Military Records

Baker, Mary Ellen
Bibliography Lists of New England Soldiers ca. 1977

Hamblin, Deborah
Brevet Major-General Joseph Eldridge Hamblin, 1861–1865

Joseph Eldridge Hamblin, Brevet Major General, Civil War, 1828-1870Joseph Eldridge Hamblin, Brevet Major General, Civil War, 1828–1870

Maas, David
Divided Hearts; Massachusetts Loyalists, 1765–1790 – a biographical directory ca.1980

Massachusetts Adjutant-General Dept.
Annual Report of the Adjutant-General Quarter Master General, Surgeon-General for the year ending 1863 & 1864.

Massachusetts Officers & Soldiers, 1702–1722
Queen Anne's War to Drummer's War ca.1980

Massachusetts Officers and Soldiers, 1723–1743
Drummer's War to the War of Jenkins's Ear ca.1979

Massachusetts Soldiers in the French and Indian Wars
1744–1755, 1748–1769 ca.1975

Massachusetts Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
Historical Memoranda with lists of members and their Revolutionary Ancestors ca.1897

Register for 1901
Lists of soldiers, sailors and patriots at whose burial places markers have been placed ca.1901

Register for 1904
Lists of Members and their Revolutionary Ancestors ca. 1904