Folder I: Boston, Boston Harbor, Georges Island, Edward Rowe Snow

  • Boston to Cape Cod Bay, not dated, with Edward Rowe Snow Signature.
  • Boston Harbor – From Legends, Maps, Stories by Edward Rowe Snow.
  • Famous Lighthouses of New England – from painting by Larry O’Toole. US. Coast Guard Boston District, not dated.
  • Bird’s Eye View of Boston Harbor along the South Shore to Provincetown. Boston Federal Engraving Co. Copyrighted by Union News Co., Boston.
  • Map of Romantic Boston Bay and Cape Cod Land of Our Pilgrim Forefathers. c1965
  • Historic and Pictorial Map of Boston Harbor and Mass. Bay including Cape Cod & Cape Ann. Edward Rowe Snow c1941 2 copies.
  • Historical & Pictorial Map of Fort Warren on Georges Island In Boston Harbor. Edward Rowe Snow & Draper Hill c1960.
  • Map of Cape Cod Land of Our Pilgrim Forefathers. E.R. Snow drawn by Ugo Donofriro, c1946
  • Islands of Boston Harbor. Drawings by Whitman & Howard. Sketches by Edith Stevens c1962.
  • Summer Resorts/Boston & Maine Railroad. c1911
  • Ship Types: From Legends, Maps, Stories by Snow, Edward Rowe.
  • Carte Particuliere Du Havre de Boston, 1780.
  • Boston its Environs & Harbor with the Rebel Works Raised Against the Town in 1775.
  • Boston Harbour – Des Barres, 1775
  • Topographical Chart of the Bay of Narraganset in the Province of New England, c1777.

Folder II: Cape Cod & Islands

  • Map of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard & Nantucket. Drawn by Samuel Lewis & J.W. Barber. 1838. Reproduced by B.E. Healy.
  • Island of Martha’s Vineyard, 1801. Reproduced by B.E. Healy.
  • Island of Nantucket. Drawn by Wm. Coffin for Macy’s History of Nantucket,1835. Reproduced by B.E. Healy.

Image of Cape Cod map, 1795 reproduction

Folder III: Barnstable County

  • Cape Cod compiled by Samuel Lewis from the best authories, 1795 reproduction, mounted. S. Lewis & Barber, 1838.
  • Barnstable County & Islands. H.F Walling 1857 reproduction by Great Marshes Press, 1974.
  • Cartoon, not dated

Folder IV: Banstable (Town)/Hyannis

  • Map of Village of Hyannis, 1939
  • Bird’s Eye view of Hyannis, 1884
  • Town of Barnstable with villages, 1880
  • Walling, Town of Barnstable, 1856
  • Tercentenary Map, 1939
  • Hyannis Harbor, 1926
  • West Barnstable/John Bodfish 1931–1964

Folder V: Miscellaneous

  • Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, c1934, 1952, 1962, 1963.
  • Town of Dennis, 1974
  • Provincetown, 1978
  • Town of Chatham, 1928

Folder VI: Topographical

  • Chatham, c1961
  • Cotuit, c1949, c1961
  • Dennis, 1949
  • Falmouth, c1972
  • Hyannis, 1950, 1961
  • Monomoy Point, 1964
  • North Truro, 1972
  • Onset, 1967
  • Orleans, 1962
  • Pocasset, 1953, 1967
  • Provincetown, c1972
  • Sagamore, c1951, 1967
  • Sandwich, 1957, 1972

Folder VII: Falmouth/Sandwich

  • Map of Falmouth, 1795
  • Old Sandwich, not dated

Folder VIII: Other

  • Indian Notes & Monographs. Speck, Frank
  • Map of Eastern Mass. Showing the Territorial Subdivision & Boundaries of Wampanoag, Mass & Nauset Indians.
  • Camp meeting Grounds, Marthas Vineyard. 1868 from Taber Bros, New Bedford
  • Menauhant Hotel, East Falmouth, Mass. 1880 Barnstable County Atlas
  • Wychemere Harbor, Cape Cod, Mass. Panoramic Photograph
  • Salt Works, Panoramic Photograph
  • Town of Dennis, Burial Grounds. Questor, Inc. 1980
  • Map of Old Colony Railroad and Connections from Old Colony Railroad and Tourist Guide, 1893.
  • Map of Old Colony Railroad and Connections from Wing, Conway Historical & Genealogical Register of John Wing, 1881.
  • Map & Directory, Yarmouth Camp Grounds, Cape Cod, 1952 with property owners.
  • Old timers Help Park Preserve Old Names (Chatham, Ma.) Cape Codder, March 25, 1965
  • Monomoy Waterfowl Refuge, Barnstable County, 1938. U.S. Dept. of Interior.
  • USGS Data Center, NASA 13 May 1976.
  • Quaint Cape Cod, Mass. With Pres. Kennedy insert, c1964. Printed by Bradbury-Waring, nc.
  • Wellfleet, 1972

Folder IX: Mashpee

Map of Town of Mashpee, Mass. Surveyed by Cyrus Cahoon c1877

Map Case – Last Drawer

  • 2000 Population Distribution in the U.S., U.S. Census Bureau. c2000
  • Plume Source Area Map, March 1998. Mass. Military Reservation.
  • Plume Area Map. Mass. Military Reservation. Jacobs Engineering, March 1998.
  • Breast Cancer and Environment Atlas. Silent Spring Institute, 1940–1990.
  • Monomoy Lens. Focus on Groundwater Pollution. Cape Cod Commission, n.d.
  • 2 Posters Published by Camp Edwards: “Camp Edwards 1911–2004. Proud History of Training.”
  • “Putting a Face on History: WWII Images from Camp Edwards.”