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Free Tutoring in Advantage

The Advantage Program offers free tutoring to participants in the program. We have math tutors, science tutors, writing tutors and we will try and make accommodations for any students who need help in other subjects.

Phone 774.330.4321
Web Online Scheduling

Policies to Know

  • All tutoring appointments are individual, one-on-one sessions. You may request a group appointment with another Advantage student.
  • Manage your appointments online: log in to schedule or change appointments. Walk-ins are welcome but scheduled appointments are served first.
  • Attend all scheduled tutorial sessions or, if an unavoidable conflict arises, cancel or reschedule the appointment online, or call: 774.330.4321
  • Students are allowed 60 minutes tutor time weekly in each subject in addition to time scheduled at the 4Cs Tutoring Center. For more than 60 minutes, exceptions can be made upon request from your Advantage advisor.
  • Tutoring will be terminated after two "no-shows", repeated cancellations, or lack of participation. This policy is strictly enforced.

Contact the Advantage Program

Laura Doane, Advantage Program Director
Location Wilkens South 227
Phone 774.330.4321