Henry Chester Sweeney

Master merchant marine, U.S. Naval Reserve. Image of Henry Chester Sweeney

Scrapbook ca. 1942–1946 (1 volume). Gift of: Clair Baisley, daughter of Henry Chester Sweeney, 1980

Contains papers relating to the ships he commanded during this period: SS George E. Pickett, SS John Marshall, SS Mobile, Liberty Ship Edward B. Haines, and SS Minotaur. Included are loading, sailing, and Convoy cruising orders, and berthing plans; letters of commendation and appreciation from Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Forces; War Shipping Administration, and British Naval officers; and photographs.

Also, memorabilia such as foreign currency, newspapers and clippings, and invitations and menus. In recognition of his service and loyalty to the nation, he was presented an award of honor by the Town of Chatham in 1946. The certificate of that award is contained in the scrapbook.

Container List

  • Correspondence re: Sweeney Scrapbook Collection
  • Letter re: acquisition of scrapbook, not dated

Photographs – total of 16 photographs

  • 6 black & white photographs: portrait of Capt Sweeney, 1945
  • 5 other photographs with unidentified men. 
  • 3 black & white photographs of Henry C. Sweeney
  • 7 black & white photographs of SS Edward B. Haines

SS Edward B. HainesBelow: signed sketch by artist Jack Coggins: "Shells from German 8mm gun falling close to ship on "Pickett's" port side, Utah Beach, June 9, 1944.

Image of signed sketch by artist Jack Coggins


  • Administration, E.S. Land, Administrator, Oct 26, 1942 re: British Admiralty and Winston Churchill congratulate the merchant vessels and their engagement with enemy forces during their North Russian voyage.
  • Town of Chatham Award to Chester Sweeney, April 1946 for serving as a member of the Armed Forces of the United States of America.
  • Certificate, April 27, 1929 to Henry Chester Sweeney appointment as Lieutenant in the Naval Reserve of the U.S. Navy
  • Letter to Mr. W. J. Donoghue from Supreme Headquarters, signed Dwight D. Eisenhower, May 7, 1944 re: Merchant Marine and their contributions to war effort.
  • Certificate of Discharge: John Sweeney, May 24, 1877, London.


  • Daily Telegraph & Morning Post, Sept 26, 1942
  • Moscow News, July 25, 1942
  • Patterson Evening News, Aug. 30, 1946
  • Yank: Army Weekly June 3, 1944


Includes Crew List of the SS Minotaur, Nov. 6, 1942 with rank, birthplace and next of kin (2 pages; Statistics on the S/S William H. Carruth, SS New London; various Convoy cruising orders; Permit for S.S. Minotaur to berth Port of Boston, 1941;maps, navigational aids; brochure from ship Italia; various foreign currency.