Culture & Society

  • Massachusetts Agricultural College
    Charter presented by the Junior Extension Service of Massachusetts Agricultural College to the Cotuit Garment Club (1927).
  • Dunbar House, Sandwich, Massachusetts; an architectural history. 1977. 8p. Typescript.
  • Holden, Todd.
    Classic architecture of Cape Cod reflects the evolution of her towns and villages and her earlier lifestyles and customs. Part II 1865–1915. 13p. Typescript CCCC student research paper.
  • Pearce, F. Cliff Collection. 1963–1974, n.d. 283 items
    Consists of color slides of Cape cod aritecture taken by F. Cliff Pearce, formerly resident architect for the Cape Cod National Seashore. Many of these slides were used in a lecture series during the summer at the outdoor amptitheater at the Cape Cod National Seashore headquarters in Eastham. Mr. Pearce designed the Christian Science Church in Chatham, all the telephone offices of Cape Cod, as well as a number of private homes.
  • Bustos, Rudolph
    A Short Survey of Cherubs. 11pg. Typescript. CCCC student research paper.
  • Dows, Rebecca
    Tombstone inscriptions from the cemeteries behind the South Congregational Church, Centerville by Rebecca Dows, Robert H. Dows, and Marjorie S. Dows, members of Irondequoit Chapter, DAR, Rochester, N.Y. 1975. 8 pg. Typescript
  • Dows, Rebecca
    Tombstone inscriptions, Phinney Lane Cemetary, Centerville, Mass. By Rebecca Dows, Robert H. Dows, and Marjorie S. Dows, members of Irondequoit Chapter, DAR, Rochester, N.Y. 1975, 11 pgs. Typescript.
  • Duck Creek Cemetery.
    Vital records taken from gravestones (including and prior to 1850) in Duck Creek Cemetery, Wellfleet. List names from Atwood to Young. 1 vol., unpaged.
  • Eastham Congregational and Soldiers Cemetery Assn. Records. 1892–1943. 1 vol. 142 pgs. Includes organizational records, names of subscribers, minutes of meetings, financial records.
  • Evergreen Cemetery of Eastham, Mass.
    Incorporated July 28, 1892 1 vol. 8pgs.
  • Tombstone records to early 1890's from three Barnstable, Mass. Cemetaries
    Copied from the work of Gustavus Hinkley by Alice Marsh Sperl. 1969 1 v. , unpaged Typescript Original work in Sturgis Library.
  • Union Cemetery, East Harwich Records. ca.Feb. 10, 1860–Dec. 12, 1911 1 v. unpaged
    Manuscript Contains minutes, votes, and financial records of the proprietors and associates of the Union Cemetery, East Harwich
  • Webster, Sumner Wallace
    Symbolism in gravestones 1968, 8 p. Typescript Research Paper for Anthropology course, Cape Cod Community College.
  • Clark, Admont G.
    Cape Cod's 'Eclectic Doctor. n.d. 6p. Typescript.
  • Fossett, Thomas Willard (1813–1894) Papers. 1837–1906 1 box
    Physician, spiritualist. He practiced for over fifty years in the eclectic system of medicine, beginning in Barnstable. Included in the collection are letters (1857–1894) from Dr. Fossett, his patients and members of the Howes family relating to property in Woods Hole, Mass. Included are four journals with entries 1837–1891 recording his accounts with patients, and personal expenditures. A number of his prescriptions (printed) concocted from plant and animal substances are in the collection, as well as portraits of Dr. Fossett and his wife Emily.
  • See also: Nickerson Finding Aids
  • Massi, Melody M. History of Cape Cod Hospital. 1976, 29p. Typescript.
    Research Paper for English 101, Cape Cod Community College
  • Rogers, Fred B. Papers. ca.1957–1990 7 items
    Letters exchanged by Alfred G. Wilson (Hyannis) and Dr. Rogers (n.p.) that relate to their research into medical care in early New England; an article (1990) that appeared in Pennsylvania Medicine by Dr. Rogers; and sketches (1957–1969) by Dr. Rogers of Cape Cod lighthouses and a farmhouse on Nauset Marsh. See also articles by Dr. Rogers in the Book Collection.
  • Adolphus, Milton (1913–1988) Papers. ca.1930-1988 ca.500 items
    Harwich composer, writer of 13 symphonies and 30 string quartets, as well as other pieces of symphonic and chamber music. Included are his musical works, in manuscript and printed; biographical materials; papers arising from his many civic activities; letters; essays; clippings and memorabilia.
  • Nickerson Saxophone Orchestra. Collection. 1925, n.d. 3 items
    Consists of the orchestra calendar for 1925 (n.d.) entitled "Music on the Cape" and the manuscript poem (n.d.) by Rev. Benjamin J. Lindsay entitled "The Nickerson Saxophone Orchestra".
  • Sircom, Arthur Collection. 1946; 1976–1980 14 items
    Actor, musician and theater director. Consists of a manuscript by Arthur Sircom, prepared for a publisher just prior to his death in 1980 which gives an account of his career in the American theater covering a period of great changes in entertaining and when he was stage director of Cape Playhouse in Dennis; a review of that manuscript by Joshua A. Nickerson, President of the Raymond Moore Foundation, named for the founder of the Cape Playhouse;correspondence of Arthur Sircom and Joshua A. Nickerson (1976) which relates to the ownership, management and plays of the Cape Playhouse, and the actors who appeared there; a copy of the 50th Anniversary souvenir booklet of the Cape Playhouse (1976) and a memorandum by Joshua A. Nickerson "prompted by what was not said in the booklet". Also a copy of the 1946 souvenir booklet, and playbills of the theater.
  • Theatre Playbill Collection ca.1929–1983, n.d.
    Consists of playbills from The Beach Theatre (Old silver Beach, Falmouth), 1936, n.d.; The Cape Cod Theatre School (n.p.), 1949, Cape cod Music Circus (Hyannis), 1951; Cape Playhouse (Dennis), 1929, 1938, 1940, 1969, 1970, 1972, 1975–1983, n.d.; Highfield Theater (Falmouth), 1953, 1961; Falmouth Playhouse (Falmouth), 1949–1961; May Young theatre (Centerville), 1936; Monomoy Theater (Chatham), n.d.; Tanglewood Theatre (Falmouth, 1947, n.d.; The Theatre Unit (Old silver Beach), formerly the University Players, n.d.; the Univeraity Players Guild (Old silver Beach, Falmouth), 1929, 1930; The University Playhouse (), 1947, 1948, n.d.
  • See also: Nickerson Finding Aids

People & Organizations

  • Helen Abbott Beals Papers. ca.1933–1956
    Author, literary critic, lecturer, and clubwoman. Consist of biographical material; manuscripts of publications and lectures; letters from contemporary Authors; copies of her outgoing letters; research notes; and outlines of plots For stories. Also a scrapbook of memorabilia; newspaper clippings, programs; playbills, and other ephemera.
  • Boden, Clara Nickerson
    Review of the Cut of Her Jib by Clara Nickerson Boden, by unidentified reviewer. n.d. 4 p. Manuscript.
  • Darling-Montagu Collection. ca.1965–1970
    Consists of Sparks Fly Upward by Edward Darling (galley proof); Old Quotes At Home, by Edward Darling, published 1965 (dummy for makeup); The Prevalence of Nonsense, by Ashley Montagu and Edward Darling, published 1967 (manuscript, galley proof); the Ignorance of Certainty by Ashley Montagu and Edward Darling (manuscript).
  • Doane, Doris Collection. ca.1967–1985
    Author, lecturer. Includes her published and unpublished works and speeches; research materials such as architecture, the National Seashore, churches, local history and industries. Also genealogical materials Relating to the Doane Family in America. Photographic slides of Cape Cod Houses, scenes used in her lectures.
  • Hoar, George 1927–1996 Collection
    Professor of History & Philosophy at the Cape Cod Community College 1966–1996. Papers relating mainly to his poetry writings since 1981. Manuscripts, proof sheets for his publication Inside Out, 1994. Personal papers include Honors History Paper from Williams College, correspondence from Helen Hoar, 1955; Last will and testament, 1995.
  • Lincoln, Joseph Crosby
    Characters of Joseph C. Lincoln 1 v. 62p. Typescript (spiral bound)
  • Lincoln, Joseph C.
    Letter, 1920, Jan. 30, Jamaica Plain, Mass. To "My dear Upton" 1p. Holograph signed In which he returns program, mentions recent meeting and plans to attend upcoming Williams dinner.
  • Lovell, Penelope E.
    Essays prepared for CC Writers' Conference n.d., Typescripts
  • McLean Sarah Pratt
    Letter (1881, Feb. 12, Simsbury, CT) to Ella Farman Pratt, n.p. 3p. Holograph signed. Regrets that she has not the story to send to be illustrated.
  • Palches, Lois Grant
    Papers ca.1940–1998 Poet, recitalist. Includes scrapbooks of letters, her published and unpublished poems;poetry course material;mewspaper accounts of her appearences; and issues of Yankee Magazine that contain her contributions. See also Oral History Collection for a reading of her poetry.
  • Reynard, Elizabeth
    Letter, 1955, Jan.14, Barnard College, New York, to Mrs. J. Mason Moreau, Cambridge, Mass. 2 p. on l leaf, holograph signed.
  • Taber, Gladys (1899–1980)
    Letters 1970–1972 Author. Letters (1970–1971) to friends (Helen Kurth and Henry Ahlguist) in which she discloses her activities. In one she mentions that she is working on a new book. Also a letter (1972) to Dr. Wisbey (Herbert A., Jr.) responding to his comments about Cape Cod.
  • See also: Nickerson Finding Aids
  • Taylor, Phoebe Atwood
    Letter (1936, Mar. 19, Boston) to H.B. (Mrs. Joseph Beals), Holden, Mass. 2 p., Holograph signed Mentions success of recent publication and work in progress;summering in Orleans, Wellfleet, etc.
  • Vuilleumier, Marion Rawson Collection ca.1920–
    Author, journalist, book reviewer, educator. Consists of research materials for several of her publications; letters from publishers and readers relating to them; copies of her articles in Cape Cod Today, Cape Cod Digest, Cape cod News, Cape Cod Illustrated, Cape Cod Standard Times, By-Line, Internation Journal of Religion, Child Life, Trailer Travel, etc; materials arising from her activities in the Cape Cod Writers Conference, and as interviewer on "books and the World". Also source material for her classes on Cape Cod History and literature at Cape Cod Community College; clippings relating to her life and work; and genealogical material relating to the Rawson family.
  • Wisbey, Herbert A., Jr. Collection ca.1938–1973, n.d. Author.
    Consists of letters received from Cape Cod authors by Herbert A. Wisby, Jr. in response to his request that they autograph their books and send biographical material for his articles on Cape Cod authors, published in the Cape Codder and other newspapers. Included in the collection are letters from Sara Ware Bassett, Eugene S. Clark, Jr. Scott Corbett, Florence (Mrs. Joshua F.) Crowell, Sarah A. Dixon, Phyllis Duganne, Harold Dunbar, Eleanor Early, Isabel (Mrs. Mellen C.M.) Hatch, Edith Austin Holton, Ruby Hopkins Freeman, Jack Johnson, Henry Crocker Kittredge, Clare Leighton, Katharine Crosby MacInnis, James Westaway McCue, Robert Nathan, Agnes Rothery Pratt, Henry Rouillard, Frank Shay, Edward Rowe Snow, Helen Stevens, Arthur Tarbell, Phoebe Atwood Taylor, William Oliver Stevens, Donald Grant Trayser and Mary Heaton Vorse. Also letters from poet Harry Kemp in which were enclosed manuscript poems and the sea gull feathers that served as quills for his signature. Also included a scrapbook of clippings of Wisbey's articles, and news reports abouth the authors and their works, such as biographical sketches, book reviews, and obituaries.
  • Adams, Althea Tracy Thurber Collection. ca.1901–1915, 1921–1924 10 items
    Consists of a scrapbook kept by her mother (ca. 1901–1915); photographs as Child and young adult; piano recital programs; clippings relating to her Engagement, marriage, etc. (1921–1924).
  • Andrews, Brenda L.
    From riff-raff to respect; the life of Augustin Bearce. 1991. 8 PG. Typescript. CCCC student research paper.
  • Bickford, Constance
    Whither thou goest; the story of the captain's wife. 1985. 12p. Typescript CCCC student research paper.
  • Cobb, Elijah (Gen.) 1768–1848
    Autobiographical sketch by General Elijah Cobb of Brewster. 1 Vol., 70 pages.
  • Pratt, Alan
    The life of Ezra Weston, II 1964, 19p. Typescript CCCC student research paper.
  • Atwood, George S. Account Books. 1849-1850 2 vols.
    Consist of a daybook and ledger, ca.1849–1850 for a general store maintained in Chatham by George S. Atwood. Included are inventories his personal worth.
  • Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce.
    Records. ca.1913; 1921–1928 45 items. Typescript Consist of membership lists, notices of meetings; programs; general business reviews.
  • See also: Nickerson Finding Aids
  • Cartwright, Richard A. Collection. 1927, 1938 5 items, 1 vol.
    Records of payments by Cartwright to Biltmore Land Co.; bills rendered by Him as manager of B.H.R. Co., caretakers of property in Hyannis; businesss cards.
  • Chapman Brothers (East Brewster) Records. ca.1887–1898. 2 Vols.
    Account books of Chapman Brothers, a general store operated in East Brewster by Joseph C. and Reuben Chapman.
  • Cook, E. F.
    Ledger of E.F. Cook, painter and glazier supplies, Beverly, Mass. 1913 1 Vol., 189 pgs.
  • Daley, Seth
    Ledger of Seth Daley (Chatham) 1857. 1 Vol., 134 pgs Attached is agreement by creditors of Seth Daley to accept portion of Indebtedness.
  • Hall, Lot
    Daybook of Lot Hall, Wellfleet, showing entries for shoes repaired and stock purchased. April, 1837–Sept. 1845.
  • Hall, Luther
    Account book of general store in Dennis. 1894–1899. 1 v. 701p. Manuscript.
  • Hallett, Albert C.
    Grocery and general store owner, of Hyannis, Mass. Ledgers of Hallett's store in Hyannis, recording expenditures, names of customers and monies owed, and receipts. ca.1910–1922 10v.
  • Ledger of unidentified general store ca.1805–1812 1 v. 122p. Manuscript.
    Shows entries for purchasers of Dennis, Harwich and Yarmouth.
  • Ledger of unidentified business, ca.1825–1837 1 v. Manuscript
    Contains accounts in names of vessels and captains, entries relating to ropewalk, fishing vessels, salt works, and shareholders of vessels; also sales of fittings for vessels and services.
  • Ledger of unidentified general store, ca. 1807–1816 1 v.
    Manuscript clippings relating to the pasted over manuscript entries.
  • Ledger of unidentified Provincetown lumber dealer ca.1848–1852 1 v., 145p. Manuscript Contains entries showing purchases of lumber for ship repairs;hardwood supplies; and for labor performed.
  • Ledger of unidentified store
    Showing entries for sales of paint supplies and labor. (Boston) ca. 1903–1917 1v. 289p. Manuscript
  • Smith, John
    Account book of John Smith, carpenter, Barnstable Ca. 1826–1847 1 vol. 256p. Manuscript
  • Smith, Joseph Collection. 1881–1906 26 items
    Invoices and receipts of Joseph Smith, West Barnstable
  • Smith, Stephen (1805–1875) Collection ca.1833–1886, 1896, n.d.
    Boston cabinetmaker, inventor in the 1830's of the roll-top desk, pioneer land developer and planner, and owner of a model farm and other properties in Barnstable. The papers record the conduct of the firm of Stephen Smith & Co., Cornhill, Boston, a furniture business and real estate partnership with considerable holdings in that part of Boston known as Ward eleven, or South End. The desk business was auctioned off in 1875 following the death of Stephen; but the real estate business continued in the family until 1945. Included in these papers are bills and receipts, specifications for building and repairs, rental agreements, contracts, promissory notes, mortgages, lists of properties owned and teneant-occupied, insurances and tax records, as well as agreements with the many craftsmen who were hired to make furniture for the firm. Included also are papers arising from the operation of the Barnstable farm which was conducted by Stephen in the early years as an absentee gentleman farmer. In the later years, when Stephen spent more time in Barnstable, letters were sent to his son Charles in Boston directing hime to conduct of the real estate business. The records reveal that in 1849–1850, in return for shares in expected profits, Stephen provided the necessary capital for persons "desirous of proceeding to the gold regions of California on adventures for gain". Among the personal papers are biographical and genealogical data; and correspondence of the children of Stephen and Eliza D.
  • See also: Nickerson Finding Aids
  • Underwod, Marshall
    Daybook of Marshall Underwood for general store in South Dennis. ca.1873–1881. 288p. Manuscript.
  • Dearborn, J, Harvey. Papers. 1872, 1875 2 items
    Deed (1872) of J. Harvey Dearborn and Jonathan P. Dearborn (Provincetown) to Samuel L. Ward, et. al. (Boston) to personal property in Yarmouthport Camp Ground Boarding Tent Lot #4, and a bill of sale (1875) of building and contents on Camp Ground in Yarmouthport from J. Harvey and Jonathan P. Dearborn to Simeon Taylor.
  • Andrews, John F.
    Catholicism on Cape Cod; the beginnings. 11pgs. Typescript.
  • Atwood, Alfred Ray Collection ca.1928–1964 43 items
    Long-time pastor of the Wesleyan Methodist Church of Dennis and Brewster. Includes letters from Scott Corbett, Rev. J. Francis Hopkins, A.L. Kelley, Rev. George Loring Thurber; biographical data; clippings, addresses.
  • Boden, Clara Nickerson
    A word picture of the first meeting to consider the building of Cotuit Port's first meeting house. N.d., 7p. Manuscript.
  • Cape Cod Council of Churches.
    Department of Social Concerns. Wandering Pilgrim. 1972 15pgs. Typescript.
  • Fish, Phineas
    Sermon Preached at Orleans, Oct. 1832, on the occasion of the ordination of Rev. Samuel Munson, as a Missionary to the Heathen. c1832
  • Lewis, Mabel Hatch
    Memories of a minister's daughter. 1971. 1 v., 79p. Typescript "Dedicated to my dear grandchildren, Donals Vernon Lewis, Nancy Jean Lewis, Joanne Lewis". Contains list of parishes served by Rev. Charles T. Hatch; genealogy tables.
  • Mayo-Lakatos, Jean
    Origins of Rev. John Mayo 1994, 13 p., Handwritten & typescript, genealogy chart.
  • Records of the Brewster Congregational Church, Brewster, Massachusetts, 1700–1792.
    Boston: Merrymount Press, 1911, 169pgs.
  • Schiffman, Mark
    History of the East End Meeting House, Hatchville (Falmouth) 1976, 1 v. (loose-leaf notebook), 13 p., illus., Typescript Research paper for Englsih class, Cape Cod community College.
  • Schilling, S. Paul
    John Lothropp; independent Puritan 1985, 21p. Typescript This article is a slightly revised version of an address given Dec. 8, 1984, at West Parish Congregational Church, West Barnstable, Mass., as part of the celebration of Lothropp's 400th birthday sponsored by the Sturgis Library, Barnstable Village.
  • Thygeson, H.E.
    Pastor and compiler Articles of Faith and Covenant of the Congregational Church, West Barnstable, Mass. With brief historical sketch, regulations, and catalogue of members. May, 1892, Hyannis, Mass: F.B. & F.P. Goss Pub & Printers the "Patriot Press", 1892, 40 p.
  • Diary by an unidentified Cape Cod woman Diary with transcription by Patricia Cahill identified as Luella Burlingame Nickerson Diary, 1885 to 1886 1 vol., unpaged
    Contains references to persons and events on the Cape. 'Louise' is inscribed
  • Diary maintained by an unidentified young man, May 3, 1879 to June 26, 1879. 1 v., unpaged
    Manuscript Entries record events of a first European trip with stops in London, Paris, Geneva, Berlin, etc. Point of departure Richard, Va.
  • Howes Family Collection ca.1788–1864, n.d.
    Consists of pages of a diary kept by Alvin C. Howes (Sandwich) while he was prisoner of the South during the Civil War; Alvin C. Discharge papers from the army service, 1864; Howes Family genealogical chart 8p.; newspaper clippings.
  • Atwood, Frederick A. Papers. 1974. 10 items
    Short histories on the Finnish immigrants to West Barnstable, Mass. Includes: "Rosa Wiinikainen, having left a very informative account of the early Finnish immigrants, prompted me to attempt a General History of the Life of the Finns as I know it". 1974. 21 pg. Typescript.
  • Holy Ghost Society of Santuit and Cotuit Compiled by Margaret N. Bond 1 p. Typescript
    The Holy Ghost Society was founded in Portugal in 1547. The Holy Ghost Society in Santuit and Cotuit was formed in 1891 and is the oldest such Portuguese Society in the United States.
  • Chipman, Frank W.
    Sandwich glass and new phases developed through recent research. 1934. 9 p. Typescript. Address delivered before the National Early American Glass Club in Chipman Hall, Tremont Temple, Boston, Mass., on Wed., Oct. 10, 1934.
  • Coogan, James J.
    Herring Pearl Industry 8 p., Typescript
  • Cranberry Culture in Massachusetts.
    Collection. 1983 2 boxes. Consists of audio cassettes, transcriptions of these tapes, and photographs arising from interviews conducted by Stephen A. Cole and Linda S. Gifford as a part of their two-year study of the history of cranberry-growing in Barnstable and Plymouth counties.
  • See also: Nickerson Finding Aids
  • Daybooks of unidentified agent for cranberry bog owners. ca.1886–1927. 2 vols., unpaged script
    Entries show payments to workers for work on a number of bogs including some in Falmouth, Mashpee, and Sandwich. Also records of payment for other services.
  • Deming Jarves: The father of Sandwich Glass 13p. Typescript
    CCCC student research paper.
  • Ladner, Mark
    Cranberry industry on Cape Cod. 1963. 18 p., Typescript. CCCC student research paper.
  • Lamminen, Gloria
    Cape Cod's cranberry industry. 1963, 24 p., Typescript CCCC student research paper.
  • Sokolosky, William Charles
    Keith Car and Manufacturing Company; an historical survey. 1976. 39p. Typescript. Submitted for fulfillment of the requirements for an independent study course in History, Cape Cod Community College.
  • Cape Cod Library Club Records. ca.1963–1979
    Consists of records of the Cape Cod Library Club. Included are constitution and by-laws; membership lists; minutes and agendas of meetings; treasurers' reports; clippings; and programs.
  • Sears, Mrs. David C.
    Jacob Sears Memorial Library of East Dennis; the past history and a hopeful look into the future. 1967 5 p. Typescript.
  • Earle, John Milton
    Report to the Governor and Council concerning the Indians of the Commonwealth, under the Act of April 16, 1859. 19p. Printed 1961. Excerpt relating to Mashpee
  • Foster, Scott
    Reverend John Elliot :savior of the savage. 1974. 9 p. Typescript CCCC student Research paper.
  • Little, Elizabeth A.Indian place names at Nantucket Island 1983, 15 p., Typescript
    Research paper prepared for the 15th Algonquian Conference, October 28–30, 1983
  • Nickerson, Warren Sears (1881–1966) Papers. 1948, n.d. 5 items
    Consists of copies of his writings: The Old Sagamore, Mattaquason of Monomoyick (n.d.); My Pilgrim Grandmother (n.d.); The Praying Indians (n.d.); Micah Rafe (n.d.); The Bay as I see it (1948).
  • Peirce, David A.
    Cultural survival of the Wampanoag Indians in Mashpee on Cape Cod. Study abstract, bibliography. 1988. Various paging. Typescript. Prepared for 1988 National Fellowship for Independent Study in the Humanities.
  • Hyannis Alumni Association.
    Hyannis Spirit: 100 Years of Hyannis Spirit. 1894-1994 Dennisport, Ma.:Graphic Illusions, 1994, unpaged
  • Hyannis State Teachers College Records. ca.1894–1950
    Consist of materials that cover the history of the school from enacting legislation through its development from a two-year teachers training school (Hyannis Normal School) to a four-year college (Hyannis Teachers College) to its closing after the summer session in 1944. Included are organizational materials;photographs of buildings, faculty, and students; Alumni Association records; faculty files and students lists;publicity; and a file relating to the Camp Community. Included also are student publications and classbooks;class announcements and catalogs; school publicity; and several scrapbooks which contain programs, class songs, seals, poems, and clippings. Also a thesis by Mary Ware Murray, entitled, "A historical study of the growth and development of the Hyannis State Teachers College, " prepared in 1944 in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Education, State Teachers College at Hyannis.
  • See also: Nickerson Finding Aids
  • Beals, Helen Abbott Papers. ca.1933–1956
    Author, literary critic, lecturer, and clubwoman. Consist of biographical material;manuscripts of publications and lectures;letters from contemporary authors; copies of her outgoing letters; research notes; and outlines of plots for stories. Also a scrapbook of memorabilia; newspaper clippings; programs; playbills, and othe ephemera.
  • Diary maintained by an unidentified Cape Cod woman for the period ca.Aug. 19, 1885 to Jan. 17, 1886 1 v. Manuscript
    Contains references to persons and events on the Cape. "Louise" is inscribed on the cover.
  • Doane, Doris Collection. ca.1967–1985, n.d. 1 box
    Author, lecturer. Includes her published and unpublished works and speeches; research materials (pamphlets, clippings, notes) relating to subjects of her interest, such as architecture, the National Seashore, churches, local history and industries. Also genealogical materials relating to the Doane family of America. Photographic slides of houses, scenes and events on Cape Cod, used in her research and lectures, are a part of the collection.
  • Geneva Nickerson Eldredge (1878–1970) Papers ca. 1915–1970, n.d.
    Included are published and unpublished writings (ca. 1915–1957 , n, d.) in prose and poetry of Geneva Eldredge;a journal (n.d.) recording impressions of visitors to the Sagamore information booth where she worked for over twenty years;scrapbooks of clippings reporting events on Cape Cod; and research materials documenting the history of the Nickerson/Atkins families.
  • Glaspell, Susan
    Letter, 1946, Oct 3, Provincetown, Mass., to Mrs. Littman 1 p., Typescript, signed. Expresses thanks for sending copy of interview. Says she is working on a new book, to follow Judd Rankin's Daughter.
  • Golden, Isabel E. (1937–1984) Papers ca. 1979–1983
    West Yarmouth free-lance writer, theater critic and artist. Consist of her writings that appeared in the New England Journal of Optometry where she was feature editor, in the Cape Cod Times, in Cape Cod weeklies, and in associated newspapers on the South Shore, to which she contributed theater and restaurant reviews and feature stories. She was the creator of Cape People Puzzle for Cape Cod Today, and critic for Cape Cod After Dark. Also family photographs and biographical material.
  • Harmon, Anne N.
    Letter, 1993, Nov. 4, Osterville, Mass. To Mr. Wisbey (Dr. Herbert A. Wisby, Jr.), Horseheads, N.Y. 3p. on 1 leaf. Holograph Responds to his congratulations on her recent book. States she is working on a second one.
  • Lawson, Evelyn Papers ca. 1937, 1961-1978
    Journalist, author. Consists of scrapbooks of clippings of her columns (1937;1961–1966) covering the theater and night life which appeared under the name of Daphne, Evelyn Wells, or Evelyn Lawson in Cape Cod Colonial, Manhattan Variety, New Beacon, Register, Provincetown Log, Cape Cod News, and Cape Cod Standard Times; Manuscript of her book, Theater on Cape Cod published in 1969; research materials for her television program, Star Nite, on WTEV, and for her book, Yesterday's Cape Cod, published in 1975. Also letters from Richard Aldrich (1967–1968) relating to the history of summer theater on Cape Cod, photographs of actors who appeared in summer productions, and playbills (ca. 1946–1978) from Cape theaters.
  • See also: Nickerson Finding Aids
  • Mandevile, Diane C.
    Interview with Julie Stevens (Mrs. Charles Underhill) formerly of the radio soap opera, "the romance of Helen Trent". 1980. 4 p. Typescript Research paper for Cape Cod Community college.
  • R. Louise McManus, R.N., Ph.D (1895–1993)
    Collection Personal papers and agendas for Cape Cod Community College Nursing Advisory Committee 1968-1983; articles on her life, photograph of her Florence Nightingale Medal, 8 books on Nursing all with references to R. Louise McManus and her work in the field of Nursing.
  • See also: Nickerson Finding Aids
  • Meads, Mabel Standish A Present Duty n.d., 3 p., handscript.
    An essay on wisdom of enjoying life from day to day.
  • Octette Records 1916–1917 1 v.
    Consist of organizational records of Octette, a woman's social club of Cotuit, secretary's minutes of fortnightly meetings, and list of officers and members.
  • Overton, Bessie D. Journal. 1861-1862, 1867-1869, n.d. 1 v.
    Manuscript Portion of volume contains records of millinery shop sales made by Mrs. Overton (West Dennis) in 1867–1869: portions contains news notes of a social nature gathered by her in her capacity as newspaper reporter. Preliminary pages were used for ship's logs (1861–1862).
  • Scudder, Desire
    Deed of Desire Scudder (Barnstable, widow) to the 15th School District of Barnstable to real estate in Hyannis Port. 1843, June 1, 2 leaves Typescript (copy)
  • Spohr, K.C.
    Merchant Captain's Wives At Sea (1869–1883) 29pgs. Research paper with notes and bibliography. Also 120 xeroxed pages relating to volcano Krakato. Based on unpublished journals of Mary Baker of Middleboro.
  • Treat, Abigail
    Deposition of Abigail Treat before the Justice of the Peace of Barnstable County. 1700, Dec. 18 1 leaf Manuscript Relates to indebtedness of a Mercy Yates. Abigail was the second wife of the Rev. Samuel Treat of Barnstable County.
  • Waller, Mary E. 1855–1938
    My childhood on the Cape and my girlhood on the Cape. Scrapbook. Clippings taken from the Hyannis Patriot of Oct. 2 and Oct. 9, 1924.

Places & Records

  • An Act relating to a charter for Barnstable County. 1988. 44pgs.
    Signed by members of the Assembly of Delegates.
  • Barnstable County Agricultural Society Treasurers' reports. ca.1853–1855. 1 Vol. Unpaged
    Contains the names and addresses of life members who obtained their memberships by paying into the treasury of the Society the sum of, or Note for, ten dollars each.
  • Three Hundredth Anniversary of Barnstable County. Records. 1983–1985.
    Scrapbook of clippings relating to the celebration of the 300th anniversary Of the County; photographs; programs and other memorabilia.
  • Barnstable County. Justice of the Peace.
    Records of Nymphas Marston, Justice of the Peace, Barnstable County. Ca. 1827–1828 1 vol. Unpaged. Portion unused. Barnstable County Mental Health Association. First Ten Years. 1970. 49pgs. Typescript
  • Joans, Jeremiah
    Deposition of Jeremiah Joans relating to the theft of farm tools by Zebulon Thorp. Taken in Barnstable at the home of Barnabas Lothrop, Justice of the Peace. 1702, Sept. 18 1 sheet, Manuscript.
  • Martin, David B.H. (1925–1995) Collection ca.1975-1995
    Consists of papers of various government projects, Mr. Martin, a Barnstable resident, became involved with. Includes:Cape Cod National Seashore, Barnstable County Tercentenary, Barnstable Charter Commission, Friends of the Schoolhouse, Cape Cod Commission.
  • See also: Nickerson Finding Aids
  • Massachusetts. General Court. House of Representatives.
    A list of the travel and attendance of the honorable House of Representatives from the 27th of March to the 20th day of April, 1754. 3p. on 2 leaves Includes representatives from Barnstable and Dukes Counties.
  • Barnstable.
    Seals of Barnstaple (England) and Barnstable (Massachusetts) In old and New England, with views and brief notes. 1900. 5pgs.
  • Barnstable Historical Society.
    Historic Sites Committee Records. 1971–1973. 32pgs. Typescript.
  • Barnstable Poor Farm Study Committee.
    Report of the Poor Farm Study Committee, appointed by the selectmen of the town of Barnstable to determine possible historical significance, if any, of the Lombard House, sometimes referred to as the Almshouse, or the town infirmary. 1967. 23pgs.
  • Barnstable Tercentenary Celebration Records. July–August, 1939. 17 items
  • Barnstable Town Library Committee Records. ca.1951–1977
    Minutes of meetings of representatives from the seven village libraries of the town of Barnstable; surveys, recommendations; requests for appropriations. Also scrapbook of clippings (ca.1949–1966).
  • Connor, Geoffrey M. Barnstable: 1639–1860 1 vol. Typescript 125 pgs.
    Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree with Honors in History, Williams College, Williamstown, Mass., May 1968.
  • Cook, Norman H.
    An economic history of the town of Barnstable, 1639–1973 A summary of the uses of the town's resources. 1 Vol., 70pgs. Typescript.
  • Hinckley, Gustavus Adolphus (1822–1905) Collection ca.1875–1885 19 items
    Miner, banker, local historian of the town of Barnstable, Mass. Consists of 18 Barnstable Savings Bank passbooks and one notebook which contains annotated pencil sketches of many of Barnstable's ancient northside houses. Also a cassette tape introduction by Frederick Matthews, one-time owner of the collection.
  • See also: Nickerson Finding Aids
  • Hoxie, Joseph, 3rd
    Deed of Joseph Hoxie, 3d (Barnstable) executor of the estate of Bennett Wing, physician, deceased (Barnstable) to William Marston (Barnstable) to Real estate in Barnstable. 1852, Jan. 5 4 p. on 1 leaf Manuscript.
  • Kittredge, Henry C.
    Barnstable, 1639–1939; a brief historical sketch. Barnstable Tercentenary Committee, 1939. 39p., Printed.
  • Lovell, Leander
    Letter, 1839, Oct. 27, Plymouth, to Silas F. Jones, West Barnstable 2 p. on 1 leaf, Holograph signed Friendly letter containing invitation to visit.
  • Mid-Cape League of Women Voters
    Land use of Barnstable, 1973–1974 14 p., Typescript
  • Norris, Thomas A.
    Plan of land in West Barnstable belonging to Thomas A. Norris. Frederic O. Smith, C.E., Buzzards Bay, Mass, 1925
  • Sigma Alpha Club. Barnstable High School 2 Notebooks, 1921–1929
    Secretary's minutes of Club also letter signed by Edward C. Hinckley declining invitation to Class of 1930 Graduation.
  • Snow, Samuel
    Discharge of mortgage of Gustavus Howland to Samuel Snow (both of Barnstable) on real estate in Barnstable. 1902, Feb. 21. Manuscript.
  • Warren, Robert Q.
    Compiler Barnstable Citizens for Improved Government. Scrapbook. 1985–1989. 1 Vol. Consists of newspapers clippings relating to proposed charter changes for Town of Barnstable; includes publicity and official documents concerning Charter.
  • Arvidson, Joseph
    Name File ca.1600–1900 Over 15,000 names of Cape Codders culled from the books of the Nickerson Memorial Room. Each name is listed with the author and title of the book the name appears in along with the page citation.
  • Cape Cod Literature in Cape Cod Libraries; a union list 1973-1983 10 Vols. Typescript
  • Walter E. Babbitt (1918–1989) Collection ca.1678–1895
    Walter Babbitt, at the time of his death a resident of Harwich Port, was a local historian and for over 40 years and owner of Walclif, an antiques shop in Brewster. His great interest was Cape Cod History and his collection reflects that interest. The papers relate to people, organizations, and events in Barnstable; Brewster and First Parish Brewster; Chatham; Dennis; Eastham; Falmouth; Harwich and North Parish Harwich; Nantucket; Orleans; Provincetown; Sandwich; Truro; Wellfleet; and Yarmouth. Included are church pew and real estate deeds, indentures; wills and other estate papers; maritime records; petitions; town warrants; church and School records and genealogical data.
  • See also: Nickerson Finding Aids
  • Tales of Cape Cod Oral History Project ca.1972–1991
    190 audiotapes, interviews and lectures produced by the Tales of Cape Cod, Inc. Topics include early recollections of Cape Cod Towns, fishing accounts, Hyannis Normal School, Keith Car Works, lifesaving Service, Marconi Station, prohibition, etc.
  • Avitable, Susan L.
    Cape Cod town of Brewster:"the nursery of sea captains for the Merchant Marine and a snug harbor in their old age." A Bibliography. 1977. 15 pg. Typescript.
  • Atwood, George S.
    Account books 1849–1850 2 v. Consists of daybook and a ledger, ca. 1849–1850 for a general store maintained in Chatham by George S. Atwood. Included are inventories of his personal worth.
  • Deeds, Chatham, Massachusetts, 1674–1832 318p, Index 26p.
  • Harding Beach, Chatham
    Organizational records, minutes, and treasurer's reports of proprietors of Harding Beach, Chatham, ca.1828–1883. 1 v., unpaged. Manuscript
  • Kelsey, Richard Photograph Collection ca.1960–1980
    Color slides 6, 500, 2x2 mounts, dated, identified primarily aerial shots various locations over Cape Cod, Marthas Vineyard, Nantucket, including Elizabeth Islands with special attention to Chatham and Monomoy area. Black & white photographs, 400–600 proofs, vaious sizes, aerials with some early Cape scenes, negatives.
  • Nickerson, Joshua A. Monomoy Brant Club 1981, 4 p., Typescript
    Describes the Monomoy Brant Club on Monomoy in Chatham.
  • Notes on the history of Chatham, Mass 804p. maps Bound typed manuscript
  • Storey, John F.
    History of Chatham from 1606 to 1890, 1962, 14p.. Typescript CCCC student research paper.
  • Cotuit Meeting House Records
    Minutes and financial records (ca. 1846–1854) including list of pew holders. Auditor, David Crocker.
  • Cotuit Port Union Christian Society
    Deeds (1873, 1874) of Oliver L. Small, et. al., and Horace Nickerson, et. al. To the Cotuit Port Christian Society, all of Barnstable, to real estate in Barnstable. 2 items Manuscript (copies)
  • Baker Family Collection. ca.1819–1911 7 vols.
    Consists of ledgers of Archelaus and Isaac D. Baker (Dennis) which show entries for store bills and port charges of schooner Cohasset (freighter); accounts of cranberry bog operations; personal expenditures; and records of wages paid to members of the Baker family who worked as crew on a number of vessels. Also a schedule of properties distributed to Tamar P. Baker, widow of Joseph K. Baker (Dennisport) and their minor children, and records of expenditures prepared for submission to the judge of Probate, ca. 1871–1879. Also deeds (1854, copies) pf Erastus, Peter, Jr. (traders) and Obed 2nd to George W. Richardson (cordwainer), all of Dennis; and abstracts of title of said George W. Richardson to land conveyed by his deed to the United States for the site of a lighthouse at Bass River.
  • See also: Nickerson Finding Aids
  • Dennis Intermediate School
    Register 1883–1884 1 vol. 8pg. Handscript.
  • Holmes, Betty Dean
    Dean Family Memoirs: Louis and Esther Dean, Joseph and Mildred Dean 1998. 29p., 10pgs Typescript (copy) Assignment for Memoir Writing Class at Salem State College.
  • Kelley, Edward Bangs and Elza de Horvath Collection ca.1870–1961, n.d.
    Consists of a "Remembrance Book" prepared as a tribute to the life, work and plans of Edward Bangs Kelley (1865–1955) and his wife Elza de Horvath Kelley (1873–1967), founders in 1954 of the Edward Bangs Kelley and Elza Kelley Foundation, Inc., to "benefit the people of Cape Cod". It contains photographs of the Kelleys and their home in Dennisport;early pictures of members of the Kelley and de Horvath families; and information about E.B. Kelley Co., Inc., a business, founded by Edward Bangs Kelley that engaged in the manufacture and sale of machinery and construction equipment. Also other memorabilia relating to the Kelleys such as early photographs, school records, the announcement of their marriage, and travel records.
  • See also: Nickerson Finding Aids
  • Westwood, Miriam Howes Crowell
    Dennis Days gone by. 1965–66, 43p. Typescript
  • Eastham. Town Clerk. Records. 1892–1896 8 items
    Consists of lists of persons in the town of Eastham subject to military duty on May 1, 1892 and 1893; reports of school costs for the towns of Provincetown, Wellfleet, Eastham, and Harwich, 1893; and lists of dogs in Eastham, May 1, 1896.
  • Quinn, Howard W.
    Transcription of interview with Howard W. Quinn by Gene Gieringer, in Eastham. Oct. 10, 1988 1 v., 55p. Typescript
  • Sparrow, Donald B.
    Growing up on Cape Cod. 1 v. looseleaf, 188p. Typescript Several of these chapters appeared in the Cape Codder newspaper.
  • Brown, Oliver B., comp.
    Town of Falmouth births, marriages, deaths. Jan 1850&ndash31 Dec. 1874. 1979 1 vol. Loose-leaf Typescript
  • Fish, Thomas D. Papers. 1871–1873 13 items
    Consist of letters from B.F. Bessie (Woods Hole); L. F. Doty (Woods Hole); Warren Luce (Vineyard Haven); and James D. Smith (Vineyard Haven) to Thomas D. Fish (New York). They relate to sales of cider and cranberries by Thomas fish. Letters from Thomas H. Lawrence (Falmouth) to Fish are of a personal nature and mention his difficulties with his captain at sea, and family matters.
  • Lawrence, John Collection 1771–1843, 1869 14 items
    Consists of deeds (1771–1843) recording transfers of title to Falmouth real estate to John Lawrence (housewright, Falmouth); and a decision in 1869 by appointed referees relating to the deposition of his estate.
  • Arvidson, Joseph A.
    Genealogical Card File (cut off date 1900) 14,500 items compiled from books, periodicals and ephemeral materials in the William Brewster Nickerson Memorial Room. Each card includes name of individual, title of publication and page on which the name appeared.
  • Baxter, Marjorie Fox
    Baxter line of blue water captains. 1981, 1 vol. Various paging. Typescript.
  • Baxter, Marjorie Fox Thomas Baxter family of Yarmouth 1974, 1 vol. 19 p. Typescript
  • Bears, Isaac G. Letter of guardianship (1840, Oct 26) of Ephraim Bradford, minor child of Ephraim Bradford (deceased, Chatham) to Isaac G. Bears. 1 leaf, handscript.
  • Bodfish Family Collection. ca.1852–1965 11 surveyors maps.
    Consists primarily of land records of Benjamin Bodfish, George H. Bodfish, Henry Bodfish, John D.W. Bodfish, Julius W. Bodfish, and William I. Bodfish, all of Barnstable. Also writings of John D.W. Bodfish in the form of Debates before the state's constitutional convention, and essays; and a deed of Joseph Bodfish (Barnstable) to a pew in the North-West Congregational Parish and Society of Barnstable.
  • Burke, William Jeremiah Simeon Lyon Deyo (1829–1905) 3 pg. Typescript
    Support materials including letters relating to Deyo genealogy.
  • Cobb Family Papers. 1758; 1824, 1981–1982 2 items
    Consists of a deed (1758) of Ephraim Cobb (yeoman) and his wife Margaret to Stephen Cobb (bricklayer) all of Barnstable, to real estate in Barnstable; and a certificate (1824) of the appointment of Betsey Cobb (Barnstable) widow of Thomas Cobb (mariner) as administratrix of his estate.
  • Crocker Family Papers ca.1741–1855 5 items
    Consists of deeds (1741–1855) of Seth and William (yeoman) and Mercy (widow), all of Barnstable, to real estate and personal property in Barnstable. Also letters (1852, copies) written by Loring and Nathan to Hon. Lenas D. Bassett, all of Barnstable, relating to local politics.
  • Crosby Family Collection 1884 3 items
    Consists of a compilation by Paul W. Prindle of Ancestors and descendants of Timothy Crosby, Jr., soldier of the American Revolution; a list of the descendants of Simon Crosby; and a letter from a Rev. J.D. Crosby (Ashburnham, Mass.)
  • Ellis Family Papers. ca.1905–1942 5 items
    Consists of a deed of Benjamin Ellis (b.1834) and his wife Relief to Lloyd Ellis, all of Brewster, to real estate in that town, and a photograph (clipping), 1927) of Benjamin at the age of 93, captioned "Brewster's oldest male resident". Also invoices (1905, 1908) for purchases by Hudson Ellis (b.1881), farmer (Brewster) and a copy (1942) of his birth certificate.
  • Fish Family Collection. ca.1782–1849
    Consists of papers relating to Nathaniel Fish, Sr. (constable, Sandwich); John, Nathaniel, Jr., Stephen, Jr., and Ellis Fish, all yeoman of Sandwich and sons of Nathaniel, Sr., Dorothy Hamlin, an heir to his estate; and Isaac Fish (Barnstable), Theodore Fish (Nantucket), Zenas Fish (Nantucket), Josiah Fish (Salem), and Nason Fish (Barnstable), all yeoman and sons of Josiah, Sr. Included are agreements by their sons relating to the handling of the real estate of Josiah, Sr. and Nathaniel, Sr. during their lifetimes; and papers relating to their estates.
  • Freeman, Abner Collection ca.1828–1835 3 items inc. 1 vol.
    Consists of a volume of mathematics problems prepared in 1818–1829 when Freeman was a young boy;a letter (1835) addressed to a schoolmate; and an essay "On summer" written in the same year.
  • Freeman Family Records. ca.1773–1842 23pgs Typescript
    Consists of lists describing Freeman materials, primarily the correspondence of Nathaniel Freeman, Sr. (1741-1827) and Nathaniel Freeman, Jr. (1766-1800), both of Sandwich, held in other repositories.
  • Gibbs Family Collection ca.1868; 1913–1920; 1947 32 items
    Consists of genealogical data tracing the Gibbs Family on Cape Cod and related families (including Bourne, Eldridge, Bartlett, Donehower, Harris, and others); family letters; photographs. Among the papers is the marriage intention (1832) of Melatiah Bourne (Sandwich) and Mary L. Bartlett (Kingston).
  • Hatch Family Papers ca.1696/7–1858;1908 14 items
    Consist of deeds (ca. 1696/7-1844 of Ebenezer Hatch, Jr., Edward Hatch, John Hatch, Jr. and Joseph Hatch, all yeoman of Falmouth, to real estate in Falmouth. Also a certificate of the appointment in 1742 of Ebenezer, Jr. as guardian of Joseph Gifford, minor son of William Gifford, deceased, of Falmouth; a receipt (1768) showing payment by Ebenezer to Sanfford smith, Jr., and a bill (1788) rendered by Joseph to the town of Falmouth for caring for the poor and other services. In addition there are copies of an intention of marriage (1843) of Braddock Phiney and Mrs. Sarah G. Hatch (both of Falmouth); a bill of sale (1851) of Isaac H. Hatch (Falmouth) of a portion of sloop Lewis; an account (1858) of Howland Hatch &Co. with Deming Jarves; and deeds (1908) of Silas Hatch (Hatchville) to real estate in Sandwich.
  • Howland, Solomon C.
    List of persons from Sandwich, Barnstable, Marshpee, and Falmouth, joined in marriage ca.1837-1877 by S.C. Howland, Justice of the Peace. 4 p., manuscript.
  • Lombart, Parker
    Will of Parker Lombart (yeoman, Barnstable). 1754, Nov. 13. Attached: Inventory of his estate. 1755, Jan. 31 3 p. Manuscript signed.
  • Lowney, Gertrude M. Letters 1921, n.d. 3 items
    Friendly letters sent by Gertrude M. Lowney, Boston, to Myra L. Winslow, Everett, Mass.
  • Marston Family Papers. ca.1819–1865 9 items
    Consist of deeds (ca. 1819–1858) of Allen, Benjamin, Clement, and Winslow (yeoman); Charles, as assignee in a bankruptcy case; and William (trader), all of Barnstable, to real estate in Barnstable. Also a certificate of marriage in 1865 of Prentiss (farmer) to Sophronia Backus, both of Barnstable; and a lithograph of Nymphas (1728–1788, Marstons Mills) taken from a painting (n.d.) executed by John Singleton Copley.
  • McGarrett Family Collection. ca.1834–1848;1895–1897
    Consists of correspondence (1834–1848) of James Wilson McGarrett, a young immigrant from Glascow Scotland, with members of his family and friends. Some of the letters contain his poems and acrostics. Also a scrapbook of clippings (1895–1897) relating to the career as amateur cyclist champion Andrew O. McGarrett (b.1862), the son of a of Glascow.
  • Meigs Family Papers. ca.176?–1885 7 items
    Consists of a deed (1770) of Matthew Meiggs and his wife Jane (both of Sandwich) to Reuben (Ruben) Fish (Barnstable) to real estate in Barnstable, and a deed (1874) recording the sale of land by Reuben Meiggs to Matthew Meiggs (yeoman, Sandwich) to satisfy claims on the estate of their father Jonathan Ruben Meiggs (deceased, Sandwich). Also copies of a deed (176?) of Hannah Bourn (widow, Mashpee) to Matthew Meiggs (Sandwich) to real estate in Sandwich; an intention of marriage (1839) of Edmond Meiggs and Remember Jones, both of Sandwich; a deed of Asa (and Caroline W.) Meiggs (1865) to Ellis Howland, all of Sandwich, to all their real estate in Barnstable County; a certificate of marriage (1866) of Charles Folger to Carrie W. Meiggs, both of Nantucket and a deed (1885) of Caroline W. Meiggs (Nantucket) to Gustavus Howland (Sandwich) to all her real estate in Barnstable county.
  • Morse Family Collection. ca.1891–1924 6 items
    Consists of the last will and testament (1891) of Charles Morse (Barnstable); an obituary (1918, clipping) of his wife Betsey Alzada Morse (Hyannis); and records (1915, 1924) as elementary schoolteacher of his daughter, Bessie Alzada Morse, 1 1906 graduate of Hyannis State Normal School. Included also is her diary, maintained during the years 1908–1909.
  • Newcomb, Nathaniel
    Letter, 1869, June 2, South Yarmouth, to Timothy Reed, Barnstable.2p. on 1 leaf Holograph signed. Relates to selection of Stephen Nickerson, Provincetown, as administrator of estate of Polly Rider.
  • Nickerson Family Collection ca.1891–1980
    Included are writings of Edward D. Nickerson, Joshua Atkins Nickerson, Warren Sear Nickerson, and Marion Drew Bassett, relating to their childhood spent on the lower Cape; to the involvement of their family in the history, development and conservation of areas of the Cape; and to the history of Indians living there. Included also are materials relating to the Nickerson Companies the first of which was founded in 1895, and to the Nickerson Funeral Parlor, founded in 1898. Also memorabilia, photographs and clippings relating to Caroline C., Eleazar, Harriet D., Thomas Waterman Nickerson and William Brewster Nickerson (1942–1966).
  • Payne, H. Morse
    Paine-Payne Family Name change. 198? 11p. Typescript.
  • Percival, Timothy 1833, 1 leaf
    Deed to pew of Timothy Percival in West Parish Meeting House.
  • Phinney Family Collection. ca.1821 1975 1 box
    Consists of materials relating to Irving Benjamin Phinney (1842 19310, Isaac W. Phinney, Sarah B. Phinney, Ephraim E. Phinney and other members of the family. Included are the marriage certificate of Isaac Phinney and Mehitable Ames (1821) and memoirs of Capt. Irving B. Phinney. Also photographs of family members, genealogical data, and clippings. Also agreement (1928) between Harry S. Phinney and Dr. T.L. Swift to maintain a shooting stand on the shore of Flat Pond, Mashpee.
  • Sandwich. Documents (copies) ca. 1780–1927 41 items.
    Relate to members of the following families:Adams, Allen, Bassett, Block, Bourne, Burgess, Cobb, Crocker, Edwards, Ewer, Fifield, Fish, Fisher, Fuller, Hamblin, Hall, Haines, Harlow, Hatch, Holway, Hoxie, Howland, Lawrence, Lovell, Meiggs, Percival, Silsby, Smith, Stiles, Swift, Thayer, Tobey, Tupper and Weeks. Included are real estate and pew deeds; intentions and certificates of marriage, indentures, bills for care of the poor, agreements and financial papers. Also records of S.C.Howland, Justice of the Peace.
  • Sparrow, Susan M.
    Excerpts from a Journal kept by Susan M. Sparrow, Orleans, Cape Cod, Mass. 1857. 29 pgs., xeroxed Records weather and events. Also handwritten notes give genealogical dates of her marriage to Joseph K. Mayo, Jr., 1859 and his lineage to Rev. John Mayo.
  • Spaulding, D.R. Collection. ca.1862–1864 4 items
    Consists of bills showing purchases by D.R. Spaulding at Boston stores.
  • Taylor, Simeon
    Last will and testment of Simeon Taylor (Barnstable) 1902, April 25. Manuscript.
  • Way, Ellen Bowker Collection. ca.1834–1895, 1907–1908
    Consists of letters written chiefly from Osterville, Centerville, and vicinity by members of the Bowker, Crosby, Hamblin, Hinckley, Holway, Lewis, Woodward and related families. Also copies of the letters, their transcriptions, explanatory notes of contents, and genealogical data. Letters dated 1907-08 explain how the letters, collected by Ellen Bowker Way, came to be saved.
  • Brooks, Obed, Jr. Papers. 1839–1854 4 items
    Consists of letters written to Obed Brooks, Jr. (Esquire, Harwich) By Eben Bacon (Barnstable), Chairman of the Whig State Central Committee) and Rodney French (New Bedford) urging action on behalf of the Whig Party.
  • Harwich School District 6, 7 and 9 Records ca.1828–1899 14 items inc. 7 vol.
    Consist of records of expenditures for teachers" salaries, repairs to school buildings and grounds; purchases of fuel and food; notices calling for qualified male inhabitants to meet and vote for moderators and school matters; and votes taken. Included also are a volume of subscribers with taxes assessed, and 5 volumes of South Harwich school registers.
  • Sears, William F. Scrapbook ca. 1892–1907 1 v. Grocer.
    Clippings relate to his business and political career in town government in South Harwich before he moved to Providence following a disasterous fire. He was postmaster, town auditor, a member of the school committee, as well as trustee and stewart of the Medodist Church. Included also are invitations, announcements, sample ballots, and publicity relating to the Food Show (1905) sponsored by the Butchers, Grocers and Marketmen Association of Rhode Island.
  • Gould, James W. Village of Hyannis N.d., 27p. Typescript
  • Hyannis Junior Women's Club Records 1952–1983
    Organizational materials including membership lists, bylaws, scrapbooks, newsletters, programs, newspaper clippings, citations and photographs.
  • Hyannis Woman's Club Collection ca.1908–1953 3 items inc. 1 vol.
    Consists of a volume of records of the Domestic Science Department of the Hyannis Woman's Club (1908–1914) which contains organizational material, minutes of meetings, lists of members, etc.;a program for entertainment in 1917; and the schedule of activities for 1952–1953.
  • Saturday Night Club of Hyannis, Inc. Records. (1889–1902) 3 vols. Manuscript.
    This group was organized for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a place for social meetings and the holding of real and personal property. Included are organizational records, membership lists, treasurer's and secretary's records and resolutions.
  • Sherman, Alton B. Collection. 1982, 1984, n.d. 5 items.
    Developer and long-time manager of the Hyannis Airport (later Barnstable Municipal Airport). Consists of his autobiography and his history of the Airport from 1928–1948. Also support material in the form of newspaper clippings.
  • Jones, Samuel A. Collection. Ca. 1888–1914 31 items, 1 vol.
    Collector of taxes for the town of Mashpee. Consists of personal papers (deeds and leases to real estate in Mashpee, promissory notes, and an agreement to patrol the Mashpee River for the leases of trout fishing of Mashpee) as well as papers arising from the duties of his office (affadavits of demand for taxes, assessors" warrants, and receipts of the town treasurer). Also the tax collectors book with entries for 1909–1911.
  • Mashpee. Documents (copies) ca. 1843–1891 31 items
    Relate to members of the following families:Alvis, Amos, Attaquin, Caesar, Canada, Coet, Coombs, Gardner, George, Godfrey, Hammond, Hendricks, Johnson, Keeter, Kenswel, Libbet, Manning, Meyers, Mills, Mingo, Nye, Pells, Peters, Pocknet, Robins, Rollins, Tobey, Tobias, Watson, and Wilbur. Included are real estate deeds, intentions and certificates of marriage, wills, and powers of attorney. Also Sandwich and Mashpee town line boundaties.
  • Mashpee Town Planning Department
    Historic maps and town line information on file in Mashpee Planning Department. Included are statutes defining and relating to town boundaries (Barnstable-Mashpee line; Falmouth-Mashpee line; and Mashpee-Sandwich line.) n.d. 10p. Typescript (copy)
  • Massachusetts. General Court or Assembly of Massachusetts Bay.
    An Act for Incorporating the Indians and Molattoes Inhabitants of Mashpee with their lands there, into a District with certain Priviledges, and for their better Regulation. From Acts and Laws of Massachusetts Bay, p. 181–183. 1763. Printed.
  • Massachusetts General Court. Senate.
    Mashpee petition to the Honorable General Court of Massachusetts. Senate No. 56. 1837, Jan. 28. Signed by William Amos et. al., proprietors. 3 p., Printed. Relates to poor conditions of Mashpee Indians.
  • Payne, H. Morse
    Maps with boundaries of town lines showing how Yarmouth lost land to Barnstable, Harwich, and Dennis in the 1600's and 1700's; Morse's interpretation of these acts; and copies of pages from Cape Cod publications relative to this subject. Various paging. Manuscript and printed pages. Prepared for inclusion in Three Centuries of a Cape Cod County, Barnstable, Mass. (1985)
  • Massachusetts General Court. Broadside. List of the House of Representatives ... 1834. 1 p.
    Contents: Counties of Suffolk, Essex, Middlesex, Worcester, Hampshire, Hampden, Franklin, Berkshire, Norfolk, Bristol, Plymouth, Barnstable, Dukes, Nantucket.
  • Hendrick, Lloyd M. Camp Edwards (n.d.) 10p., Typescript
    A history of Camp Edwards in Pocasset from the time of its construction in 1940 as an army base to its present use by the Air Force as Otis Air Force Base.
  • Claasen, Clara Scrapbook. 1929 1 v.
    Consists of photographs, postcards, business cards and other ephemera, a significant number of which relate to Cape Cod. Indexed by Russell A. Lovell, Jr. in 1991.
  • Scrapbook. Unidentified compiler. 1935–1949 1 v. Unpaged.
    Newspaper clippings relating to Joseph C. Lincoln, Indians, and industries on Cape cod; also poems by Geneva Eldridge (Sagamore), Charles Henry Waterhouse, Nelson Page Butler, and Mary C. Wheeler.
  • Joy, Reuben To my children Nantucket. 1842 1 v., unpaged. Manuscript
    Genealogical data written by their father to enable his children to trace their descent from the first settlers on Nantucket. Also a list of names of men living on Nantucket who were masters of ships in the whale fishery prior to the year 1800.
  • Bowdoin, William
    Agreement between William and James Bowdoin and John Read, partners, and Isaac Robinson, of Chilmark, setting out conditions relating to the handling by Robinson as tenant farmer of the Naushon Island properties of the partners. 1767, Oct 28. 4 p. Manuscript.
  • Orleans Bicentennial Year, 1997
    Collection Consist of memorabilia, clippings concerning Orleans Bicentennial year activities, publications, reunions, parade, art show, quilt, "Beach Glass " theatre production, etc.
  • Snow, David
    From poverty to plenty or the life of David Snow written by himself Boston: printed by the author by J. Bent & Co., 1875.
  • Baker, Henry H.
    Address of Henry H. Baker of Hyannis after the unveiling of the Tablet at the dedication of the Pilgrim Monument, Provincetown, August 5th, 1910. 4 pgs. Typescript
  • Cee Jay Construction Projects vs. Outer Cape Environmental Association 1971–1978
    Environmental Impact Statements includes comments by Barbara Mayo & Hazel Hawthorne Werner, Outer Cape Environmental Association, Rules and Bylaws, correspondence, position papers. CeeJay Project clippings from Provincetown Advocate 1971–1978. Involves debate over proposed pier in Provincetown.
  • Kemp, Harry (1883–1960) Collection. Ca. 1948–1981, n.d. 7 items
    Provincetown poet. Consists of poems signed by the poet and inscribed, "For Nan Hancock", also newspaper clippings (1977, 1981, n.d.) relating to life and work of the poet.
  • See also: Nickerson Finding Aids
  • Kemp, Harry (1883–1960) Papers, Scrapbooks ca. 1940–1960
    Poet, bohemian, advocate for Provincetown. Papers consist of manuscripts of poems, writings both published and unpublished. Two scrapbooks arranged and annotated by Giovanna Del Deo, 1991 of newspaper clippings, letters of Harry Kemp. Documents the Provincetown Pilgrims Assoc., the construction of Mayflower II, reenactments of the Pilgrim landing, Provincetown Playhouse and dune shack living.
  • Nickerson & Tuck, Provincetown Ledger No. 3. 1860–1868 1 v., 552p. Manuscript.
    Contains records of general store and ship supply sales and services.
  • Odd Fellows, Independent Order of Provincetown, Mass.
    Marine Lodge No. 96 Records 1845–1867 3 vol. Consist of secretary's minutes and treasurers reports.
  • Pilgrims Memorial at Provincetown Album 1 v.
    Photographs by John R. Smith, Provincetown, of the Pilgrims' Memorial at Provincetown. Included are scenes from the groundbreaking on June 20, 1907, through the dedication festivities on August 5, 1910.
  • Provincetown.
    Attorney General's opinion on the Commonwealth's title to the Province Lands in the town of Provincetown. Senate #48 1838 8p. Printed.
  • Provincetown Banks Cancelled checks ca.1872–1900 6 items
    Checks drawn on the Provincetown Bank, the First National Bank of Provincetown, and the Seaman's Savings Bank of Provincetown. Signed by Enos N. young, J. H. Dyer, W.H. young, and M.C. Atwood, as officers of these banks.
  • Provincetown. Town Records. ca.1791–1917 12 v.
    Consists of treasurers' records (1838-1876);assessors' valuations for the years 1864–65, 1868, 1870 and 1879; and paupers' registers for the years ca.1886–1906. Also minutes of special meetings of the Board of Selectmen held between 1911 and 1917.
  • Smith, John Collection 1841–1871 32 items
    Provincetown general store. Consists of letters to the proprietor relating to stock for the store; invoices from wholesalers.
  • Sons of Temperence, Mayflower Division, Provincetown Secretary's minutes. Feb. 1, 1850–Feb. 13, 1857. 1 v. Manuscript
  • Union Insurance Company of Provincetown Records. Feb. 21, 1865–Feb. 27, 1884 1 v., 94p. Manuscript.
    Organized for the purpose of insuring vessels against perils of the sea, and fire on the sea and in port, contain organizational material, minutes of meetings of board of directors at which decisions were made about losses and adjustments; lists of officers; members.
  • Bassett, Stephen
    Certificate of school agents Stephen Bassett, et. al., to selectmen of the town of Sandwich, attesting that Elisha Pope, Jr. had kept school in the western town district and was entitled to payment for services. 1804, Mar. 20. On verso is order from selectmen Nathan Nye and George Allan to James Brown, Sandwich town treasurer, to pay Elisha Pope, Jr. for his teaching services. 2 p.
  • Sandwich.
    Certification by School Agents that Elisha Pope, Jr. has "kept" a school for period and is entitled to payment for services. Signed by School Agents Pope and Bassett. 1804, Mar. 29. On verso: Order of Selectmen to Town Treasurer to pay Elisha Pope, Jr. in full for his services.
  • Sandwich. Office of the Selectmen.
    Minutes of a meeting of the Selectmen of the town of Sandwich regarding the fire of October 22nd which destroyed the County records. 1827, Nov. 9 4p. Manuscript (copy)
  • Sandwich. Office of the Treasurer.
    Records. ca.1793–1809 10p. Manuscript (copies)
  • Lorenzo Dow Baker
    Papers 11 boxes, 5 linear ft. approx. 800 items Letters written to L.D. Baker, Jr. from 1883–1899. Most significant are letters from Lorenzo Dow Baker, Sr. (1840–1908), a Wellfleet Sea Captain, founder of the Boston Fruit Co., and pioneer of the Jamaican-American banana trade. Other letters include those from his mother Martha Miriam Hopkins Baker, and Companies dealing with the Boston Fruit Co. and L.D. Baker, Jr.
  • See also: Nickerson Finding Aids
  • Bartlett, W. Randolph Jr.
    Lorenzo Dow Baker and the development of the banana trade between Jamaica and the United States, 1881–1890. American University: Washington, 1977 265pgs. Typescript
  • See also: Nickerson Finding Aids
  • Lane, Ferdinand C.
    Hog's Back Church. Uncle Jabez, Aunt Hepzebah n.d., 7 p. Typescript Short stories relating to Wellfleet, Mass
  • Sinking Fund Commission, Wellfleet
    Accounts and records for Sinking Fund Commission, Wellfleet 1903–1916 1 vol. 120p. Manuscript.

Ships & Seashore

  • Beyle, Thad Lewis (1934– ) Cape Cod National Seashore; a study in conflict. 1963. 1 vol. 228pgs.
    A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science, University of Illinois.
  • Burling, Francis P. Cape Cod National Seashore Massachusetts. 1976. 77pgs, Typescript
    Final draft for book The Birth of the Cape Cod National Seashore.
  • Cape Cod National Seashore Park Collection ca.1960–1970
    Consists of transcripts of hearing before the Subcommittee on Public Lands of the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs of the House of Representatives (86th Congress) considering various proposals for the establishment of the Cape Cod National Seashore Park;minutes of the Cape Cod National Seashore Advisory Commission; regional inventory reports of the National Shopreline Study; and master plans for the Park. Also extracts from the survey of historic structures within the Cape Cod National Seashore Park.
  • See also: Nickerson Finding Aids
  • Driscoll, Marjorie
    Fishy, fish story 1994, 6 p. Typescript Paper for Oral Communications, Cape Cod Community College.
  • Francis, A.A., Capt. Account Book, 1882–1886
    Handwritten fishing accounts from Truro, Mass. 1 v., 142pgs. Mentions North Truro Cold Storage, North Truro Canning Co., Provincetown Canning Co., , local fishing vessels.
  • See also: Nickerson Finding Aids
  • Marston Mills Fishing Company Records 1867–1879 1 v., unpaged Manuscript
    Contains organizational records, minutes, votes, and treasurer's records of the Marstons Mills Fishing company, organized for the purpose of constructing and maintaining a herring river. James H. Hallett, clerk;Luther Hinckley, treasurer.
  • Grew, Eva Leslie Scrapbook. 1928 1 v.
    Scrapbook of pictures (photographs, clippings) relating to the hurricane on the Cape. Sept. 21, 1938.
  • Monomoy Life-Saving Station, District No. 2 2 Vols. Typescript. (bound)
    Exact copies of wreck reports of the life-saving Station at Monomoy, District No. 2, 1883–1915.
  • Burt/Jones/Hills Families Collection. 1888, 1895, n.d.
    Consists of reminiscences of Capt. Matthias W. Burt (d.1926) of Provincetown, owner with his father, Capt. John Burt, of schooner Jas, P. Foster, Jr., the last packer to sail between Boston, Gloucester, and Provincetown. From 1870–1886, Asa L. Jones was keeper in the government lightship and Lighthouse Service. Photographs of scenes and individuals at Monomoy Life Saving Station, genealogical data and news notes, most clippings and copies, that relate to members of these and collateral families, complete the collection.
  • See also: Nickerson Finding Aids
  • Clark, Admont
    Admont Clark Lighthouse Collection 1 Box, 33 folders, 49 photographs Research materials from the publication Lighthouses of Cape Cod, 1992.
  • See also: Nickerson Finding Aids
  • Hardy, Josiah (1822–1900)
    Diary (1870–1895) of Josiah Hardy, master mariner, keeper of Chatham lighthouse. Entries made during the 25 years he was keeper of Chatham lighthouse. 16p., Typescript (copy from original)
  • Ireland, Thomas South Hyannis Light. 11p. Typescript CCCC student research paper.
  • Rogers, Fred B. Papers. ca.1957–1990 7 items
    Letters (1977) exchanged by Alfred G. Wilson (Hyannis) and Dr. Rogers(n.p.) that relate to their research into medical care in early New England; an article (1990) that appeared in Pennsylvania Medicine by Dr. Rogers; and sketches (1957–1969) by Dr. Rogers of Cape Cod lighthouses and a farmhouse on Nauset marsh. See also articles by Dr. Rogers in the Book Collection.
  • Auction!
    Will be sold at public auction on Aug. 30, at the store of Geo.L. Thacher, Hyannis, by Geo. L. Thacher et. al., executors, parts of the named schooners: Granite State, Samuel Gilman, Grace Huntington, Empire, Alida, Virginia, Ida "L", W.H. Rowe, Sly Lark and Alice B. ca. 1875 1 sheet. Broadside
  • Doane, Elisha Records ca.1816–1854 2 vols
    Shipowner and insurance underwriter. Consists of the organizational records, minutes and treasurer's reports of the Bible Society of the Barnstable Association of Ministry (Yarmouth), ca. 1816–1823, of which he was treasurer;business records(agreements with ship carpenters, seamen, etc.), 1824–1854; an account book showing earnings of fishing vessels in which he had an interest;purchases and sales of shares of vessels; and entries for insurance paid on them, ca.1828–1851.
  • Dyer, Arnold W.
    Summer resident saved Old Ironsides in 1905. 1992. 4p. Typescript (copy)
  • Emory, John
    Log of William Butler (schooner, Wellfleet) kept by Capt. John Emory (Wellfleet) of cruises for mackeral on the Main and Massachusetts coasts (Aug. 15, 1860–Nov. 21, 1860) and log of Schooner Ruth N. Atwood bound for the Virginia coast for oysters (Jan. 17, 1861–June 10, 1861) 1 v. 81p. Manuscript
  • Fame (sloop) Records. ca.1824–1840 1 v. unpaged. Manuscript
    Consists of notices and minutes of meetings of shareholders, and financial records of packets Fame (sloop) and Patriot (schooner), of Brewster, which ran from ports along the outer Cape across the Bay to Boston carrying freight (frequently salt) and/or passengers. Included are entries recording selection and compensation of captains and agents;expenses for care and renovation of vessels;list of owners of the Patriot;and settlement of voyages.
  • Haley, Ronald J.
    The Whaleboat, gear and personnel 1974, 18p. Typescript Research paper for U.S. Maritime History course at Massachusetts Maritime Academy
  • Howes, Anthony
    Master Log of the maiden voyage of the Hippocriffe from Boston to San Francisco. May 15 to Oct. 20, 1852 21p. Transcribed by A.G. Clark Typescript.
  • Huggins, Cynthia C.
    From mastheads to moorings; a chronicle of Brewster sea captains 1977. 1 v. 93p. Typescript Essay suvmitted in partial fulfillment of the Master of Arts degree requirement, Boston College, Massachusetts. December 1, 1977.
  • Kelley, Horatio S. Journals ca.1834–1873 Shipmaster.
    Consist of a journal of a voyage from E. City (North Caroline) to Boston on schooner Melvina (Feb. 17–May 6, 1834) and a journal of a voyage from San Francisco to Falmouth on ship Eagle Wing (1862–1863). Bound with the Eagle Wing journal is a ledger of the general store (1872–1873) run by Capt. Kelley 2 vols.
  • See also: Nickerson Finding Aids
  • Kendrick, William II Jonathan Kendrick. 1965, 25p. Typescript. CCCC student research paper.
  • Kenny, Tracy, Jr. (1843–?) Commonplace Book 1861, 1 v. 118p. Manuscript
    Abstracts of journals of voyages of ship Black Hawk and Belvedere and barque Chas. Davis; also list of officers and crew of ship Black Hawk. Includes genealogical data on the Kenny Family (Orleans, Mass.)
  • Killey, Zeno
    Bill of sale of the Ann Gardner (schooner) by Alexander Murray (agent, attorney, New York, to George Gardner, Newburgh) to Zeno Killey (merchant, Yarmouth). 1807, May Manuscript (copy)
  • Knowles, Thomas Henry (1837–1909) Log, Papers ca. 1859–1861, n.d. 4 items inc. 1 vol.
    Manufacturer; banker. Consist of his diary (1859–1861) which recounts his experiences as a student at Harvard College, Cambridge, and as a crew member on whaling ship Minerva; a list of the crew members on whaling ship Minerva; a commencement program, Harvard college (1861); and a family photograph (1857) showing Knowles, his wife and children. Also a biographical sketch which gives some genealogical data on the knowles family.
  • See also: Nickerson Finding Aids
  • Lewis Family Collection. ca.1800–1900;1902–1985, n.d.
    Consists of papers arising from the activities of members of the Lewis family of the Boston area, primarly those engaged as China and West India commission merchants. Included are French spoliation claims presented by Thos. Lewis & Son, the latter, Thomas Lewis II, or Junior, being the founder of the Lewis Wharf in Boston and an ancestor of the South Yarmouth donor of the collection; business records of family members; business and family correspondence; diaries and ledgers; and genealogies.
  • See also: Nickerson Finding Aids
  • Linnell, John
    Notes relating to Capt. John Linnell, during the period 1856, 1858, n.d. 2 p. on 1 leaf Manuscript. Mentions William Russell, Hannah Martin and Philander Armstrong.
  • Moore, Alan
    Disease at sea. 1974. 21p. Typescript Research paper for U.S. Martime History course at Massachusetts Maritime Academy
  • New Bedford Steamship
    Log of New Bedford steamship on trips from Edgartown to New Bedford. Jan. 1, 1901–Dec. 31, 1901 1 v., Manuscript Daily entries for barometric readings and weather. Captain G.J. hart and Marshall masters.
  • No Author
    Navigation as it was in 1740 1830, 1p. handscript. Narrative of typical voyage of Capt. William Taylor of Barnstable. Chronicles a 11 week trip to Jamaica to Boston for wood, mahogeny. Mentions Howes and thatcher of Barnstable.
  • Payton, Edwin J.
    The rise and fall of the U.S. Ocean Liner Service; or the end of an era. 1974. 17p. Typescript. Research paper prepared for American Maritime History course, Cape Cod Community College.
  • Perry, Thomas C. (1807–1885) Collection ca.1828–1857 3 items inc. 2 vol.
    Shipmaster, Sandwich. Consists of a volume of lessons in navigation (1828) which contain mercator, middle lattitude, parallel, and traverse sailing examples, bound in a journal of a voyage from Lubeck to Cape Hatteras and from Monument toward Kennebec; and a log of the brig Abby and Elizabeth (Feb. 15–Apr.4, 1857) on a voyage from Bordeaux to New York, with a cargo of brandy and wine. Entered therein are names of the crew. Also a deed from Arthur Perry (mariner, Sandwich) to Thomas Perry to real estate in Sandwich.
  • See also: Nickerson Finding Aids
  • Ships' Papers ca.1827–1907 1 box.
    Consist of materials relating to schooner Abbie Bursley, bark Cape Horn Pigeon, schooner Charles & Edward, schooner Ella F. Crowell, bark Matilda Sears, schooner Billow, schooner Carpenter, bark Commodore Morris, bark Dartmouth, schooner Gurnit, schooner Henry Clay, schooner Joseph G. Dean, schooner Katie P. Lunt, sloop Martha, schooner Samuel Obei, bark Sunbeam.schooner Taylor Small, ship Undaunted, sloop Union, schooner West Dennis, schooner Western Star, and schooner William f., Miller. Included are sales agreements and bills of sale; bills for repairs; supplies, and equipment; for towing, harboring, etc.; papers relating to the hiring pay and conditions of crew members; marine insurance records; shipping articles; accounts, whaling inventories, and agreements relating to the division of proceeds of voyages; bills of lading; landing certificates; and affidavits of U.S. Consuls in various parts of the world.
  • See also: Nickerson Finding Aids
  • Smart, Joseph
    American maritime history selected bibliography. 197? 9p. Typescript Research paper for Cape Cod Community College.
  • Sweeney, Henry Chester Scrapbook. ca.1942–1946 1 v.
    Master merchant marine;U.S. Naval Reserve. Contains papers relating to the ships he commanded during this period (SS George E. Pickett, SS John Marshall, SS Mobile, Liberty Ship Edward B. Haines, and SS Minotaur) such as loading, sailing, and convoy cruising orders, and berthing plans;letters of commendation and appreciation from Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Forces; War Shipping Administration, and British Naval officers; and photographs. Also memorabilia such as foreign currency, newspapers and clippings, and invitations and menus. In recognition of his service and loyalty to the nation by the town of Chatham in 1946. The certificate of that award is contained in the scrapbook.
  • Chase, Malcome
    The ever changing shoreline of Cape Cod. 1963. 15 p., Typescript CCCC student research paper.


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