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Cape Cod Community College September 11, 2001 Remembrance 15th Anniversary
Held September 9, 2016 at 8:46am, Wilkens Library Patio A large group representing every facet of Cape Cod Community College gathered on the entryway patio of the Wilkens Library this morning (Friday, September 9, 2016) and at 8:46am grew silent, at the request of College President John Cox, as he asked all to pause and remember the victims, and the aftermath of the various terrorists attacks...
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Martha’s Vineyard Cottagers Support College Programs on the Island and CCCC Nursing Student LaTanya James
President John Cox, at their invitation earlier this month, happily joined The Cottagers, the 60 year old African American Women Homeowner’s Association on Martha’s Vineyard, as it awarded a scholarship to CCCC Nursing student LaTanya James, seen here with her very newborn daughter Diamond Rose, and made another generous donation to the College. The one-hundred women whose mission...
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The Commonwealth Commitment Enrollment Form is Now "Live"
The academic pathway to a wide variety of bachelors degrees with the state's public colleges and universities, offered at a dramatic finacial discount, is ready for enrollees at Cape Cod Community College. Cape Cod Community College is ready to welcome first-time enrollees into the new higher education pathway at the State’s public colleges and universities that comes with dramatic...
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President John Cox Invites the College and Community to Reflect, Find Hope, and to Begin a Process of Healing
Responding to the tragic deaths Thursday night July 7, 2016, of 5 Dallas,Texas police officers, and the wounding of 6 others along with at least one bystander by rooftop snipers, Cape Cod Community College President John Cox invited the College community and members of the public to gather with him at the West Barnstable campus Memorial Garden at noon on Friday July 8 for what he termed, "an...
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Joshua Dykens, CCCC Outstanding Student, One of the State's "29 Who Shine"
Joshua Dykens of Chatham, MA,  a member of the class of 2016 at Cape Cod Community College, and its Student Trustee, was honored Monday, May 9, 2016 among the "best of the best" in Massachusetts Public Higher Education, one of the "29 Who Shine" for 2016. CCCC President John Cox, and faculty member Professor Virender Gautam, Ph.D. (“VG”), joined in praising...
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