Advanced Degree Partners

Transferring to any college or university after graduating from Cape Cod Community College is a possibility for some CCCC students, and a goal for many! Cape Cod Community College offers several options designed to enhance the transfer process, including MassTransfer, 2+2 programs, and articulation agreements.

2+2 Programs

Earn your bachelor's degree on Cape Cod! 4Cs students can complete the freshman and sophomore years of their bachelor's degree at Cape Cod Community College, in one of our associate degree programs, then transfer to universities offering courses on Cape Cod to complete their junior and senior years.

The Office of Advanced Studies is the coordinating center for the Bachelors and Masters degree programs being offered on campus by participating colleges and universities. As the host institution, Cape Cod Community College works closely with these schools to provide the programs the Cape's workforce will need. It continues to explore the addition of other programs as area needs are identified. Learn more about the Advanced Degree Programs currently being offered by visiting the Office of Advanced Studies page.


As a 4Cs student, you are eligible to participate in MassTransfer, a statewide program that guarantees community college graduates admission, full transfer of credit and a tuition discount at any of the 13 institutions within the Massachusetts public higher education system. Enroll in a MassTransfer eligible degree program at 4Cs and watch the benefits add up!

Or, set an intermediate goal for yourself – complete the MassTransfer Block at 4Cs! The MassTransfer block allows students in the Massachusetts public higher education system to complete a portable transfer block which satisfies the general education requirements at the receiving institution, with the receiving institution able to add no more than 2 courses, if admitted. Students who complete the MassTransfer Block at 4Cs with a minimum final GPA of 2.0, will be able to take their MassTransfer Block with them to any of the 13 institutions within the state university system or to any of the 14 community colleges in the state of Massachusetts, if admitted!

To learn more about MassTransfer, please visit the MassTransfer website.

Articulation Agreements

4Cs is dedicated to assisting our students in meeting their academic goals through careful planning and advising. One way the College facilitates this process is by developing articulation agreements with 4-year colleges and universities. An articulation agreement is an officially approved agreement that matches coursework between schools. These are designed to help 4Cs graduates make a smooth transition to a 4-year institution. 4Cs has formal articulation agreements with several colleges and universities throughout the Commonwealth and New England. Learn more about out current articulation agreements by visiting the Transfer Counseling website.

Please direct all questions about transferring from 4Cs to another institution to:

Mary Olenick – Transfer Counselor
Location Grossman Commons, 206C
Phone 774.330.4316
Janna Pereira – Office of Advanced Studies
Phone 508.375.4082