McGarrett Family Collection

ca. 1834–1848;1895–1897 1 box, inc. 1 vol.

Consists of correspondence (1834–1848) of James Wilson McGarrett, a young immigrant from Glascow, Scotland, with members of his family and friends.  Some of the letters contain his poems and acrostics. Also a scrapbook of clippings (1895–1897) relating to the career as amateur cyclist champion of Andrew O. McGarrett (b. 1862), the son of a native of Glascow.

  • Folder 1: Letter from James W. McGarrett to his wife 1835
  • Folder 2: On the Death of Rachel by James W. McGarrett not dated
  • Folder 3: Letter from Mary McGarrett to husband James, 1835
  • Folder 4: Letter from Thos. Stevenson to James McGarrett, 1834, July 21, Paisley, Scotland 2p. 1 leaf re: congratulates him on recent marriage.
  • Folder 5:  Letter from John W. McGarrett to son James, 1836.
  • Folder 6: An epistle to Jas. Crawford by Jas. McGarrett, 1837 3 p. on 2 leaves
  • Folder 7: Letter from Janet McGarrett to James, 1837
  • Folder 8: Acrostics. By James W. McGarrett, 1838
  • Folder 9: Letter from Janet Shaw to James McGarrett and wife, 1848
  • Scrapbook, 6 pages, 1895-1897, and not dated

Clippings on A.O. ( Andy ) McGarrett as Massachusetts State Centurion Century Road Club of America; manager of the Indiana Cycle Company, manager of the New England business of the Humber & Co; status as amateur cyclist.

Article from the McGarrett collection