for ten years; my last three in CCU."

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I graduated from CCCC in 1998. My first job as a nurse was at Cape Cod Hospital. I worked at CCH for ten years; my last three in CCU.

Then, in 2005 I went to work at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center to expand my critical care knowledge, where I learned so much. Today I'm back in school at Curry College. I graduate in May 2016 with my BSN.

Currently I'm employed at both CCH and SEMC per-diem. CCCC gave me a great education, a foundation to build on and succeed. CCCC is an excellent school, I was proud to have attended such a great school.

Zebina Masse

Zebina Masse (Class of 2011)
Development Engineer, Apple, Inc.

"I started my studies at CCCC in 2009 and graduated with an AA in May 2011, and transferred to the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)."

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I started my studies at CCCC in 2009 and graduated with an AA in May 2011. I transferred to the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in the summer of 2011. I graduated from RISD in 2014 with a BFA while interning at NASA and working on a grant funded project for NASA during my last year at school.

After graduation I went back to NASA twice and on March 2, 2015 I was hired at Apple Inc. as a development engineer where I am currently employed.

Anup Patel

Anup Patel
Civil Engineer, NJ Department of Transportation

"My education at Cape Cod Community College has been a great foundation for my successful career and I am hoping to continue grow in my career using foundation build at CCCC."

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I'm grateful for all that I learned at CCCC, both in and out of the classroom. I am currently working as Civil Engineer for the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

Cape Cod Community College is a great school to begin a college education. It has helped me to develop my abilities to advance in my career. This college has taught me how to be active in a college career, to be open for opportunities, to always be willing to learn, to develop leadership skills, and to go beyond classroom.

As it has been said in Sanskrit Verse: "With learning as unity, you learn a quarter from teacher, a quarter from your ability, a quarter from discussion with classmates, a quarter from experience."

After I graduated with an Associate degree from CCCC, I transferred to one of the great Engineering schools, Stevens Institute of Technology, located in New Jersey to proceed further with my education. I successfully completed my Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Civil Engineering and Master of Science (MS) in Construction Management.

My education at Cape Cod Community College has been a great foundation for my successful career and I am hoping to continue grow in my career using foundation build at CCCC.

Jay Seibold

Jay Seibold
Teacher's Assistant, Florida Atlantic University

"I will graduate with a Master's degree in Communication and Multimedia Studies … I intend to follow my dream of teaching at the collegiate level!"

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After graduating from Cape Cod Community College, I attended Cornell University, where I excelled academically, participated in a great deal of community service, and was active in the Greek system.

After earning my bachelor's degree from Cornell, I got married to an amazing woman, traveled the world a bit, and began attending Florida Atlantic University near our house in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

I will graduate in May 2016 with a Master's degree in Communication and Multimedia Studies and two graduate certificates in Film Studies and in Women, Gender, and Equality studies. I am working on a thesis with the following focus: the significance of film as a medium for public health campaigns.

Upon graduation, I intend to follow my dream of teaching at the collegiate level!

Nara Nascimento

Nara Nascimento
Research Assistant, Boston College

"I had great opportunities through the Honors Program, and I believe it was the major factor in helping me succeed into the future."

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It's been 3 years since I graduated from 4C's. I won't ever forget my time there because it was my launching pad into the world. You can literally start there and go anywhere. I had great opportunities through the Honors Program, and I believe it was the major factor in helping me succeed into the future.

I went on to Bridgewater State University. I continued my path through the Honors Program there and was encouraged to get into research. I became an undergraduate research assistant. I had the chance to be a part of what it takes to run a project in a laboratory. I participated in every part of the project: planning experiments, carrying them out as well as evaluating test results. I monitor maintenance schedules, and as a senior assistant in the lab, I was entrusted to teach lab techniques to the new students.

I became a part of the Honors Student Congress, which significantly impacted my life. As chair of community service, I organized a Red Cross blood drive on campus for four consecutive semesters, which collected the most blood units at BSU in the last five years. From there, we pushed ourselves further by planning a fundraiser on campus with a $2,000 goal that would serve as a scholarship for a young girl in Kenya. It was a challenge we were able to accomplish and surpass – regular people making a difference in someone's life.

I went on to graduate from BSU with the class of 2015, summa cum laude. I am currently a research assistant in the neurobiology of social behavior lab at Boston College.

Dan Meeghan

Dan Meeghan
Project Civil Engineer, Vanasse Hangen & Brustlin, Inc.

"I started my college career at Cape Cod Community College, and I could not be happier with that decision."

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I started my college career at Cape Cod Community College, and I could not be happier with that decision. At CCCC I was able to take a variety of classes from math and sciences to languages and arts, with many great professors. I was also able to meet many inspirational peers, who helped me to become more involved with clubs and student organizations at CCCC. During my time at CCCC I came to realize I that a career in Civil Engineering would be a great goal to pursue.

I was able to graduate as a commonwealth honors scholar from CCCC, which allowed me to be awarded several scholarships from the College, and from the school I transfer to, UMass Amherst. I continued to be very involved with clubs and organizations at UMass, while also gaining a great education.

I graduated Cum Laude in May of 2014 with a bachelor's degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering, and was eager to start my career in the field. I was immediately employed as a Civil Engineer by a great local company called Coastal Engineering, Inc. in Orleans, where I worked until June of 2015.

I recently moved to Boston and am now working for a great company called Vanasse Hangen & Brustlin as a Project Civil Enginee

Jonathan Bean

Johnathan Bean (Class of 2010)
Engineering Specialist, Siemens

"I attended several community colleges in Massachusetts before attending Cape Cod Community College. I found CCCC to be the best."

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I attended several community colleges in Massachusetts before attending Cape Cod Community College. I found CCCC to be the best and I graduated from there in 2010.

CCCC's career services department helped me transition into the facilities engineering program at Massachusetts Maritime Academy (MMA) where I graduated in 2013. MMA has an astounding 100% job placement and I was hired as an engineer just prior to graduating.

Currently, I am working for one of the world's largest engineering companies in the world and I consider myself a lifelong learner.

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