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WERC specializes in assessing, designing, and delivering affordable customized training for our community’s organizations. We will evaluate your training needs and, using our own faculty or special consultants, design a course or workshop specifically for you and your staff. You choose the time, you choose the place – WERC will be there!

  1. Consultation – Our customized training service begins with a consultation. WERC will meet with you to discuss your training needs, develop a profile of the training audience, and define the desired results.
  2. Assessment – Training Needs Assessments are critical in helping your organization define the gap between your current and desired individual and organizational performance. We can conduct an assessment that will collect information and document data regarding performance problems, the anticipated introduction of a new system, task or technology and/or to address a new opportunity which may increase profits and effectiveness. A WERC assessment will help you identify key areas of need and will help determine the type of training that is relevant for your employees to do their jobs and the skills they will need to reach your long-term goals. These findings can be used to develop your training plans or tied into your employee development process.
  3. Planning & Design – Following the Assessment phase, WERC will partner with the course instructor to determine the course structure, media, and methods. The course syllabus and materials will be designed to meet the stated learning objectives.
  4. Implementation – Once you have reviewed and approved the course material, training begins. Training may be customized as a single session or as a series of sessions over a longer period of time.
  5. Evaluation – WERC evaluates the performance of all of its training programs. Course participants are asked to submit a comprehensive course evaluation, which WERC reviews and shares with the course instructor. Performance data is evaluated against benchmarks and as needed, the program is continually revised and refined.


Through the Workforce Training Fund, thousands of Massachusetts employers have received millions of dollars to train employees for new skills or to upgrade existing ones.  WERC is available to assist you with writing an effective proposal that will help you secure funding to train new and existing employees.

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