Arvidson, Joseph A.
Genealogical Card File – cut off date 1900. 14,500 items compiled from books, periodicals and ephemeral materials in the Nickerson Memorial Room. Each card includes the name of the individual, title of publication and page on which the name appeared.

Baxter, Marjorie Fox
Baxter line of blue water captains. 1981 1 vol. various paging typescript. Thomas Baxter Family of Yarmouth. 1974 1 vol. 19 pg. typescript

Bears, Isaac G
Letter of guardianship – 1840, Oct 26 – of Ephraim Bradford. Minor child of Ephraim Bradford – deceased, Chatham to Isaac G. Bears. 1 leaf, handscript.

Bodfish Family
Collection ca.1852–1965 (11 surveyors maps). Consists primarily of land records of Benjamin Bodfish, George H. Bodfish, Henry Bodfish, John D.W. Bodfish in the form of debates before the state's constitutional convention, and essays; a deed of Joseph Bodfish (Barnstable) to a pew in the North-West Congregational Parish and Society of Barnstable.

Burke, William
Jeremiah Simeon Lyon Deyo 1829–1905 3 pg. typescript. Support materials including letters relating to Deyo genealogy.

Cobb Family
Papers ca.1758, 1824, 1981–1982 (2 items). Consists of a deed - 1758 of Ephraim Cobb (yeoman) and his wife Margaret to Stephen Cobb (bricklayer) all of Barnstable, to real estate in Barnstable; and a certificate - 1824 of the appointment of Betsey Cobb (Barnstable) widow to Thomas Cobb (mariner) as administratix of his estate.

Crocker Family
Papers ca.1741–1855 (5 items). Consists of deeds of Seth and William (yeoman) and Mercy (widow), all of Barnstable,to real estate and personal property in Barnstable. Also letters - 1852, copies written by Loring and Nathan to Hon. Lenas D. Bassett, all of Barnstable, relating to local politics.

Crosby Family
Collection 1884 (3 items). Consists of a compilation by Paul W. Prindle of ancestors and descendants of Timothy Crosby, Jr. soldier of the American Revolution; a list of the descendants of Simon Crosby; and a letter from a Rev. J. D. Crosby (Ashburnham, Mass.).

Ellis Family
Papers ca.1905–1942 (5 items). Consists of a deed of Benjamin Ellis b.1834, and his wife Relief to Lloyd Ellis, all of Brewster, to real estate in that town, and a photograph (clipping), 1927 of Benjamin at the age of 93, captioned "Brewster's oldest male resident". Also invoices – 1905, 1908 for purchase by Hudson Ellis b.1881, farmer (Brewster) and a copy – 1942 of his birth certificate.

Fish Family
Collection ca.1782–1849. Consists of papers relating to Nathaniel Fish,Sr. (constable, Sandwich); John, Nathaniel, Jr., Stephen, Jr. and Ellis Fish, all yeoman of Sandwich and son of Nathaniel, Sr., Dorothy Hamlin, an heir to his estate; and Isaac Fish (Barnstable), Theodore Fish (Nantucket), Zenas Fish (Nantucket), Josiah Fish (Salem) and Nason Fish (Barnstable), all yeoman and sons of Josiah, Sr. Included are agreements by their sons relating to the handling of the real estate of Josiah, Sr. and Nathaniel, Dr. during their lifetimes; and papers relating to their estates.

Freeman, Abner
Collection ca.1828–1835 (3 items inc. 1 vol.). Consists of mathematics problems prepared in 1818-1829 when Freeman was a young boy; a letter - 1835 addressed to a schoolmate; and an essay "on Summer" written in the same year.

Freeman Family
Records ca.1773–1842 (23 pg. typescript). Consists of lists describing Freeman materials, primarily the correspondence of Nathaniel Freeman, Sr. – 1741-1827, and Nathaniel Freeman, Jr. 1766-1800, both of Sandwich, held in other repositories.

Gibbs Family
Collection ca.1868, 1913–1920, 1947 (32 items). Consists of genealogical data tracing the Gibbs Family on Cape Cod and related families (including Bourne, Telluride, Bartlett, Coneflower, Harris, and others); family letters; photographs. Among the papers is the marriage intention – 1832 of Elation Bourne (Sandwich) and Mary L. Bartlett (Kingston).

Hatch Family
Papers ca.1696/7–1858, 1908 (14 items). Consists of deeds ca. 1696/7–1844 of Ebenezer Hatch, Jr., Edward Hatch, John Hatch, Jr. and Joseph Hatch, all yeoman of Falmouth. Also a certificate of the appointment in 1742 of Ebenezer, Jr. as guardian of Joseph Gifford, minor son of William Gifford, deceased, of Falmouth; a receipt – 1768 showing payment by Ebenezer to Sanford Smith, Jr. and a bill (1788) rendered by Joseph to the town of Falmouth for caring for the poor and other services. In addition there are copies of an intention of marriage – 1843 of Braddock Phiney and Mrs. Sarah G. Hatch (both of Falmouth); a bill of sale (1851) of Isaac H. Hatch (Falmouth) of a portion of sloop Lewis; an account – 1858 of Howland Hatch & Co. with Deming Jarves; and deeds – 1908 of Silas Hatch (Hatchville) to real estate in Sandwich.

Howland, Solomon C.
List of persons from Sandwich, Barnstable, Marshpee, and Falmouth, joined in marriage ca. 1837–1877 by S.C. Howland, Justice of the Peace.

Lombart, Parker
Will of Parker Lombart – yeoman, Barnstable, 1754, Nov. 13. Attached inventory of his estate 1755, Jan. 31 3 pg. manuscript signed.

Lowney, Gertrude M.
Lowney Letters 1921, n.d. (3 items). Letters sent by Gertrude M, Lowney, Boston to Myra L. Winslow, Everett, Mass.

Marston Family
Papers ca.1819–1865 (9 items). Consists of deeds ca. 1819–1858 of Allen, Benjamin, Clement, and Winslow (yeoman); Charles, as assignee in a bankruptcy case; and William (trader), all of Barnstable, to real estate in Barnstable. Also a certificate of marriage in 1865 of Prentiss (farmer) to Sophronia Backus, both of Barnstable; and a lithograph of Nymphas (1728-1788, Marston Mills) taken from a painting n.d. executed by John Singleton Copley.

McGarrett Family
Collection ca.1834–1846, 1895–1897. Consists of correspondence 1834–1848 of James Wilson McGarrett, a young immigrant from Glasgow Scotland, with members of his family and friends. Some of the letters contain his poems and acrostics. Also a scrapbook of clippings 1895–1897 relating to the career as amateur cyclist champion Andrew O. McGarrett b.1862.

Meigs Family
Papers ca.176?–1885(7 items). Consists of a deed - 1770 of Matthew Meiggs and his wife Jane (both of Sandwich) to Reuben (Ruben) Fish (Barnstable) to real estate in Barnstable, and a deed – 1874 recording the sale of land by Reuben Meiggs to Matthew Meiggs (yeoman, Sandwich) to satisfy claims on the estate of their father Jonathan Ruben Meiggs (deceased, Sandwich). Also copies of a deed – 176? of Hannah Bourn (widow, Mashpee) to Matthew Meiggs (Sandwich) to real estate in Sandwich; an intention of marriage – 1839 of Edmund Meiggs and Remember Jones, both of Sandwich; a deed of Asa (and Caroline W.) Meiggs – 1865 to Ellis Howland, all of Sandwich, to all their real estate in Barnstable County; a certificate of marriage – 1866 of Charles Folger to Carrie W. Meiggs, both of Nantucket and a deed – 1885 of Caroline W. Meiggs (Nantucket) to Gustavus Howland (Sandwich) to all her real estate in Barnstable County.

Morse Family
Collection ca.1891–1924 (6 items). Consists of the last will and testament – 1891, of Charles Morse (Barnstable); an obituary – 1918, clipping of his wife Betsey Alzada Morse Hyannis and records – 1915, 1924 as elementary schoolteacher of his daughter, Bessie Alzada Morse, 1906 graduate of Hyannis State Normal School. Included also is her diary, maintained during the years 1908-1909.

Newcomb, Nathaniel
Newcomb Letter – 1869, June 2, South Yarmouth, to Timothy Reed, Barnstable. 2 pg. on 1 leaf Holograph signed. Relates to selection of Stephen Nickerson, Provincetown, as administrator of estate Polly Rider.

Nickerson Family
Collection ca.1891–1980. Included are writings of Edward D. Nickerson, Warren Sears Nickerson, and Marion Drew Bassett, relating to their childhood spent on the lower Cape; to the involvement of their family in the history, development and conservation of areas of the Cape; and to the history of Indians living there. Included are materials relating to the Nickerson Companies, the first one founded in 1895, and to the Nickerson Funeral Parlor, founded in 1898. Also memorabilia, photographs and clippings relating to Caroline C, Eleazar, Harriet D., Thomas Waterman Nickerson and William Brewster Nickerson 1942-1960.

Payne, H. Morse
Paine-Payne Family name change. 198? 11 pg. typescript

Percival, Timothy
Percival Deed 1833. 1 leaf Deed to pew of Timothy Percival in West Parish Meetinghouse.

Phinney Family
Collection ca.1821–1975. 1 box consists of materials relating to Irving Benjamin Phinney – 1842-1930, Isaac W. Phinney, Sarah B. Phinney, Ephraim E. Phinney and other members of the family. Included are the marriage certificate of Isaac Phinney and Mehitable Ames – 1821 and memoirs of Capt. Irving B. Phinney. Also photographs of family members,genealogical data and clippings. Also agreement – 1928 between Harry S. Phinney and Dr. T. L. Swift to maintain a shooting stand on the shore of Flat Pond, Mashpee.

Sandwich Documents
Copies, ca.1780–1927 (41 items). Relate to members of the following families: Adams, Allen, Bassett, Block, Bourne, Burgess, Cobb, Crocker, Edwards, Ewer, Fifield, Fish, Fisher, Fuller, Hamblin, Hall, Haines, Harlow, Hatch, Swift, Thayer, Tobey, Tupper, and Weeks. Included are real estate and pew deeds; intentions and certificates of marriage, indentures, bills for care of the poor, agreements and financial papers.

Spaulding, D. R.
Spaulding Collection ca.1862–1864. 4 items consists of bills showing purchases by D. R. Spalding of Boston stores.

Taylor, Simon
Last will and testament of Simon Taylor (Barnstable), 1902, April 25, manuscript.

Way, Ellen
Bower Collection ca.1834–1895, 1907–1908. Consists of letters written chiefly from Osterville, Centerville and vicinity by members of the Bowker, Crosby, Hamblin, Hinckley, Holway, Lewis, Woodward and related families. Also copies of the letters, their transcriptions, explanatory notes of contents, and genealogical data.


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