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Short on time? Eager to get back into the workforce? The Cape Cod Community College Q-Terms are a new compressed course schedule, perfect for students who need greater flexibility with their class schedule and are looking for a quicker pathway to reach their goal.

Logo for Quick TermsQ-Term courses run just 8 weeks, allowing you to complete a three-credit course in half the time of a traditional semester.

Certifications in business and healthcare are quicker than ever using Q-Term courses and more are being developed.

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Spring Q-Term I courses begin January 26.

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Spring 2015 Q-Term I: January 26–March 14 

Accounting II with Computer Applications

ART112-64QT Th4:30–7:20pm 

Prerequisite: ACC111 or ACC101 and MAT030 or satisfactory basic skills assessment score / 3 credits

Illustration I


Prerequisite: ART170 / 3 credits. Gen Ed: Humanities & Fine Arts

Microcomputer Hardware

BIT113Q-01T Th9:30am–12:15pmAndrea Lyons

Prerequisite: ENL020 & ENL050 or satisfactory basic skills assessment scores / 3 credits

Medical Coding and Billing

BIT207Q-63T Th4:30–7:20pm 

Prerequisite: BIT103 / 3 credits

Pilates Mat I

FIT164Q-40T Th10:00–10:50amNancy McIver

Prerequisite: None / 1 credit

Kripalu/Hatha Yoga I

FIT167Q-40M W10:00–10:50amSherianna Boyle

Prerequisite: None / 1 credit

Office Communication Systems

HOR105-63T Th7:30–10:20pmVictor Smith

Prerequisite: ENL020 and ENL050 or satisfactory basic skills assessment score / 3 credits

Equipment Maintenance & Operation

HOR105-63M W6:30–9:30pmF. Fernandez

Prerequisite: None / 3 credits

Herbaceous Plant Identification & Culture

HOR201-63M Th6:30–9:30pmPatricia Keating

Prerequisite: HOR101 / 3 credits

Law Office Management


Co-requisite: LGS130 / 1 credit.

Beginning Guitar

MUS122-01GM W F11:00–11:50amJerry Skelley

Prerequisite: None / 1 credit

Pharmacology Calculations

NUR100Q-40F10:00amNoonM. Targino-VanBeber

Prerequisite: MAT030 or satisfactory basic skills assessment score / 1 credit.


Spring 2015 Q-Term II: March 23–May 9

Human Communiation

COM103-45M W3:20–6:20pm 

Prerequisite: ENL010 or ESL102 or satisfactory basic skills assessment score / 3 credits. Gen Ed: Humanities & Fine Arts

Operating Systems

BIT115Q-01T Th9:30am–12:15pmAndrea Lyons

Prerequisite: GIT110 / 3 credits.

Pilates Mat I

FIT164Q-40T Th10:00–10:50am 

Prerequisite: None / 1 credit.

Kripalu/Hatha Yoga II

FIT168Q-40M W10:00–10:50am 

Prerequisite: FIT167 / 1 credit.

Guitar II

MUS124-01GM W F11:00–11:50amJerry Skelley

Prerequisite: MUS122 or permission of instructor / 1 credit

Standard First Aid & Basic Life Support


Class meets: 3/214/11
Prerequisite: None / 1 credit

ECE Field Experience


Prerequisite: ECE100 and ECE200 or ECE201 / 1 credit

Selected Topics in ECE


Class meets: 4/4–4/25
Prerequisite: Any introductory-level social and /or behavioral science course / 1, 2, or 3 credits