What are your Pathways Program benefits?

  1. More attention. You will have one-on-one meetings with your CCCC Admissions Counselor to find the right pathway for you after high school graduation. You’ll connect with your advisor in the spring of your senior year to learn more about your first year at CCCC.
  2. More options. Early Registration! You will meet with your academic advisor and enroll in your fall 2014 courses before you graduate high school. The best part, your bill is not due until September when classes begin!
  3. More Pathways. During Pathways you will learn about Mass Transfer options within the Massachusetts State higher education system, articulation agreements with public and private colleges, and the options to earn a bachelor’s degree right here on Cape Cod.


  1. On the spot acceptance! One-on-one personal interviews and application review and "on the pot" acceptance with an admissions counselor at your high school.
  2. Financial Aid Assistance! Personalized Financial Aid assistance either at an on-campus FAFSA Day or one-to-one help from a financial aid counselor in our campus' Financial Aid Office.
  3. College Placement Test! Basic skills assessment (Accuplacer Placement) on our campus followed by a chance for each student to meet his/her academic advisor before classes begin.
  4. Early Registration! Accepted high school students will meet with an advisor and register for fall courses well in advance of high school graduation and newly matriculated students. (Financial Bills will not be due until August.)
  5. Scholarships! Students who participate in the application day, who complete the FAFSA, and who participate in assessment testing and advising activities will qualify for the opportunity to apply for the Pathways Program Scholarship Award. Qualified students may apply in late spring and must demonstrate financial need. Pathways Program Scholarships are in the amount of $1,000 per semester and are renewable for up to four (4) semesters maximum and they must be continuous.