Passenger Lists

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Directory of European Passenger Steamship Arrivals for the Years 1890–1930 at the Port of New York ca.1980

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Winthrop Fleet of 1630; an account of the vessels, the voyage, the passengers and their English homes from original … ca.1972

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Immigrants to New England, 1700–1775 ca.1979

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Ship Passenger Lists; national and New England 1600–1825 ca.1977

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Complete Book of Emigrants, 1607–1660 ca.1987

Somerset Shipwreck, 1886Somerset shipwreck, 1886

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Coming Over; migration and communication between England and New England in the 17th Century ca. 1987

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Passenger & Immigration Index. 6 vols. 1991–1995 editions ca. 1996–2000

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Emigrants from England, 1773–1776 ca.1964

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San Francisco Ship Passenger Lists ca.1978

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Passengers to America ca. 1977