Student Clubs and Organizations

The following is a list of clubs and organizations, the current advisor, and their extensions. If you are interested in any of these clubs, please contact the appropriate advisor.

The clubs that list TBA as an advisor are inactive at this time. If it is a new club you are interested in forming, please stop by the Student Life and Co-curricular Program Office and they will help you activate the club.

See also: Guide to Student Leaders and Club Advisors handbookPDF document


Academic Support Club: Provides information and peer support for students with learning differences. Advisors: Dr. Richard Sommers, x4317, Kathleen Fulginiti x4533

Animé Club: To bring together students interested about Japanese animé and manga, western-created animations and graphic novels.  Advisor: Kathleen Fulginiti X4533

ASL Club: American Sign Language (ASL) club is a safe place for students and members of the community with all different sign abilities to come together and share experiences and help educate on another on ASL. Advisor, Thomas Driscoll, x4220

Arts Club: This is an open membership club which fosters awareness and appreciation of all the arts through trips and hands on workshops. Advisor: Sara Ringler, x4335 

Cape Cod Community College Young Professionals: The purpose of the CCCC Young Professionals is to offer its members the opportunity to: Connect with Cape Cod’s emerging workforce and future leaders, engage in our community, advance their lives, both business and personal, on the Cape. We advocate for young professionals at CCCC and strive to create networking, educational, and service opportunities that foster professional development in collaboration with the Cape Cod Young Professionals. Advisor: Eric Simpson email:

CCCC Special Olympics Club: To create a partnership between Special Olympics Massachusetts (SOMA), 4C's campus and the Cape Cod community that benefits all organizations. Through this partnership, students on the 4C's campus will gain a meaningful experience by working to improve the quality of programs SOMA offers to its athletes, coaches and families, while also introducing individuals to the SOMA mission. (Inactive)

Caritas: Caritas is a student led organization rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and motivated by the teachings of the Second Vatican Council. This organization seeks to nurture student leadership, support the spiritual development of students and engage in pastoral action within the context of the college community. These goals will be accomplished through initiatives that seek to provide opportunities for students to become involved in social justice activities within the community, provide opportunities for spiritual growth and discovery, and seek to promote ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue and understanding. CARITAS also seeks to establish a collaborative relationship between the Cape Cod Campus Ministry, a college ministry of the Diocese of Fall River and the College Community. While CARITAS is based on the teachings of Roman Catholicism, students of any religious tradition or beliefs are welcome. In keeping with the Church teaching, CARITAS or any of its members, advisors, or chaplain shall not engage in proselytizing on or off campus. (Inactive)

Choral Club: Provides an opportunity for singers to perform in concert. Advisor: Jerry Skelley, x4408

College Republican Club: The club exists to engage college students in intelligent discussion on political issues and to further understand policy decisions in government. While the club has a decidedly republican focus, it is open to all students no matter what political affiliation (or non-affiliation) they might have. (Inactive)

Dance Club: Modern and interpretive dance and performance. Advisor: Katrina Valenzuela, email: 

Debate Club: Promotes speech writing, speaking, and debating skills, sponsors field trips. Advisor and Debate Coach: Keli Gates email:

Dental Hygiene Club: Cultivates, promotes, and sustains the art and science of Dental Hygiene. Advisor: Barbara Sheerin, x4376

Economics Club: Field trips, speakers, and other activities around economics.  Advisor: Virender Gautam, x4501

Gaming Club: Provides a place for members to get together and play games of any kind, with a focus on various card and board games. Our goals are to establish camaraderie among students through a unifying hobby and to foster basic strategy, critical thinking skills and mathematics; playing together and against each other. Advisor: Lynne Johnson, x4898

Honors Club: The mission of the Cape Cod Community College Honors Club is to enhance the academic environment of all fellow students.  The Honors Club shall provide opportunities for individual growth while strengthening the campus community through the coordination of activities and projects focused on the club's three principles: Scholarship, Support and Service. Advisor: Delores Bird, x4658

Hospitality Club: The focus of the club is to meet to discuss topics relating to Hospitality, Travel, Tourism, Hotels and Restaurants.  The club members will invite professionals from those areas in to speak to them and to also travel off campus to see these areas first hand. The club also wants to work on community service especially for students of the college community. We're also hoping to fund scholarships for Hospitality students. Advisors: Paul McCormick, x4404 and Marie Keough, x4350 

Janus Players: Encompasses all aspects of drama: acting, production, and backstage preparation. Advisors: Vana Trudeau, x4410 and Brian Rice x4356

Junto Club: Sponsors field trips to places related to great American literary works primarily in New England. Advisor: Delores Bird, x4658

Legacy Club: Promotes collaboration between CCCC's students and non-profit organizations. Strives to involve students and on-campus projects and to assist in helping impoverish students connect with the right organizations. The club also created and manage the Food Pantry.  Advisor: Caren Pray, x4325

Nursing Club: Sponsors community projects and campus activities; promotes membership and participation in the Massachusetts Senate and Student Nurses and the Massachusetts Nurses Assoc.; lobbies for financial aid and improvement of nursing conditions. Advisor: Gayle Ridgway x4436

Robotics Club: Share the current robotics technology available today to study actual working toys and products. Build a robotic experiment and its capabilities. Participate in local competitions. Experiment and explore to stimulate each others' ideas and imaginations. Advisors: Eric Arzanov x4373 and Fredrick Bsharah x4580 (Inactive)

Rock and Roll Club: The purpose of the club is to encourage greater performance and appreciation of rock music, to educate students about the business aspect of the music industry and provide students with an outlet to perform their own musical material.  Advisor: Jerry Skelly X4408

Rotaract Club: Provides an opportunity for college students to enhance their knowledge and skills that will assist them in professional development, to address the physical and social needs of their communities, and to promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service. Advisor: Virender Gautam, x4501

S.T.A.R.T (Students Achieving Recovery Together): Promotes assistance in combating potential substance abuse problems affecting many lives at the Cape Cod Community College Campus. Advisor: Regina Yaroch, x4749

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math): Promotes exploration in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, with a focus on physics and astronomy.  The club advocates student involvement in mathematics and science, proves a collaborative and supportive learning environment, serves as a discussion forum and promotes scientific initiatives. Advisor: Colleen Coughlin

Student Senate: Comprised of elected students representing the needs and best interests of students; encourages and provides for the participation of all students in the issues and policies that affect their rights and responsibilities as members of the College family. Students are strongly urged to attend Student Senate meetings, to become involved with the Student Senate, and to bring to the Senate’s attention any questions or concerns regarding student's rights and/or responsibilities. Meets Mondays 2:00pm in the Club Room, Upper Level Grossman Commons Building. Advisor: David Biggs, x4449

Students for Sustainability: The mission of this club is to promote awareness among students, faculty, staff and the Cape Cod community about sustainability issues and to encourage community involvement. Advisor: Kate Lepore email:

Unity Club: This is a coalition for students of color and their allies. The purpose is to connect, support, and empower the students of color and their allies. Advisor: Tina Frias, x4320

CCCC Veterans Association: To provide a forum and collegiate setting for veterans and supporters to meet and help the veteran community. Advisor: Ralph Negron x4273

Words of Wisdom Book Club (WOW Book Club): To critically analyze literature and expand studends experience while making new connections. Advisor: Sally Cohen x4478


The Mainsheet: The Mainsheet is the College's student newspaper that serves the student body and the college community. It is a free and independent newspaper produced by student volunteers. It is a medium for students enrolled in the college's journalism, graphic arts, and business classes to put their classroom education into action. As a student club, the Mainsheet is open to all students at the College, and club officers are elected by the membership at the second meeting of each semester. Advisor: Kerry Drohan x4410

Phi Theta Kappa: Meets Wednesdays 2:00pm in Maureen M. Wilkens Hall (formerly South) in Room 116.  Advisor: Kate Martin, x4665

WKKL 90.7FM Radio Club (Makkay Broadcasting Center): College radio station offers training in radio broadcasting and equipment operation, sponsors College concerts, dances, and events. Advisor: Sarah Nelson, x4684

WKKL Mission Statement