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  • Academic Transcript Request – To request an official transcript. Effective Fees are as follows per transcript request: Routine Processing - $5.00; Immediate Processing - $10.00; Overnight Processing - $40.00. Some restrictions apply as noted. Transcript requests by mail or fax must be accompanied by Payment Form.
  • Challenge Exam – Exam taken by students who feel they have mastered course material through work or life experience. Credit is awarded upon successful completion of the exam. The fee is $75.00.
  • Change of Program – To change current academic program. No fee.
  • Consent to Release Information (FERPA) - Completion of this form gives consent to parent/s or other party to access information contained in student's education records.
  • Consent to Release Medical Information (HIPAA) - Completion of this form gives consent to parent/s or other party to access information contained in students's medical records.
  • Course Registration Form – Working out your schedule? Use this form to write down your courses, days and times and bring to your advisor or to the Registration office.
  • Directory Information Change Request - Complete this form for an address or name change.  Official or legal proof of name change is required.
  • Immunization Records Request - To request a copy of your immunization records.  Request will be processed within 10 business days.
  • Intent to Graduate/Degree – To be completed if graduating with Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree. No fee.
  • Intent to Graduate/Certificate - To be completed if graduating for any certificate program. No fee.
  • Request for Audit – Allows student to attend class and gain knowledge but not worry about exams or other assignments. Students do not earn credit when taking a class as an Audit but do need to follow the attendance policy of the instructor. The cost of taking a class as an Audit is the same as taking for credit.
  • Residency Form – Required of all students to establish residency status for tuition classification.
  • Request to Withhold Directory Information Form – Placing a FERPA hold on Directory Information will prevent release of information permanently until revoked within context of State and Federal law.

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